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rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 13:20
Boro's Community Shield

The day after the Community Shield if you're wondering where all the money goes. Well, take a glance at Boro's Community website to see just how much (important) work our club does in our community.

To give you some idea of the scale of the set up - it is probably bigger than the whole club in the pre Riverside days.

Link: Boro out and about

sponski2000 Posted on 6/8 13:47
re: Boro's Community Shield

he he, look at Downings perma-tan on the home page

john_lillie Posted on 6/8 13:48
re: Boro's Community Shield

He looks like he's made of wood!

sponski2000 Posted on 6/8 13:50
re: Boro's Community Shield

Anyway, sorry to distract against the real reasons for your post Rob. Some good work there.
It is a quality tan though, you must admit?