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rob_fmttm Posted on 6/8 23:55
Fanzine Launch

We are launching the new season's Fly Me To The Moon fanzine at Borders bookshop, Teesside Park on Friday - with a bit of an event. We'll have music, poems, some Q and A and a chance to purchase the new fanzine at the Teesside Park book store. Borders are kindly going to stock the fanzine this season.

The launch do kicks off at 6pm - when there will be representatives of BBC Cleveland (Tees) as well answering questions about the new season. We might just be able to get Gary Gill down to talk about his co-commentary work.

Anyway it's just a bit of an informal chat and natter in Borders from 6pm on Friday and a launch for the new look new season fanzine as we head towards our 20th season!!!

chboro Posted on 6/8 23:56
re: Fanzine Launch

I'll be there signing autographs too.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 6/8 23:57
re: Fanzine Launch

Didn't you break your finger?

smithythered Posted on 6/8 23:57
re: Fanzine Launch

Good Luck Rob, Congratulations on 20 years. Keep up the good work!

PS: Who is reading the poetry? I have heard Pam Ayres does a good turn

ERIMUS63 Posted on 6/8 23:58
re: Fanzine Launch

good to see your promoting the product
have a word with fordy and co

chboro Posted on 7/8 0:00
re: Fanzine Launch

Yes, but I sign with an X anyway so can do that with my left hand

sunset_over_ici Posted on 7/8 0:01
re: Fanzine Launch

Writing never caught on your way, did it?

ERIMUS63 Posted on 7/8 0:02
re: Fanzine Launch

perhaps you could put chboro in stocks and charge a pound to throw a wet sponge at him
he must be the most annoying person on this site

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 0:02
re: Fanzine Launch

Poetry - we're hoping for Andy's Willoughby and Croft as well our own fanzine poet Khadim (confirmed). It looks like Uncle Harry will turn his hand and anyone that fancies popping down and either reading a poem or a few words loosely based on Boro is welcome.

Fischer could well be providing the musical accompaniment - try and stop him. The man was never off the stage at the Riverside.

Should be good fun.

chboro Posted on 7/8 0:03
re: Fanzine Launch

ERIMUS63 Posted on 7/8 0:02
re: Fanzine Launch

perhaps you could put chboro in stocks and charge a pound to throw a wet sponge at him
he must be the most annoying person on this site

No where near

Sunset - Very true

Stepper_T Posted on 7/8 0:03
re: Fanzine Launch

He broke a knuckle, as often happens with knuckle dragging Neanderthals.

john_lillie Posted on 7/8 0:04
re: Fanzine Launch

I'd be there Rob but unfortunately you seem to have forgotten to mention where the event is taking place.

trodbitch Posted on 7/8 0:04
re: Fanzine Launch

If anyone has any computer gear that needs fixing, bring it down and I'll be more than happy google exactly what you describe the problem as.

smithythered Posted on 7/8 0:05
re: Fanzine Launch

Can't make it but good luck, perhaps a few of the visitors could record on mobby's and post on Youtube...poetry, music...a good bet to be a winner!

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 0:07
re: Fanzine Launch

That'll be Borders then John. Borders at Teesside Park.

Actually it is likely to be downstairs just beneath the stairs to be precise. Bring your sat nav John you'll get there.

Stepper_T Posted on 7/8 0:08
re: Fanzine Launch

I will be reciting Dicky's ode to Lance Armstrong amongst others.

beeline Posted on 7/8 0:56
re: Fanzine Launch

"Bring your sat nav John you'll get there."

Don't confuse the lad Rob, you just said it was on friday.

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 9:47
re: Fanzine Launch

Everyone invited to this at Border's Bookshop 6pm Teesside Park on Friday (10th Aug) 6pm. We'll be launching the new fanzine at Borders with some song, hopefully no dance, some poems and some Q and A with members of the Radio Cleveland/Tees commentary crew.

Please come down and join us and if you have a Boro poem or short article then bring it down and read it out. But more than anything it will be nice to have a little get together on the eve of the season.

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 10:47
re: Fanzine Launch

I've written a short article about the launch - am hoping that 2 out of 3 of the new Cleveland/Tees team Gary Gill, Paul Addison and Mark Drury will be there to field your questions and have a chat about the season ahead etc.

Link: Border lines

Lefty3668 Posted on 7/8 11:19
re: Fanzine Launch

Since Khadim is there I might pop by for a listen.

Fischer Posted on 7/8 11:28
re: Fanzine Launch

I was born to dance. It's my new medium.

