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rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 15:19
New Prediction League

I've subscribed to a new prediction league being launched this week.

The prizes are pretty good and it looks simple to use and fun to do. At the end of the season they'll be offering BIG prizes to those that come top for each club, divisional champion and the English champion! The winner of the whole competition (across all the league clubs) will win £1000!

Runner up prizes of a season ticket are awarded to the other winners of each divisional competition.

Finally, the winners of each club competition will get a club shirt for the 2008/09 season. That means the best Boro team will get a Boro shirt - hopefully they will arrive earlier in 2008/09 than they have this close season (shirts expected end of Aug!!)

What you do is predict the scoreline of Boro's league matches and get awarded points according to your accuracy.

Link: Ready to Join

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 15:27
re: New Prediction League

I'm going to be pushing this a lot this season as it is run by fanzine people rather than big corporates. The prizes are good and it looks good.

McCann_87 Posted on 6/8 15:29
re: New Prediction League

well its shi­t so far cant get past the select your team bit

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 15:38
re: New Prediction League

I've just tried myself - and have registered and made my prediction in the space of 2 minutes. I'm an absolute techno-phobe as well.

It's simple.

Turner_86 Posted on 6/8 15:40
re: New Prediction League

No problem for me.

Cecil_J_McTumshie Posted on 6/8 15:40
re: New Prediction League

I'm in-wont win as I am too optimistic(got a 2-1 win over Blackburn)

Turner_86 Posted on 6/8 15:41
re: New Prediction League

I said 1-1, Yakubu.

captain5 Posted on 6/8 15:41
re: New Prediction League

I haven't tried it but I can confirm that Ratty is just being an idiot.

McCann_87 Posted on 6/8 15:44
re: New Prediction League


What am i doing wrong then!!!

Pis­s off captain

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 15:46
re: New Prediction League

Did you click on your club and then pick a name and password?

You get an email back and you have to click on the link to activate the account for you.

McCann_87 Posted on 6/8 15:51
re: New Prediction League

i pick my select team and thats it, doesnt offer me anything else after that

Turner_86 Posted on 6/8 15:53
re: New Prediction League

Maybe you've been banned in advance?

Bak_Row_Boy Posted on 6/8 15:54
re: New Prediction League

Me too Mc Cann. Comes up as Arsenal, change team to Boro, click the continue tab, page refreshes and the team is back at Arsenal telling me to "first of all pick my team".

McCann_87 Posted on 6/8 15:54
re: New Prediction League

Me banned? Why what would they ban me for

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 15:57
re: New Prediction League

What do you both use? PCs or Macs? Do you use Internet Explorer or something else?

Exit the website and have another go - you should get a box allowing you to LOG IN.

But tell me the answers to the questions above - that might help.

chboro Posted on 6/8 16:00
re: New Prediction League

Fun fashion for all girls, NOW THAT'S THE SORT of Advert I want to see more of

McCann_87 Posted on 6/8 16:00
re: New Prediction League

PC and IE7.

Like i say, pick my team, press select and then nothing happens the page just refreshes and asks me to select my team again

McCann_87 Posted on 6/8 16:01
re: New Prediction League

You thinking of buying a new dress for yourself like Ch?

kazzaxxx Posted on 6/8 16:02
re: New Prediction League

i've done it

chboro Posted on 6/8 16:03
re: New Prediction League

Nope, just window shopping

ray192 Posted on 6/8 16:20
re: New Prediction League

Registered but my name is not on the table why?.

chboro Posted on 6/8 16:21
re: New Prediction League

Cos you're gonna lose so the computer is saying "Whats the point"?

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ray192 Posted on 6/8 16:25
re: New Prediction League


LOL . But i've been accepted and not on lge table?.

chboro Posted on 6/8 16:46
re: New Prediction League

Obviously you have been accepted ffs, how else would they make money without selling on your email addy tro be spammed????

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 17:41
re: New Prediction League

I'll find what is happening or not Ray - I'm also not in the league - perhaps it is just a time lag thing.

Did McCann and Bak Row manage to get registered in the end or not?

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 17:54
re: New Prediction League

I think it may only be showing ten names Ray - this will be a top ten when the league starts. The rest of us will be there but now I need to find out why the whole league is not showing.

Anymore for this. Good prizes on offer.

ray192 Posted on 6/8 17:56
re: New Prediction League


Ok thanks a lot mate cheers .

newholgate Posted on 6/8 18:00
re: New Prediction League

Does anyone know if Mr Predictor will be up and running on block 17 for the start of the season?

If so, I have a message for Yoda from wheelz.

Boro85 Posted on 6/8 18:00
re: New Prediction League

Signed up as well, gone for a 2-1 win. Here's hoping.

Edit: As for as i know MrPredictor isnt running this year.

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rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 18:31
re: New Prediction League

Sorry banner above was a bit big - will re-size or replace.

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 18:36
re: New Prediction League

Just found out the full league tables etc will show up once the season starts. It's just shows a 10 team league at the moment while people sign up - it will roll out fully on season kick off.

Boro85 Posted on 6/8 20:10
re: New Prediction League

Fixed the banner above now as well, its a £1000 top prize, not the previously stated £100.

newholgate Posted on 6/8 20:12
re: New Prediction League

Boro85, cheers, will let wheelz know!

ray192 Posted on 6/8 20:13
re: New Prediction League


Right cheers .

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 23:49
re: New Prediction League

Nice banner Boro85 - very smart indeed.

Any of the evening crowd fancy a prediction? Totally free to enter - you just predict Boro's score and first scorer every week.

Free to you but you could win £1000 or a Boro shirt.

Link: You predict

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 0:55
re: New Prediction League

Someone has kindly changed the first page of the league for us - to make it easier. Click on the link below to get straight into the Middlesbrough Prediction League.

