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rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 11:07
Fanzine out soon

Off to pick it up now - available soon from

Borders, Tees Park.
HMV M'bro
Longstaffe News (borough rd)
Wielands (linthorpe)
Boro Programmes (Parliament rd)
Pritchards (albert rd)
Finlays (eston)
and you may be able to get hold of it in Mohans too.

1.50 - a steal

speckyget Posted on 10/8 11:09
re: Fanzine out soon


Here, have my eyes and car.

Mr_Incident Posted on 10/8 12:07
re: Fanzine out soon

I trust that, for 1.50, from now on every facing page of the fanzine will feature little raised lumps in the bottom right corner, for ease of page turning. Forget colour covers and all that.

speckyget Posted on 10/8 12:10
re: Fanzine out soon

And weedy little versions of inspirational tunes (e.g., 'Up the Boro/The Boro's going up') in the manner of one of those musical greetings cards.

Mr_Incident Posted on 10/8 12:12
re: Fanzine out soon

And little ducts firing water into your face when you turn to Football Unfocussed.

speckyget Posted on 10/8 12:20
re: Fanzine out soon

'Turn to?'

'Skim past' is my preferred technique.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 10/8 12:26
re: Fanzine out soon

For an extra 50p per match I expect the contributors to come round my house and read their articles to me, at a time that's convenient for me.

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 13:57
re: Fanzine out soon

So, what was your address again?

weemoby Posted on 10/8 14:05
re: Fanzine out soon

Hi there Rob.
Does that mean that they are getting posted today to subscribers like myself?

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 15:03
re: Fanzine out soon

Yes subscribers fanzines have been posted out already I believe.

Just HMV shop and Mohans to go now - interested to see if people like the new/old cover design.

FrenchFranck Posted on 10/8 15:11
re: Fanzine out soon

it whasnt werth a quid nevamind 1.50

speckyget Posted on 10/8 15:12
re: Fanzine out soon

He's back, and it isn't him.

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 15:16
re: Fanzine out soon

I remember a comment from a Mr FrenchFranck in the end of season poll - he filled it out all 2 pages of it and then in the box at the end for any other comments he said Fly Me To The Moon was shhh*te.

This version of FF is far more polite.

Capybara Posted on 10/8 15:17
re: Fanzine out soon

I can foresee major problems with Mr Pritchard (I'm assuming it's him) tomorrow. It's a bit hit-and-miss on the change front with him at the best of times, but with a new price to contend with it could be mayhem in there tomorrow. Best get the early train.

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Funtime_Franckie Posted on 10/8 15:20
re: Fanzine out soon

50% price hike eh?
What about bringing down the cost of footy?
You saving up for that trip to the Seychelles eh Rob

weemoby Posted on 10/8 15:47
re: Fanzine out soon

Ta for that Rob.
Look forward to receiving it and reading it in Sunny Plymouth.

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 15:50
re: Fanzine out soon

It's even sunny in Middlesbrough today - they'll be playing bowls in Albert Park never mind Plymouth Ho.

Mr Pritchard wasn't in today - it took some explaining to the lady in charge. Hope she understood.

Yeah its a real shame about the price but I hope people will understand - the price of a colour cover is not far short of the price of the entire fanzine again. When I printed the issue 400 last year with colour Southgate picture it doubled the cost.

I just didn't feel satisfied doing the same thing every year - you have to show some inclination to progress - stand still and eventually you go backwards as Lennie Lawrence used to say.

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Capybara Posted on 10/8 16:02
re: Fanzine out soon

If it was Mrs Pritchard she will cope. She's a chirpy old soul with a cheery word for everyone. Though she hadn't realised they sometimes kept back issues until I pointed it out to her one day.

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 16:22
re: Fanzine out soon

I hadn't met this particular lady in the shop before. As to back issues that must have been me forgetting to pick them up.

Fanzine is now available in HMV shop as well.

20th season and we are in colour (cover).

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/8 16:30
re: Fanzine out soon

Fanzine 404 includes - Gary Gill interview and Harry Pearson interview - interesting thoughts from Gary - hilarious ones from Harry.

Support your local fanzine now in its 20th season.