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A_New_Era Posted on 2/8 12:51
Our spectacular signing

last year came on the final day of the transfer window if memory serves me right? as did the Huth signing

So stop fooking whinging, if it happens 2 weeks into the season its still better than not at all! still a month left of the transfer window!

illuminati Posted on 2/8 12:53
re: Our spectacular signing

Hey, i'm not moaning. I would take a spectacular season, over a spectacular signing everytime!

A_New_Era Posted on 2/8 12:59
re: Our spectacular signing

a smith type player now, or a woodgate style signing on 31st august. I know what id rather have

Grrreds Posted on 2/8 13:04
re: Our spectacular signing

we've already made our spectacular signing.

borobadge Posted on 2/8 13:06
re: Our spectacular signing

will be here quite soon.....

Turner_86 Posted on 2/8 13:06
re: Our spectacular signing

He who laughs last n all that, patience is the key. We'll wait and get the right man, rather than waste our pennies on somebody who is average and overpriced.

Anyone for a merry sing song?

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mishmash Posted on 2/8 13:06
re: Our spectacular signing

Why not save 3 weeks and get him in before the start of the season ?

Moody41 Posted on 2/8 13:08
re: Our spectacular signing

I don't know Mishmash, could it be the fact that some clubs won't let players leave until a replacement is in!

Turner_86 Posted on 2/8 13:09
re: Our spectacular signing

It's just not that simple. Everyone holds the ground hoping to save a few quid or earn a few quid more, then when the window approaches things start to move a bit quicker. It's the same every year and it always will be.

BossHogg Posted on 2/8 13:10
re: Our spectacular signing

Four winnable matches will have passed if we wait until the end of August to get the right team and balance together!

A_New_Era Posted on 2/8 13:11
re: Our spectacular signing

players become available as clubs buy players etc and others become surplus to requirements

its a patient game, some of which of our fans cant understand

captain5 Posted on 2/8 13:11
re: Our spectacular signing

When are we playing the unwinnable ones??

grantus Posted on 2/8 13:14
re: Our spectacular signing

Fair point Esky, but the season starts next week, not in September.

The earlier the players are in the happier everybody is.

The teams with settled sides tend to start better, don't you know that?

BossHogg Posted on 2/8 13:15
re: Our spectacular signing

You know exactly what I mean Captain, you pedantic Bugger!

A_New_Era Posted on 2/8 13:16
re: Our spectacular signing

of course thats the case grant. Ideally you want them in for start of preseason

But if a real gem comes to us at the end of the month, surely thats more likely to have a better effect throughout the season (ala woodgate) than those first 4 games with a player not as effective

grantus Posted on 2/8 13:24
re: Our spectacular signing

Like I said lad, fair point.

It's the club with their "2 or 3 spectacular signings" and then nothing for weeks, it's the setting expectations and not delivering them, that's what gets people disgruntled.

A_New_Era Posted on 2/8 13:27
re: Our spectacular signing

aye i know, it was abit stupid of gibson to come out and do that, not just a coincidence it was at the same time as season ticket deadline etc

unfortunately, alot of our fans were looking for a reason to moan and feel let down. The club have given them one

indestructible Posted on 2/8 13:28
re: Our spectacular signing

Most of you make valid points but I honestly think Gibson spoke far too soon with his claims, because if it doesn't come off before the end of the transfer deadline (which I suspect it won't), he will have built people's hopes up unnecessarily. It was a ploy to sell season tickets (which has backfired badly).

We have made some good signings this summer but I wouldn't call any of them spectacular. More to the point, nobody was asking for spectacular signings anyway! Most people wanted a decent right back, a decent right winger and a replacement for Viduka! One more decent signing from now would have satisfied most people but of course we are still expecting Saviola to show up at Tall Trees because of what he said!

I know he's gone to Real.

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Turner_86 Posted on 2/8 13:31
re: Our spectacular signing

What Gibson said was, we HOPE to get 1 OR 2 spectacular signings.

Tuncay is probably one of them. If we don't get another one, then Gibson has still delivered what he said.

