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A_New_Era Posted on 28/7 23:08
Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

firstly, is this the best striker partnership weve ever had? Certainly the best ive seen, and in terms of quality in the league just makes it better

Secondly, how good was this season? This was as good as it ever got for boro, yet we still had/have knobheads who are unhappy with it all. Provided some awesome moments, some pure class games and the first real emergence of our youth system. WE should strive for another season like it ( we had a decent away record then )

thats all

ERIMUS63 Posted on 28/7 23:11
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

slaven/wilkinson for me

boroproud Posted on 28/7 23:12
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

You been watching Setanta as well A-N-E?

A_New_Era Posted on 28/7 23:13
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

just an old season review dvd bp

fatharrywhite Posted on 28/7 23:14
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

wilkinson alongside hendrie was miles better than slaven/wilko.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 28/7 23:15
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

it just baffles me how people think viduka performed for the boro
listen to what gibson said about him

Stepper_T Posted on 28/7 23:15
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Kavanagh up front on his own was awesome

Actually, you may be onto something there, Esk.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 28/7 23:15
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

you make a good point their fatharrywhite

Stepper_T Posted on 28/7 23:16
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Erimus, Gibbo would not be saying that had Viduka accepted his offer. Everyone at MFC wantes him to stay.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 28/7 23:17
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

prove it

A_New_Era Posted on 28/7 23:20
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

erimus, im watching an old boro dvd. our striker is nemeth. Appreciate Viduka!

ERIMUS63 Posted on 28/7 23:22
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

not saying nemeth was any better than vids, just saying vids never give his all for the club

uptheboro79 Posted on 28/7 23:24
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Aye, Wilko/Hendrie partnership was the best forward line for me. Although, I remember travelling all the way down to Kenilworth Road about 15 years ago and seeing Wilkinson scoring 2 own goals.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 28/7 23:26
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

at least wilko managed to get his body back in his own box unlike viduka who whould stand around waiting for the perfect pass on the half way line

A_New_Era Posted on 28/7 23:26
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Norwich 4 Middlesbrough 4 *cries uncontrolably*

WWWW Posted on 28/7 23:36
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

John O'Rourke and John Hickton with Arthur Horsfield as back up.
Cannot beat it.

Revol_Tees Posted on 29/7 1:49
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Spot on. I've been saying this for years.

2004/05 is my favourite season as a Boro fan since we've moved to the Riverside, and will probably be the peak of our achievement for a long time.

We'd just won the Carling Cup so there was a great buzz around the place; Hasselbaink and Viduka were massive signings and gave us one of our all-time great strike partnerships; the fact that it was our first season in Europe gave it a sense of adventure; and we even spent about two thirds of the season in the Top 5/6.

Rememember that Decemeber when we hammered Villa 3-0 with an unconvincing performance and moved into 5th place? People on here still wanted McClaren out. Seriously. (!)

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A_New_Era Posted on 29/7 2:12
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

R_T - we played southampton in march/start of april. we lost 2-1. i remember because it was really a bad game. But throughtout the game, our fans booed, espcially ht (1-1) and ft. We were 8th at the time

you do wonder some times....

nasty_pasty Posted on 29/7 12:43
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

just saying vids never give his all for the club?

er, prove it?

A_New_Era Posted on 29/7 12:47
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

thats meant to say 3-1 my bad

Tom_Fun Posted on 29/7 12:50
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

We all loved Wilko and Hendrie, but they would never have taken us to 7th in the Premier League.

Matelot Posted on 29/7 13:15
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

"it just baffles me how people think viduka performed for the boro
listen to what gibson said about him"

That is quite possibly the stupidest post I have seen on this board and it is up against some pretty stiff competition.

How can it baffle a person about a player whom whether you like him or not, his goals kept us in the premier league last season.

I also might add he scored in both our dramatic Uefa cup comebacks so Mr Gibson and his obsessive disciples who think he can not utter a word wrong, had better remember that when he talk proudly about us reaching a European Final.

number_10 Posted on 29/7 13:31
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

While Viduka was very good last season, Hasselbaink was a much more valuable player to us over the course of his Boro career than Viduka was over the course of his.

Matelot Posted on 29/7 13:37
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Yeh I can see your point.
To say that it baffles you how people think Viduka performed as a Boro player means you must have been mistaking him for Mendieta for the past three seasons.

fatharrywhite Posted on 29/7 13:39
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

wasnt saying wilko/hendrie were the best partnership. just saying that was better than wilko/slaven.

i'm struggling to think of actual partnerships. For as long as i can remember we've chopped and changed up front.

Considering the quality of players ricard/beck were starting to form a half decent one at one stage.

viduka/JFH was more two good players up front rather than a partnership in the 'archie stevens/slaven' mould!

Tom_Fun Posted on 29/7 13:42
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Well I was actually directing that statement at uptheboro79.

bear66 Posted on 29/7 14:13
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Slaven /Baird rounded off by the 4-1 win over Newcastle on the last day of the season

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 29/7 17:13
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05


wilko and hendries took su to 4th place in prem league in august 92 after a 4-1 thumping of l***s utd

Maddren_Madman Posted on 29/7 17:16
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

agreed. wilko and hendrie were proper good. a thin 'un and a fat 'un.

eweyboro Posted on 29/7 17:20
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

04/05 was such a strange season in the Prem as a whole - some terrible mid-table teams, didn't we have something like one Premiership win from Jan til April and still kept in the top 8?

Remember the bloody Mirror had a feature on the top 5 at xmas - and featured Liverpool but not us, even though they were 6th and us 5th. No big club bias at all there, twots.

jofus53 Posted on 29/7 17:23
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

maccarone and yakubu looked like a good partnership for one afternoon once when we beat arsenal 2-1 in 2005

Tom_Fun Posted on 29/7 17:42
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Archie_StephensElbow, I meant at the end of the season. Look where we finished in 92/93.

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 29/7 18:18
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

yes tom fun

but that day in august 92 was class

Derby_Red Posted on 30/7 12:30
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

Revoltees has nailed what I think too, though it won't stop me repeating it and paraphrasing it.

It was a real season in the sun for me, straight off the back of that first cup win. 2004 as a calendar year as a Boro fan was class, Cardiff, Ostrave, home v Lazio, away at Villarreal. Loved it.

THE best times as a Boro fan and yet some tvvats could still find it in them to carp and boo. That in itself was amazing that some could just not enjoy it.

We'll miss it when it's gone, though some tell me it has.

Fischer Posted on 30/7 13:20
re: Viduka/Hasselbaink...Season 04/05

It has gone, for the time being. I don't think we'll be spending months in the Top 5 and playing in Europe for a few years yet.

Still, the manager was ginger and a bit dull, so there was no point in getting carried away and enjoying it.