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rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 10:09
Letters for fanzine

Yes it is that time again - we've got a couple in so far but would like more. So please send us a couple of paragrpahs or three on your hopes/fears for the new season. Can we complete with the all that big money sloshing around the Prem? Are you excited or deflated before kick off? Are the new players up to it? Has Southgate got what it takes to win your badge of honour? Will you be pulling on your boots to play centre back?

The address - subject Bark at the Moon - please email your thoughts over for the first fanzine of the season.


rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 16:44
re: Letters for fanzine

End of afternoon - hoof for the letters appeal.

PapaJohn Posted on 7/8 17:16
re: Letters for fanzine

u have a short mail rob!