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rob_fmttm Posted on 30/7 15:52
Subscribe to fmttm anyone?

Am looking to drum up some support for the fanzine - The season is almost here and we are offering UK subscriptions of the fanzine for 28 - all the home league games through your door.

We also have an email fanzine option if you live abroad where postage costs are very high.

Thank you.

Link: fmttm through the post

London_Boro Posted on 30/7 15:55
re: Subscribe to fmttm anyone?

Will it have a weekly "How to ...." section?

Maybe the first issue can have a "How To Wipe Your Bum" section, just to give people the definitive method on this important everyday (if you're lucky) event.

tony_mongtana Posted on 30/7 16:06
re: Subscribe to fmttm anyone?

No, thank you.