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Spoff_MFC Posted on 8/8 20:01

Anyone got a wireless printer? I presumer they're not as good a quality as a wired one.

Also would anyone argue that Epson is the best for photo printing?

gatenby Posted on 8/8 20:33
re: Printers

Iv worked as a rep for HP, Lexmark and Epson so know printers quite well.

Wireless Printers...
Are excellent! Once you have set it up to your router, they are excellent, and work just as well as wired ones. (dependant on wireless range etc...) Iv got a HP one and its excellent, sits upstairs in the loft, out the way, and i just print when needed. Even scan to my PC from it up there!

Photo Printers...
Epson are decent photos but, HP are loads better. In terms of quality, HP photos are quality, fade resistant and iv never had a problem with them. Always come out perfect.

Would not touch lexmark... ever!! That was the hardest job in the world!

One thing to mension, when im working for HP, i always get people saying, i wana epson as i can get cheap cartridges. Fair enough.. but the cheap cartridges will only clog your printer up. Epsons official cartridges, and HP's are both priced around 6 each (for HP 6 ink / Epson 4 ink printer versions)... Also HP printers use a load less ink, when printing and cleaning itself. You will really get around twice as many prints with a HP photo printer.

If your gunna be printing photos, and want a wireless printer you gunna have to pay a little bit more at the minute. One thing you could consider is the HP C5180 which you can plug in to a router. Its also a AIO. Around 100 i think. Other option is the C7180 or C6180 but bit more pricier.

And no, im not working for HP or any of these companies at the minute, just from my knowledge and experiance with using them.

gatenby Posted on 8/8 20:38
re: Printers

to add... wireless printers will give you the exact quality as a wired one, however the time it takes to receive the data to print may be slower. However if your in a good wireless range it will be fine :-)

Spoff_MFC Posted on 9/8 11:47
re: Printers

Cheers that is really helpful, I was aways told Epson were much beter for photos.

Will start having a look at HP printers now