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Tom_Fun Posted on 9/8 13:51
Who is worse?

Someone who likes football but doesn't support a team, or someone who doesn't like football at all?

Cecil_J_McTumshie Posted on 9/8 13:52
re: Who is worse?

the first one cos they tend to make out that they follow winning teams and talk like they are football experts

jofus53 Posted on 9/8 13:55
re: Who is worse?

people who like football but don't support a team unsettle me more i think, i knew a lad who just watched out for england players playing well on match of the day because he only really suported england. decent enough lad, just strange behaviour.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 9/8 13:57
re: Who is worse?

The first one.

scobba Posted on 9/8 13:59
re: Who is worse?

talking to a bloke last night seemed to be ok even though he said he supported sunderland . but later in conversation it came out that he was a west ham and a liverpool fan .... wierdo

tjf81 Posted on 9/8 13:59
re: Who is worse?

The one who doesn't like football at all! At least the other one appreciates the game.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 9/8 13:59
re: Who is worse?

I say send both types to the gallows.

Tom_Fun Posted on 9/8 14:14
re: Who is worse?

I'd say the first person too. I don't completely believe that these people like football. How can you sit and watch a match and not want anyone to win?

tjf81 Posted on 9/8 14:20
re: Who is worse?

I'll watch a game between Man U and Chelsea and Aren't bothered who wins. Same goes for Spurs West Ham etc....

Tom_Fun Posted on 9/8 14:25
re: Who is worse?

I have to pick a team who I want to win, and more often than not have a friendly bet on the outcome, usually with Jofus.

tjf81 Posted on 9/8 14:32
re: Who is worse?

I normally have an unfriendly bet with the bookies!

jofus53 Posted on 9/8 14:46
re: Who is worse?

and usually Tom wins!

karembeu_ca Posted on 9/8 14:49
re: Who is worse?

the bookies always end up winning on that one tjf

shortandbald Posted on 9/8 14:51
re: Who is worse?

Definately the first one because they are the type who say nowt when your team is doing well but take the pizz out of you and wind you up when things are going badly and you've got no comeback because they dson't support anyone for you to have a go at them over. Do me Fookin head in they do!

boro4eyes Posted on 9/8 14:52
re: Who is worse?


jiltedjiff Posted on 9/8 14:58
re: Who is worse?

Anyone who follows their home town team either by attending or just with the heart (more than likely would attend but economically forced out) is ok by me - wherever they are from and whoever it is they follow.

Those who wear "big club" shirts and follow the handful of successful clubs but have never ever been to a game and never ever will do I cant abide.

Scum of the earth.

Snickerdoodle Posted on 9/8 15:00
re: Who is worse?

"How can you sit and watch a match and not want anyone to win?"

Sunderland v Newcastle, I watch hoping the Earth opens up and swallows the lot of them! :)

MsCurly Posted on 9/8 15:00
re: Who is worse?

Probably the second one for me.

Football is a great ice-breaker. Yout get chatting to some hottie and mention the boro (oh, I'm such a smooth-talker) and he says 'I can't stand football'......

Always leaves me stumped, that one. It's not like I can't talk about many other things, only that always weirds me out.

tjf81 Posted on 9/8 15:14
re: Who is worse?

Well if he says he can't stand football he'd fit in with you boro fans then

littlejimski Posted on 9/8 15:22
re: Who is worse?

Like shortandbald, I can't abide those types who make a face or some comment when you say you support the Boro, but when you ask them who they support, they say no-one! SLAP!

shortandbald Posted on 9/8 15:30
re: Who is worse?

They make me almost forget I'm basically a pacifist