If people can't listen to or read an interview properly, then there is no hope.

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aliasme Posted on 2/8 13:32
re: Our spectacular signing

They say in sales that in order to keep the customers happy you must under promise/over achieve.

The Boro over promise/under achieve.

Riverside Revolution (whatever that actually means), spectacular signings, Top 6 finishes, aiming for Europe, top class manager and of course last seasons attractive football spin following which we watched a number of turgid displays and failed to win away from home until well into the New Year.

So the trouble is that it's getting to the point where nobody believes the spin that is coming out of the club anymore. When you start to lose peoples confidence you start to lost their business. That's why this season we'll be lucky if we break 20,000 fans for the likes of Wigan et al.

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indestructible Posted on 2/8 13:33
re: Our spectacular signing

Well given that he said it after Tuncay's signing was announced I think perhaps you should listen to or read interviews properly.

Turner_86 Posted on 2/8 13:34
re: Our spectacular signing

Well I'm not sure it was said after, but even if it was after they announced the signing, doesn't mean it's not one of spectacular signings he was talking about does it?

j_orourke Posted on 2/8 13:44
re: Our spectacular signing

Well said Eskey!

eddie73 Posted on 2/8 13:53
re: Our spectacular signing

there is no spectacular signing - get over it. shame that the club had to use such a pathetic ploy to ignite season ticket sales but there you go. couldnt give 2 hoots about so called spectacular signings tbh, would settle for some intelligent, considered signings that will bring quality, balance, presence and experience to a well planned system that (hopefully) our management has in mind for next season. shan't be holding me breath like...

damit1968 Posted on 2/8 13:56
re: Our spectacular signing

Turner - I'm sorry but you are being naive if you are entirely happy with what Gibson said, the use of the word 'hope' does not negate the fact that he was trying to drum up interest in the club at a crucial time of the season.

It was a cynical ploy to sell season tickets and nothing more, by saying that he 'hoped' to make a couple of spectacular signings he has raised the level of expectation [rightly or wrongly] among the fair-weather section of fans [hard core fans will go no matter who is signed].

It has badly back-fired as once again the club have been left with negative feeling towards them from a section of fans that they should be attempting to woo back.

Of course Tuncay may well turn out to be a spectacular signing, but the fact he was not a household name to many of the possible buyers of season tickets means that he is not a spectacular signing now.

Woodgate played for us last season and no matter how you try to spin it [and yes he is a brilliant signing especially at the price] the fact is signing Woodgate does not improve our defence, merely maintain the one we had last year. Signing Young is an improvement but not spectacular in the way that signing Daniel Alves would be [not that we could afford that signing]

I definitely think we need a right-winger [I haven't seen Tuncay play, but in the youtube clips he seems to be all over the pitch which leaves me confused about his position]

As for Yakubu, he scores but appears lazy, potentially world class but...

Schwarzer, his whole attitude in the mdeia appears to say I want to leave. I think he will next season and I think Turnbull may well be the one that takes his place...if that is the plan then fine if not we should replace him now.

Turner_86 Posted on 2/8 14:03
re: Our spectacular signing

What is there to be unhappy about? It's good common sense to reassure the fans of his plans before they buy there season tickets.

Does a spectacular signing have to be a household name? If he's a spectacular player, I don't care if I've never heard of him before. There is still the busiest part of the transfer window to go yet, and we will probably have at least another 2 new faces.

He's not lied in my eyes, there is no coincidence about his timing, but every club and chairman do the same. You want the club to sell more season tickets don't you?

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A_New_Era Posted on 2/8 14:05
re: Our spectacular signing

Turner - i understand what you are saying, i think the point being made is the spin the club try and put on things just doesnt work anymore. I think theres still more to come, but Gibson saying it there and then, hes given fans assurances that havent been met

Turner_86 Posted on 2/8 14:08
re: Our spectacular signing

I think some fans are being unreasonable.

He said he hoped, as in the club would try. They are trying, they've got Tuncay and Young, they have been trying to sign Smith. They might fail, but it's not spin if they are genuinely trying to sign big names and quality players.

