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A_New_Era Posted on 9/8 22:17
fao borobadge

evening matey

Very random question, but when you come to the home games do you drive up for most? Do you think you will be driving up for Everton at home on 1st of Jan?


borobadge Posted on 9/8 22:28
re: fao borobadge

i usually do the train.....

no chance of me driving to borough on new years day !!..

i usually (always) have an open house on n.y.eve..if your in brighton pop round for some ale, spirits and food.

A_New_Era Posted on 9/8 22:38
re: fao borobadge

im contemplating it, the match is a saturday but it falls over a long weekend with the new year period. Its just convincing someone to drive up to boro on new years day

Would definately like to spend the time in brighton over that period, especially with birthday on the 1st!

Also, as a side note, West Ham on the 15th Sept...reckon itll be a train jobby or driving? im in brighton the saturday night for my nephews birthday so will be travelling back their after the game