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A_New_Era Posted on 6/8 11:30
Sentanta sports

whats the deal with ordering this then? i know its 10 a month, but do you have to order it every month or can you subscribe for a set period?

Also which channels do you get when you order it, just sentanta sports 1 and 2?

mishmash Posted on 6/8 11:32
re: Sentanta sports

Havent you heard Des ?


richyNUFC Posted on 6/8 11:32
re: Sentanta sports

Setanta Ireland
Rangers TV
Celtic TV
Some racing channel
And i think there's others but can't remember...

also you don't order every month but there's no contract and you can cancel subs any time you like.

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captain5 Posted on 6/8 11:32
re: Sentanta sports

You order it and you then give 30 days notice when you want to cancel it.

kerouac Posted on 6/8 11:33
re: Sentanta sports

If you're a Virgin Media customer and have the XL package, it is free..

A_New_Era Posted on 6/8 11:34
re: Sentanta sports

10 a months pretty good then, alot of prem games and some scottish if ever bored. brilliant

Totality Posted on 6/8 11:36
re: Sentanta sports

If you've got Multiroom, its 5 for each extra box, which they kindly didn't tell me until I was going to cancel (after stupidly setting up a second subscription while drunk to watch the Hatton fight).

The package is actually better than I expected it to be. Commentary for some of the pre-season stuff was poor, but now they're airing competitive games, its a lot better.

The golf coverage is good too.

captain5 Posted on 6/8 11:37
re: Sentanta sports


"some scottish if you ever want to be bored"

Table_Football Posted on 6/8 11:38
re: Sentanta sports

You also get NASN I think, the American sports channel. Baseball etc.

And on Setanta you get the French league too. There was 2 games on last night. And another 2 next weekend I think.

I think it said last night that there was 8 live games on over next weekend including Premiership, SPL and Ligue 1.

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speckyget Posted on 6/8 11:41
re: Sentanta sports

There's also Setanta Golf. An entire channel dedicated to - guess what? - golf. Looking forward to Setanta Celery when it kicks off later in the year.