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Spoff_MFC Posted on 1/8 9:17
Lego Land - Windsor

Anyone been?

Any good/bad reviews?

I'm taking a three year old for two night in early September.

Boro_Owl Posted on 1/8 9:19
re: Lego Land - Windsor

I went when I was 7 and loved it.

T4Tomo Posted on 1/8 9:24
re: Lego Land - Windsor

its top banana - they'll love it. It does get a bit crowded thats the only downside, but the biggest queues are for the older kids rides, not the little uns stuff

Saudi_Ian Posted on 1/8 9:27
re: Lego Land - Windsor

Me and the wife have taken our 2 a few times (6 and 3) and they always love it. If you get the deal on the 2 day pass take it as walking up and down the hills all day knackers the young uns. Lots of younger rides / sights and plenty of play areas too. If the weathers hot take their swim suit as theres a good water area with water guns and spouts etc.
Anyway have a great time and pay the extra to park next to the entrance!!

Riggotts_Missus Posted on 1/8 9:27
re: Lego Land - Windsor

Been there a couple of times; when it first opened and the day after Arsenal away last season. Best thing is the driving school; sadly at three she will be too young and as a grown up you will be too old.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 1/8 9:30
re: Lego Land - Windsor

I want to do the driving school!!!

Cheers for the tip about parking close. think we're stopping at the travel lodge at Heathrow, unless someone recommends somewhere else.

T4Tomo Posted on 1/8 9:37
re: Lego Land - Windsor

Spoff - I would have thought that a travel lodge type hotel in windsor (there must be one) would be a better option than the souless A4 near Heathrow - at least you can pop out into Windsor which is quite pleasant if the mood takes you.

the driving school is very good. I was complicit in my nephew lying about his age so he could go on it [:o].

Spoff_MFC Posted on 1/8 9:53
re: Lego Land - Windsor

Tomo, the Heathrow one is recommended on the Lego Land website, I'll have a look for the one in Windsor.

What age range is it for the driving? Joseph has just turned three so now we're confusing him by saying he has to pretend to be two again.

Saudi_Ian Posted on 1/8 9:59
re: Lego Land - Windsor

My lad is 3 and he got his Junior driving license when we went in June so I wouldn't of thought it would be a problem. Theres another driving school for over 7's (I think thats right). We have stayed in the Skyline at Heathrow and a hotel just outside Windsor and they are both nice. If you go into Windsor take him on a cruise up the river, mine loved it and theres a great ice cream parlour next to the car park, make sure you buy a parking ticket though as I have never seen as many traffic wardens before and we saw a few cars clamped!!!

Spoff_MFC Posted on 1/8 10:18
re: Lego Land - Windsor

Ice-cream parlour, thinking about it could just take him there for three days and he'd be the happiest kid alive!!!

maidenhead_red Posted on 1/8 10:22
re: Lego Land - Windsor

Spoff - there is 2 driving schools, one for over 7's, so i should imagine the other is for under 7s. The ideal age for lego land is 3-10, anyone older would go elsewhere. There is always plenty going on for 3 year olds.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 1/8 10:25
re: Lego Land - Windsor

Cheers everyone, I'll get it booked tonight.

chmfc66 Posted on 1/8 11:24
re: Lego Land - Windsor

was there on monday with my 2 (9and12) was busy for the older kids rides but the younger ones will love it. think my 2 have out grown this place now
hotel and ticket deals are good value
we booked everything seperate, legoland tickets through 66 for 4 of us (gate price was 34 adult 25 Kids)
stayed in the premier travel inn slough nice clean hotel 10mins from legoland and 5min from windsor
hope the little one's enjoy it sure they will

Max_Headroom Posted on 1/8 12:55
re: Lego Land - Windsor

I got my Legoland driving lisence when I went and have been using it as proof of ID and as confirmation that I can drive ever since. Much cheaper and easier than the DVLA process.

Cecil_J_McTumshie Posted on 1/8 13:03
re: Lego Land - Windsor

we are thinking of going in a couple of months-is it suitable for a 21month old kid and is a day there enough

baldycrowe Posted on 1/8 20:01
re: Lego Land - Windsor

There is a new travel lodge about to open in Windsor itself,a nicer place to stay aswell,then you can have a walk up to the castle and pig out on ice cream,and sneak a few pints in as you won't have to drive anywhere,all the pubs/restaurants are child friendly.