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rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 10:21
Squad Numbers?

What are our squad numbers this year? Are they listed anywhere at all?

bororeddaz Posted on 6/8 10:23
re: Squad Numbers?

9. Kone
10. Saviola
These are the only confirmed ones.

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 6/8 10:23
re: Squad Numbers?

They were not given on the back of the programme on Saturday.

Shaun71 Posted on 6/8 10:25
re: Squad Numbers?

Not announced yet Rob

bororeddaz Posted on 6/8 10:26
re: Squad Numbers?

They will announce them at Christmas in time for the launch of the new kit.

fatharrywhite Posted on 6/8 10:27
re: Squad Numbers?

as far as i could tell from saturday they were the same as last season, the new signings were

2 - Young
11 - aliadiere
17 - tuncay