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rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 0:12
Subscribe at last year's prices

Not sure if you have noticed but fmttm subscriptions are still at the old prices for the moment. Click on the banner above for details. I will probably change this next week - so be quick.

By the way I only have 2 email subscribers so far - which isn't many really. If you live abroad and fancy a laugh and want to read about the Boro it is only 20 to get the fanzine by email.

Have tried to post this 30 times now no the thread about fmttm price rises - without success. The message board can be so frustrating at times. It underlines the need for a new temporary board. So we'd better get it finished quickly. It will be at when it is completed.

trodbitch Posted on 7/8 0:14
re: Subscribe at last year's prices

"Subscribe at last year's prices"

In real terms, it's a price cut!!!

PS: Make the move to the new site permanent, a forum with 'issues' with admin control, 'issues' with bans and one that rarely works is going to leave you wide open to the sort of exposure you don't want from this site, if you know what I mean. Good luck for the season.

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 0:28
re: Subscribe at last year's prices

Know what you mean trod - and thanks.

Here's to a good season ahead for all of us. I'm actually feeling a little bit excited about everything. It could just be good.

Moody41 Posted on 7/8 0:33
re: Subscribe at last year's prices

no doubt someone will point out that other fanzines have cut prices this season.......

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 0:35
re: Subscribe at last year's prices

Of course I'd far rather people bought their fanzines match by match than subscribing in advance to their season ticket of fanzines...

trodbitch Posted on 7/8 0:35
re: Subscribe at last year's prices

In europe, you can get your fanzine for 0.12.

Just where are the 'spectacular' articles, eh????