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rob_fmttm Posted on 1/8 15:09
MFC Community

If you have a few seconds - please will you have a glance around the new MFC in the Community website - as per the banner above. They'd like some feedback on their new site and raise a little bit of awareness of all the great work the community wing of MFC does in and around Teesside.

I've put the banner up for them to try and attract a bit of traffic their way from this site and give everyone here the chance to see just how Boro at work in our community.

Link: Boro working in the community

bandito Posted on 1/8 15:10
re: MFC Community

Who has designed the banner - Stevie Wonder?

john_lillie Posted on 1/8 15:11
re: MFC Community

How come they use the 'old' badge?

Gamblor Posted on 1/8 15:16
re: MFC Community

that's their logo (the badge in the pentagon house thing), they have had it a while now. probably will have to change it eventually.

rob_fmttm Posted on 1/8 15:18
re: MFC Community

Anyone had a glance at their site yet?

bandito Posted on 1/8 15:19
re: MFC Community

yes, it's very good. great to see players dont actually spend all their time playing x boxes and down the bookies

trodbitch Posted on 1/8 15:19
re: MFC Community

Would do but after losing my sight in one eye, I was able to quickly ad-block the image before going completely blind.

BoroG_85 Posted on 1/8 17:00
re: MFC Community

i love the saturday match club! i was in that when i was younger!! i also love the song she fell over that they all sing when a player falls over... i sometimes join in