What exactly do the fans want? Should we have been in for Henry?

grantus Posted on 2/8 14:08
re: Our spectacular signing

The point is, we buy into what the management says because we also HOPE to see spectacular signings. When the management sends out a positive message we so badly want it to be true that when it doesn't it creates negatiev emotions in some people.

It's natural.

If the club wants to be realistic, they should qualify it by saying something like

"We HOPE to get 1 OR 2 spectacular signings this summer, but there are no gurantees. The club wont be held to ransom for the sake of signing of a player. We will continue to look to bring in the right players for us and recruit players for the positions that we need. We are working extremely hard and we will be prepared and ready for the new season."

There, not so hard is it?

Turner_86 Posted on 2/8 14:11
re: Our spectacular signing

Any Boro fan with a brain should know that is the case anyway.

They just choose not to so they can hammer the club.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 2/8 14:19
re: Our spectacular signing

In my opinion, people who decide that 'we hope' is equal to 'we will' are setting themselves up for a cold hard shock, are these the people who buy 20 lotto tickets on the weekend? 'Oh the ad said it could be me therefore it will be! '

Grantus; If People read what they want in between the lines its not gibbos fault, your little amendum to what gibbo should have said would be the football equiverlent of American Microwaves having a 'do not use to dry your cats' sticker on them.

He's already said alot of those things publically on seperate issues. Its pretty clear in his statement what he is saying.

Besides, two of this seasons signings are fantastic, Woody and Tuncay.

BoroG_85 Posted on 2/8 14:21
re: Our spectacular signing

we have got rid of 4 players one of which was a first team regular the rest werent.. we have now signed 4 first team regulars so i dont think we have done bad even if we started the season as we are i have faith in the young players for back up.

Turner_86 Posted on 2/8 14:22
re: Our spectacular signing

I tell you what though, I really really really hope we do snap up another tip top signing so I can say shove that in your pipe to all the whingers on here.

trodbitch Posted on 2/8 14:24
re: Our spectacular signing

TheSmogMonster, maybe he can do the thing you get on financial ads on the radio where you read the small-print out really, really fast. In fact, he could pay someone to do it!

A_New_Era Posted on 2/8 14:36
re: Our spectacular signing

Turner, i think we all do, jus some people dont realise we still have a month left to get these signings in

damit1968 Posted on 2/8 14:50
re: Our spectacular signing

SmogMonster - it may well be true that people who equate 'hope' to 'will' are setting themselves up for a cold hard shock.

But the sad fact of life is that people do that, fans do that, Gibson must have realised that many of the waverers, the might-buys and the show me the money types would wait to see what would come just gives them another reason not to go.

The standard of our public relations is shockingly poor, ok in our local community we do great stuff, the players all get involved and the club has some great schemes but these are constantly offset by negative national press and the club upsetting the one set of people who should always be on their the fans

How many times in the last 10 years has the club annoyed you and made you feel let ranges from inability to use a fax machine, not sending a team to blackburn, signing people after the transfer deadline, inability to organise the sale of cup tickets [why did we need to sleep in the stadium?], poor organisation of UEFA cup ticket sales, the shirt saga season after season [when will they be on sale] and the casual mention that we hope to make some spectacular signings...there are no doubt countless others and perhaps all clubs are like this but I'll never know about the other clubs because I don't care about them

TheSmogMonster Posted on 2/8 15:03
re: Our spectacular signing

Trod that'd be class!

@ damit 3 things,

1) It is true that people who do that are setting themselves up.

2) It is not Gibbos fault that a lot of people read into what he says whatever they want.

3) Things happen at the club, but they are vastly outweighed by the good things that have come out of the club in the last 10 years, Cup Finals, Cup win, UEFA cup run 2 seasons ago, all outweigh those things. The only one of those that seriously hurt, was the points deduction, and it was pretty much proved we did nowt wrong, but they had better punish us anyway, as we were scruffy Northerners.

indestructible Posted on 2/8 15:24
re: Our spectacular signing

To be fair, some of you just think Gibson can do no wrong. The man is a legend and deserves maximum respect from us, but that doesn't mean he won't occasionally make a mistake. In my opinion he has made one here. I am not using at as an excuse to hammer the club (which I don't do anyway) but he has and that's life. I am hardly calling for him to sell up because of it!

