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rob_fmttm Posted on 4/8 19:37
Hands up who was impressed?

That was exciting today. We played some great football I thought particularly in the first half. That was a team that worked tirelessly with players that really want to achieve and succeed. It could be to our strength that we haven't changed too many players, especially in the early weeks as squads bed in. But the new fellas were a bit good weren't they? And how fast were we?

But let's keep it a secret because if no one talks about us we might just cause a few big surprises this season.

Link: Boro were pretty good actually.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 4/8 19:38
re: Hands up who was impressed?

You almost sound surprised.

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thornabyred Posted on 4/8 19:39
re: Hands up who was impressed?

I enjoyed it and also the smoke free nops club.m

Gooks_Dong Posted on 4/8 19:41
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Are you filling the void left by Brownlee Rob?

A very good performance and reason for optimism, even if you have over done it a little

Orlando2Boro Posted on 4/8 19:41
re: Hands up who was impressed?

I just hope we don't get too excited and get comfortable with the side we have with out adding the parts we still need to push up the table.

rob_fmttm Posted on 4/8 19:41
re: Hands up who was impressed?

I am surprised because exciting and inspiring are not words I normally associate with friendly games but today's game promised some good times ahead this season.

shortandbald Posted on 4/8 19:46
re: Hands up who was impressed?

I notice from your report that boro now have a suffix to their name, but rather than going for something naff like United they have gone for the much catchier Impress

illuminati Posted on 4/8 19:46
re: Hands up who was impressed?

I think this is going to be a big year for Stewart Downing!

danboro0902 Posted on 4/8 19:50
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Alot of people quickly dismissed a bad or average performance in pre-season as "it's only a friendly", Is that not the same case when we play well? Its still "only a friendly"

chboro Posted on 4/8 19:50
re: Hands up who was impressed?

We had pace Been a while since I've been able to say that.

We weren't just hoofing it up field and hoping for it to land at one of our players feet either, most long balls were acurate or set a player running and we actually passed our way round the pitch, surprised? I am very pleasantly surprised.

For people to say it's the same as last time and nothing has changed like I have read on a few threads tonight is either a joke, or their glass isn't even half full, it's 3/4s empty.

We just need to keep improving and carry it into the league games.

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dooderooni Posted on 4/8 20:11
re: Hands up who was impressed?

I thought we did very well indeed.

To have a mobile, willing forward line was a revelation and I thought Yak in particular was superb. OK, he should have found his man with a couple of passes but in general he looked like the player that used to terrorise defences when he played for Pompey.

Tuncay looks likely to become an absolute star if he can settle in because he certainly puts a proper shift in and looks very skilful to boot.

I thought Aliadiere gave us something extra as well because the front 4 kept the pressure on the opposition defence all day. Hopefully we'll now have plenty of attacking options open to us and it'll free Stewy up to express himself more.

I'm looking forward to seeing us have far more of a go at teams than we have in seasons past.

sasboro Posted on 4/8 21:56
re: Hands up who was impressed?

yak scored but how did the other strikers do as thats where i see our problem will be

beeline Posted on 4/8 22:00
re: Hands up who was impressed?

And what about Luke Young?

Little mention in the reports I've read, but told he was quietly impressive.

NSB19 Posted on 4/8 22:16
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Ok half decent but AZ Alkmaar were very poor so don't get carried away. Still a problem on the right as Tuncay was watching the game most of the time and had to come inside for the ball. Aliadiere didnt do very much apart from running around. Still need energy in midfield and throughout the team. Positives are that the Yak looked good (maybe trying to impress scouts?) and downing looks in good form.

shortandbald Posted on 4/8 22:21
re: Hands up who was impressed?

So if he'd been crap it would have been that he wasn't interested, but as he played well it was because he was trying to impress the scouts.
FFS Why is it that so many on here claim to support the Boro yet can't post anything without being pessimistic and negative

foomanboro Posted on 4/8 22:25
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Yak played well because he was "probably trying to impress the scouts"

FFS give the lad a break! Do you know the lad, no. so how do you know what motivates him to play well.

so many bitchy boro fans out there.

NSB19 Posted on 4/8 22:27
re: Hands up who was impressed?

You misquoting tool

foomanboro Posted on 4/8 22:29
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Sorry my mistake you said "(maybe trying to impress scouts?)"

That makes all the difference you cynical prat.

Smogchat Posted on 4/8 23:05
re: Hands up who was impressed?

it was a good performance but the centre of midfield is going to look very weak against a good team

Link: JK

NSB19 Posted on 4/8 23:19
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Shhhhhuuuushhh Smogchat you are not allowed to say anything negative! You must wear rose tinted glasses to post here.

Stepper_T Posted on 4/8 23:28
re: Hands up who was impressed?

