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A_New_Era Posted on 6/8 9:53
Monday mornings

they are very poo, arent they? anyone got any links to some good game sites etc to keep us entertained for a while

OnlyPepperoni Posted on 6/8 9:53
re: Monday mornings

Get a job then.

Hammer_Smashed_Face Posted on 6/8 9:54
re: Monday mornings


Check out 'seepage' and 'biscuits' for mild amusement.

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Link: _________

captain5 Posted on 6/8 9:55
re: Monday mornings

You've just had a week off FFS!!

A_New_Era Posted on 6/8 10:01
re: Monday mornings

i know, but im so efficent i have almost everything for the day done already

being in from 7am helped that, but its still done

tacker Posted on 6/8 10:37
re: Monday mornings

After a weekend off the booze, I feel fresh as a daisy today!
Woke up at 8am this morning, just enough time to watch me F1 highlights before going to work, happy days!