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Spoff_MFC Posted on 26/7 15:34
How Busy Are You?

Been at work and sat at my desk since about 8.15 this morning.

Phone just rang, and looked for a pen to take a message, it was still in my draw.

I've done nothing today except finished some minutes before lunch.

Think I need a new job!

KENDAL Posted on 26/7 15:38
re: How Busy Are You?

I've done LESS than an hours work all week so far.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 26/7 15:42
re: How Busy Are You?

I've prbably done a days worth this week.

London_Boro Posted on 26/7 15:45
re: How Busy Are You?

I've made 21,000 just by switching my PC on! Great stuff!

ElvisRamone Posted on 26/7 15:46
re: How Busy Are You?

Absolutely snowers this week.

susy Posted on 26/7 16:28
re: How Busy Are You?

Well ive been working really hard all week grrrrrrrrrrrrrr get off your lazy fat arses you fat fookers!!!!

dicky200006 Posted on 26/7 16:36
re: How Busy Are You?

This is how busy i am

Link: linky