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rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 18:00
Steve Gibson speaks out...

Live on BBC Cleveland/Tees this Saturday.

Have just been sent this link over and it couldn't be better timing could it? There has been a fair amount of debate about Steve Gibson's role in Boro's rise/fall on here today. So it should be fascinating to hear what the Chairman really thinks of the state of Boro.

Link: Steve Speaks

Brick_Tamland Posted on 7/8 18:01
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

Big Brother himself!

Boro_in_my_socks Posted on 7/8 18:05
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

Am I interpreting the sentence at the bottom of the article correctly where it says:

"The BBC does not have the rights for internet streaming of Middlesbrough FC commentary for Premier League and Carling Cup matches."

Does that mean that you wont be able to listen to the commentary online then?

Brick_Tamland Posted on 7/8 18:06
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

Yes, I think that is what it means.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 7/8 18:06
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

So who does have those rights (I'm assuming Boro World) ?

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rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 18:09
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

You'd best email them and ask. I know they were talking about how they were going to make the commentary broadcasts available beyond Teesside. I don't work for them though so I don't know any of the answers. Sorry.

skeelo Posted on 7/8 18:12
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

Has the letters for fanzine deadline passed Rob, just got in from work.

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/8 18:14
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

No not at all skeelo haven't started pulling it all together as yet. Still typing out Gary Gill interview - wish we hadn't spoken for so long now.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 7/8 18:15
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

Can't believe people slating Gibbo. I know I'd be preaching to the converted here anyway, but without him, well, you know the rest...

I mean, that caller on the Legends the other week, Frank, asking where all the money has gone. I'd say it is the opposite, i.e. where does it all come from, because for a club with a small fanbase and gate revenue, we've been punching above our weight in the transfer market the last 12 years.

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skeelo Posted on 7/8 18:17
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

No worries mate, i'll do a letter now, i saw you last Friday in town on Grange rd ( about 4ish), i was the scruffy get with my motorbike leathers on, but did'nt get a chance to say hi as you zoomed straight past.

grantus Posted on 7/8 18:23
re: Steve Gibson speaks out...

Well, I for one hoe that he's as enthusiastic about the Boro now as he ever was.

Altohugh he is idolised on Teesside by so many, I still get the feeling that we might not realise just how good he is for the club until he's gone.