OverTheTopAussie Posted on 2/8 15:31
re: Our spectacular signing

Having read the above posts I believe that our supporters would like Mr Gibson to announce:-

1) We can't afford to bring in any 'household names'.
2) We probably won't get any top class players to come here, but we think we'll get one or two 'quite good' players that you either haven't heard of or who you consider to be 'just average'.
3) Although we are aiming high for a 7th place finish, we will most likely finish 10th-14th.
4) We will probably be nearer to the relegation zone for part of the season.
5) We don't think we will be relegated but its always a possibility.
6) We will tell our players to try and play attacking football, but because they are not Henry or similar it will probably be a bit hit and miss like last season.

That would be the perfect recipe for a full house I reckon. Give the punters what they want Mr Gibson.

The truth? You can't handle the truth.

indestructible Posted on 2/8 15:33
re: Our spectacular signing

Yeah you are over the top

damit1968 Posted on 2/8 16:26
re: Our spectacular signing

I just think Gibson should have said we are trying hard to bring in 3 or 4 players, no adjectives were needed at all. It gives fans a false sense of hope [assuming we don't bring in any spectacular players between now and the deadline].

I genuinely believe he made a mistake in using the word spectacular

1, It doesn't matter to the fans that go to the match, mostly they will take it all with a pinch of salt anyway, it matters to those fans that have stopped going or those that have never been.

2, What is spectacular to one person is not to another. Young maybe spectacular to the club, I think he is a decent club player and I am happy to have him here, but spectacular he is not.

3, The club can try and fail to sign spectacular players, many attempts have failed in the past. But why mention signings at all in that case...I can't remember a word about Ravanelli until it was a done deal [and that was SPECTACULAR]

grantus Posted on 2/8 18:12
re: Our spectacular signing

I am not slating the club. I love the b'stard club.

Its unfortunate that the PR and messages that come out of the club are about as good as would be from a child.

I find it hard to believe that they do not realise that words of Lamb, Gibson and Southgate will be taken on board very seriously, will be taken literally or even exaggerated by many because of the emotions attached. Football is an emotions based business for the supporters of the club and this should be remembered. This applies to those who go and to those who dont.

This is not an isolated occassion, the same messages have been getting trundled out in one way or another for every transfer window for years now. Lets also not forget Mr McClaren, who lived with one foot in his mouth.

Pre UEFA Cup final "This is a big game and I don't lose big games." 0-4 "The fans need educating" "Football is not about entertainment". Who can forget?

The club has failed to deliver on many occassions after making similar statements regarding targets, so why say it if it isn't an intentional ploy to part the supporter from his well earned?

It was a mistake. Even if you can't see it, it has ended up having a negative impact on some people. So, like it or not, it was a mistake. It's a fact I'm afraid.

Doesn't matter, we'll all still support the Boro ever more.

No biggy.

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indestructible Posted on 2/8 18:23
re: Our spectacular signing

Well put Grantus. The club now have to take on board this mistake and hopefully not repeat it in future. Building up the fans hopes to disappoint them is not a way to sell season tickets. I know they may have thought at the time they weren't going to disappoint them, but they would appear to have been far from having these deals completed. This is not slating the club, just merely pointing out a mistake. We all make them even Steve Gibson.

Rio_Verde Posted on 2/8 18:27
re: Our spectacular signing

damit1968-- much has changed from the delerious days of TLF, Emmo and the white feather--- the part that sticks most is that everyone seems to have seen through the smoke, and the Lambs wool!!

grantus Posted on 2/8 18:37
re: Our spectacular signing

If we sign Kaka and Ronaldinho, I'll forgive (how gracious of me, I know ).

Saying that, I don't think any signings we may or may not bring in now would be the ones that were being discussed over a month ago. Especially considering that we've known our targets for months...apparently.

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