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 16:48
re: Fanzine Launch

Just been confirmed Gary Gill and Paul Addison will be appearing answer your questions about Boro's season ahead.

Mr_Incident Posted on 7/8 18:21
re: Fanzine Launch

Sounds good, I'll hopefully make it. I wonder if the vol au vents will be served beforehand or afterwards.

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 10:21
re: Fanzine Launch

Another reminder about this - fanzine launch at Borders, 6pm Friday.

Cast includes Uncle Harry, Fischer, Khadim, Andy Croft, Andy Willoughby, Gary Gill, Paul Addison - song, poetry but no dance - come along and help us launch the new season fly me to the moon.

Lurkalot Posted on 8/8 10:27
re: Fanzine Launch

Rob, I don't think you have been clear enough.

Is that Borders Bookshop at Teesside Park, 6pm this coming Friday ?

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 10:31
re: Fanzine Launch

Sorry you're right I perhaps have not been precise enough in my information - Fmttm launch night - 6pm Borders bookshop, Teesside Park - and it is free.

Oh and it will be downstairs near the back of the shop, under the stairs on the right hand side if you are walking front to back.

speckyget Posted on 8/8 10:38
re: Fanzine Launch

No resolution to Mr Incident's vol-au-vent query I see. Might I suggest kicking off with a nice prawn/marie rose sauce opener, prgressing to a nice chicken and mushroom (served warm) and rounding off with some nice apple turnovers.

Remember kids - Can't Go Back to Savoury

Fischer Posted on 8/8 11:18
re: Fanzine Launch

...and dancing.

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 8/8 11:21
re: Fanzine Launch

Why has Bernie not been invited?
He could have done the Legends from the shop.

FMTTM gagged by Lamb?????

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 11:25
re: Fanzine Launch

Is that a recipe or a malady Archie? - "fmttm gagged by Lamb"

Lurkalot Posted on 8/8 11:25
re: Fanzine Launch

Will Fischers' new best mate Frank Sidebottom be there?

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 8/8 11:36
re: Fanzine Launch

I think it`s one of Fischer`s sexual fantasies.

Fischer Posted on 8/8 11:38
re: Fanzine Launch

I'd like to be gagged by Frank Sidebottom. Whilst dancing.

Revol_Tees Posted on 8/8 11:52
re: Fanzine Launch

FMTTM gagged by Lamb with mince sauce. Mmm

FW_2 Posted on 8/8 12:55
re: Fanzine Launch

I have seen Fischer dancing.

My eyes! My eyes!

rob_fmttm Posted on 8/8 12:57
re: Fanzine Launch

Just back from the printers and the covers appear to work. Phew! The new look cover fanzine is on for this season. So we will have something pretty good to launch on Friday - could even be worth a little dance from Fischer.

Fischer Posted on 10/8 15:45
re: Fanzine Launch

Just a little reminder that I will be conducting free dance lessions at 6pm tonight.

chboro Posted on 10/8 15:47
re: Fanzine Launch

What is your Style Fischer?

Fischer Posted on 10/8 15:50
re: Fanzine Launch

I'm a sucker for a moderately-paced foxtrot.

chboro Posted on 10/8 15:52
re: Fanzine Launch

Blimey, I had picture going through my head of you "shakin your booty"

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speckyget Posted on 10/8 15:52
re: Fanzine Launch

I've always thought your preferred terpsichorean style would be...

Link: Commence...

Fischer Posted on 10/8 15:53
re: Fanzine Launch

It's coming to something when long-established black and white institutions end up with gaudy colour splashed indiscriminately all over them.


rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 16:23
re: Fanzine Launch

Maybe we should bring THE Boro dog out to Borders. What do you think?

Will they let him in the shop?

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 17:19
re: Fanzine Launch

Please get along to this if you can an support us. Entertainment from Bob Fischer, Khadim, Andy's Croft and Willoughby and Uncle Harry.

Also on display Gary Gill and Paul Addison.

And Roofus the Boro Dog has promised he will try and put in an appearance on his way back from the kennel club outing on the English Riviera.

6pm - Borders - totally free. Tonight - in less than an hour.


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squiffypants Posted on 10/8 17:23
re: Fanzine Launch

"6pm - Borders - totally free. Tonight - in less than an hour.


I think Rob is having that "what if no one comes to my party" feelings. I'm sure there will be lots there, relax.

benpoolie Posted on 10/8 18:56
re: Fanzine Launch

there I was like a plumb all alone....
Waterstones, 5.30. in the think Rob'd advertise these things better eh?!