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Kilburn Posted on 1/8 10:36
$60 Billion

The figure that the US announced this week that it is going to give in aid.

Sadly not in aid to people who might need it to stay alive however.

Nope, this is military aid for poor impoverished countries like Saudi Arabia (who are getting $13Bn of it).

Seems absurd to me, but maybe someone can explain why they can't afford to buy their own?

Link: Bomb-tastic

tarquin_foxglove Posted on 1/8 10:44
re: $60 Billion

So they buy US ones, if they used their own money they may buy Russian, French etc. and that would upset US arms manufactures who contribute a lot of money to political parties.

BroughtonLad Posted on 1/8 10:45
re: $60 Billion

I was expecting you to say that $60 Billion was the amount Newcastle have to spend on new players

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Kilburn Posted on 1/8 10:51
re: $60 Billion

No, it was the amount that Newcastle fans *thought* they would have to spend on players after the takeover.

Turns out that it is more like twelve pence.

BroughtonLad Posted on 1/8 10:54
re: $60 Billion

Twelve Pence ??
They must have been sweeping up outside St James and found it

I can see Fat Sam doing a runner when they lose a few games.

Snickerdoodle Posted on 1/8 11:01
re: $60 Billion

$60 billion of military hardware can make an awful lot of third world debt go away too.

Two birds with one "satellite-guided armour-penetrating missile" I think.

zaphod Posted on 1/8 11:10
re: $60 Billion

The Saudis have to pay for it. It's a ten-year deal being negotiated. It's not "aid" and it's supposed to give them protection against Iran. But why let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

Link: Gulf Arms Deal

Kilburn Posted on 1/8 11:34
re: $60 Billion

Oh well, at least the inaccurate rant I linked to was funnier than your more factual article.

I am pleased that they will at least be paying for all that weaponary, although still rather saddened that the US thinks that supplying vast quantities of arms to its allies is a clever idea, considering how that turned out for them in Iraq. Today's allies becoming tomorrows enemies and all that...

harry_x Posted on 1/8 12:04
re: $60 Billion

America is a big place. Too big. Millions of americans live their own little lives in the middle of nowhere not realising/caring that the country they live in is no longer a democracy, it's now a dictatorship.

Government officials lie ... Bush/Cheyney just ignore any attempts to let anyone try and bring them to account.

You are either with us or against us. The newly Patriotism Act basically allows anyone 'not with us' for whatever reason in the US to be detained without trial.

I've currently reading Noam Chomsky's 'Hedgemony or Survival' which details how the US has terrorised the world for the last 50 years in an attempt to control the world.

BushCo. definition of terrorist - anyone using bombs not wearing a Air Force Uniform.

A Chomsky quote that sums things up nicely....

... 'the wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism, not a war against terrorism'

Still next year the people of america get the opportunity to vote these lunatics out of office ... well you would like to think so but these days anything goes with this dictator...

Link: Will Bush Cancel The 2008 Election?

zaphod Posted on 1/8 12:14
re: $60 Billion

Wow, harry, you read Noam Chomsky? He's even less credible than Dick Cheney.

Kilburn Posted on 1/8 12:16
re: $60 Billion

Cheney is more evil though.

harry_x Posted on 1/8 12:16
re: $60 Billion

zaphod ... yeah it gets quite quiet at times here sat in the bunker, gotta read something ...

zaphod Posted on 1/8 12:20
re: $60 Billion

You're right, Kilburn, because Cheney has power and Chomsky doesn't. I think Cheney is actually a bigger problem than Bush. Apparently the "surge" is working. I wonder if all the dead people have noticed.