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borobadge Posted on 28/7 10:10
f.a.o. addison rd...

is this your work ? democratic lawyer you.....

DEAR Mr Lamb,

IT is not often that I can be bothered to express an opinion in writing on any public matter, but in this particular instance I do not believe I can refrain from commenting upon the club’s decision to cease to use Century as a medium for live commentary of Middlesbrough football games.

I, like many, have supported Middlesbrough Football Club since I was a child and I and my family have three season tickets.

Ever since Alastair Brownlee and Bernie Slaven teamed up with Century to produce their match commentaries, whenever Middlesbrough have been playing away or immediately after the game has finished I have been an avid fan of their Century radio programme.

Unless I am very much mistaken they received an award for the commentary of a particular football match, something which is not particularly surprising in light of the excellent commentary they have provided, particularly during our recent European campaign.

I accept that from time to time Bernie Slaven does not wear the rose-tinted spectacles of Alastair Brownlee and tells it as it is, but sadly the fact of the matter is that on many occasions Middlesbrough’s performances have been somewhat mediocre.

I personally do not take the view that this is because they are not trying, but simply because with every professional sportsman from time to time the skill factor is missing. It seems to me that your decision may have been influenced by this criticism and if that is the case then it is, to put it politely, a very crude form of press censorship.

What bothers me as a fan is that firstly I am deprived of a very entertaining programme with excellent match commentary and summary and instead am made to listen - and I shall listen because I am a Middlesbrough fan - to what I have to say is a comparatively mediocre alternative produced by Radio Cleveland.

Like Bernie Slaven I am entitled to my own opinion and as a lawyer I am somewhat familiar with the art of public presentation and performance.

Sadly Radio Cleveland’s commentary lacks verve, inspiration, enthusiasm and the professional qualities and comments that one has the right to expect from the professional BBC.

I am sending a copy of this letter to the Evening Gazette and I hope they will publish it.

Equally I hope you will reconsider the stance you have taken in this matter.

I know that I, like many other Boro fans, will be deeply disappointed if on those cold winter days when Middlesbrough are playing away we are forced to listen to your choice of channel as opposed to the people’s choice.

We do live in a democracy and we should at least have an alternative choice.

I expect the courtesy of a reply.

MICHAEL J ADDISON Middlesbrough.

red_rebel2 Posted on 28/7 10:19
re: f.a.o. addison rd...

The BBC really are in trouble when even Paul Addison's family are complaining they will have to listen to him.

addison_road Posted on 28/7 11:59
re: f.a.o. addison rd...

Nope!......what made you think that?

borobadge Posted on 28/7 12:28
re: f.a.o. addison rd...

surprise surprise...but the signature at the bottom!