Link: Middlesbrough Prediction League

corruptbiggins Posted on 7/8 1:06
re: New Prediction League

well I managed to mess up my registration. I'm now known as c orruptbiggins. ah well, it'll do.

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 9:34
re: New Prediction League

Another plug for this league that we are supporting. Very easy to do - I've made it easier by going straight to the Middlesbrough page on this link and all you do is register - click on the email that comes back and predict the score and first Boro scorer for the Blackburn game.

Link: You Preditict

McCann_87 Posted on 7/8 9:51
re: New Prediction League

Rob think its something to do with my computer at work as i managed fine at home

ray192 Posted on 7/8 9:58
re: New Prediction League


I've put it on good morning thread aswell now .

captain5 Posted on 7/8 10:00
re: New Prediction League

McCann_87 Posted on 7/8 9:51
re: New Prediction League

Rob think its something to do with my computer at work as i managed fine at home

Got his mam to help him.

McCann_87 Posted on 7/8 10:03
re: New Prediction League

Whats your point captain?

captain5 Posted on 7/8 10:04
re: New Prediction League


I've been searching for it all my life; I'm unlikely to find it now.

McCann_87 Posted on 7/8 10:05
re: New Prediction League

Must be on a high shelf or something

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 10:12
re: New Prediction League

Thanks Ray -

McCann - have just found out they have solved the problem this morning. It was only affecting a few people but you weren't alone. Glad you have made it.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 7/8 10:30
re: New Prediction League

I'm in

Boro 0 - 2 Blackburn
Wigan 1 - 1 Boro
Fulham 3 - 1 Boro

Priest86 Posted on 7/8 11:41
re: New Prediction League


I've managed to register for the prediction league but im unable to make any predictions :S

is there something im missing?

Priest86 Posted on 7/8 11:44
re: New Prediction League

nm figured it out...

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 11:59
re: New Prediction League

Glad you cracked it Priest - if I can manage it anyone can, believe me.

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 13:08
re: New Prediction League

An early afternoon plug for this Prediction league.

jofus53 Posted on 7/8 13:20
re: New Prediction League

signed up, and for some reason went with arca 1-1. quite unlikely really

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 16:47
re: New Prediction League

Roll up roll up for our own prediction league.

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 10:25
re: New Prediction League

Wednesday morning reminder to have a go at our new free to enter Prediction League. All you do is guess the score and first scorer for Boro. Taking it one game at a time - there are lots of prizes to be won. So have a dabble.

Link: your prediction league

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 11:26
re: New Prediction League

Anymore for anymore....??

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 12:58
re: New Prediction League

And once again..

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 13:20
re: New Prediction League

We've got quite a good league going now with 117 people entered as of this morning. We could do with 8 more to match the number from Newcastle. But that's not a bad competition is it? So please join up and predict the Boro v Blackburn score - prizes and pride at stake.

Link: Predict the Boro scores

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 17:22
re: New Prediction League

How it works -

Predict the scoreline of Boro’s league matches and get awarded points according to your accuracy. At the end of the season there will be BIG prizes to those that come top for each club, divisional champion and the English champion!

You get one point for a correct outcome (i.e. home win, draw or loss) or three points for an accurate scoreline (eg. 3-1), and two points for correctly predicting the first scorer. If you get the score exactly right, you will also get a bonus of the number of the goals in that match. For example, if you accurately predict 2-0 you will get 3 points for the correct result and a bonus of 2.

You will need to register to take part in the league. You enter a team name, a valid email address (which will be verified) and a password. You will be emailed the details back to you which should be kept safe as you will need them to enter your predictions.

Should you forget to enter your prediction, you'll be sent an email the day before a match to remind you.

The winner of the prediction league for this club will win a REPLICA SHIRT for next season. Score the most points against your fellow supporters and next season’s shirt is yours. 

Score the most points against fellow fans in the Premiership and you will win a SEASON TICKET for Middlesbrough. Simply outscore all supporters of other teams in the Prem and that is your lucky prize.

Score the most points per game Boro play and you could walk away with the top prize of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS CASH. To create fairness it will be based on your score divided by either 38 (Premiership) or 46 games (Football League) dependent on where your favourite team plays but with a four figure prize on offer what more incentive do you need.  

There will also be monthly spot prizes each and every month of the season, so it doesn’t matter if you are at the bottom of the Prediction League, you will have as much chance as anyone else of winning a prize the next month. 

All you have to do is register your interest (and your opening predictions) via and you are in the running to scoop one of these fantastic prizes. And don't worry about remembering to enter each week - you can do several games in advance and we will remind you before every game if you haven't registered your prediction. 

Link: Predict for Boro

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 21:54
re: New Prediction League

Can I give another punt to this - trying to increase the size of our league. Give it a go - very simple and prizes to be won.

jd1973 Posted on 8/8 22:15
re: New Prediction League

Out of interest do you get paid for this Rob?

backofthenet_ascl Posted on 8/8 22:28
re: New Prediction League

Right could someone else confirm this or I've not done it right, you enter your details then predict Blackburn score.... then thats it??

rob_fmttm Posted on 9/8 19:20
re: New Prediction League

Evening hoof - in answer to questions - you register - receive an email - click on the email and predict the score and first scorer in Boro v Blackburn - that's it.

Then next week you can predict Wigan v Boro and then Fulham V Boro - you can do them all at the same time if you wish.

"Do I get paid?" - not that I know of but want to help build this up because it has real potential I think.

backofthenet_ascl Posted on 9/8 19:27
re: New Prediction League

Cheers Rob, well I'm interested in doing this so next question is do I receive another email for the next game (Wigan) or will that be my job to find relevant screen and do this myself?