I was very impressed also, mostly with Yakubu, Tuncay, Downing and Boateng. If there was one negative it is how weak the squad looks - when changes needed to be made, the likes of Euell and Gook were on. Looks to me we have a good first 11 but maybe need 1 or 2 more additions to strengthen the squad.

ThePrisoner Posted on 4/8 23:47
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Wasn't at the game but I suspect Blackburn will 'tear us a new ass' as I believe the Americans put it. They have already played competitive matches and Davies and Wheater will prove our weak link.

RavsDad Posted on 4/8 23:48
re: Hands up who was impressed?

I was impressed with our movement in the first half, although Downing, Aliadiere and Yakubu all favouring the left side can make for it being a bit crowded in that area/

Tuncay was very professional - he'd been told to stay wide right and did so, probably missing a chance to be more involved.

And this is the problem. because he's a class act, Tuncay can play the right wing position. He could probably play right or left full back too, or striker (because he's got class and energy). And LOVES a tackle. But to get the most from him I think central midfield might be his most productive position. If we settle for wide right I think it's a cop out from buying a right winger.

But the crowd are going to just worship him.

Stepper_T Posted on 4/8 23:49
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Possibly regarding Wheater and Davies. But, the rest of the team, and the direction it is going in, is sound. Maybe Wheater and Davies will play to their maximum, and if they do we will be okay.

Stepper_T Posted on 4/8 23:51
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Rav, although he was wide right, he was also all over the pitch at different times. I think playing him on the right with license to roam will work ok, also swapping wings with Downing an/or Aliadiere.

Stepper_T Posted on 4/8 23:52
re: Hands up who was impressed?


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wiggler Posted on 4/8 23:57
re: Hands up who was impressed?

thought wheater was ok, we definately need some strength in depth.
Our starting 11 once the defence is fit will be very good, but i agree we look a little light with the back up, although i thought Seb Hines looked solid when he came on

Stepper_T Posted on 4/8 23:58
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Josh Walker gave the ball away once, but otherwise looked promising also, good movement and almost linked with Tuncay for a goal.

TynemoothMag Posted on 5/8 1:11
re: Hands up who was impressed?

It wasonly a pre season friendly.......the result means nowt

zaphod Posted on 5/8 7:09
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Thanks for that review, rob. Useful for us expats. Granted it was only a friendly so we can't read too much into it, but I have been nervous about Yak's commitment and the review indicates that he does want to play. If Yak stays and is committed, it'll make a huge difference to our season.

OPEO Posted on 5/8 8:06
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Guilty m'lud. I didn't go to the game yesterday so I guess I'm not a proper fan eh? Had smething else to do which needed my full attention so didn't even listen to the stiff ones. Did our defence have much to do?

Towell Posted on 5/8 8:34
re: Hands up who was impressed?

Me and my brother were very impressed, sat in the Alkmaar end for the first half coz we went down late and there were queues at all the ticket shops so we went to the away end one.

Most impressed by the overall movement from midfield to attack, although the centre of midfield did just sit, Tuncay and Downing got into the box a lot more as did the full backs overlapping.

Sharp passing as well which we've sadly lacked in the past, I think the time davies spent at full-back has helped him a lot as a defender he's much more comfortable on the ball.
Finally impressed with Wheater who never really looked troubled, although he lacks pace and really fast attackers will cause him problems.

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toshino Posted on 5/8 8:37
re: Hands up who was impressed?

It was uplifting yesterday and I agree with positive comments on here. I do have concerns though about Davies in particular, a little ponderous at times and Swartzer showed signs of his frailities in communicating and connecting with those in front of him.

I can understand the worries about our central midfield situation too because they got caught piling forward at times, and that inexperienced back four of ours will neeed plenty of protection against a very strong Blackburn team that are dangerous on the conter attack.

Yak was a big plus point for me, he looked the strong front man we know he can be.

bear66 Posted on 5/8 9:47
re: Hands up who was impressed?

The defence looks worrying - without Woodgate, Pogatetz, Huth and Rigott.

Hines looked poor marking his winger yesterday letting him have free reign on the left

dave_catching Posted on 5/8 10:17
re: Hands up who was impressed?

must admit i was impressed. Genuine attacking display with passes played early and the ball played out from the back rather than lumped. Our left side was very good, particularly taylor. Tuncay is obviously a decent player and the target for schwarzer's kicks as he's tall but he never took on the full back on the outside. He cut inside every time and his best play was taking people on bursting through the middle.

Yak allayed my fears with a good performance but alliadiere just looks like LDG but with pace. We defo need another forward unless we put tuncay there. In the defence our two centre halves generally played well but struggled on the odd cross and against pace and if their forwards hadn't been so poor they would've scored one or two. Alkmaar generally were disappointing. Not the side they were 2 years ago. Oh and the new electric screen ad boards at the east stand were lovely.