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A_New_Era Posted on 10/8 19:23
Transfer market

ts a fooking farce. No idea whats going on with Mido, but if Spurs have accepted the offer of 6 mill yet will probably now demand more from boro. Its bullshitt

same happened with Dyer, agreed to sign then a club got greedy

Its a piece of shitt, its not the way to do business at all but unfortunately people throwing this money around irresposibly its causing stuff like this to happen

If Mido goes to them, its clearly a money thing. Let him, i want us to sign him but if he chooses them then its clearly coz hes a greedy bastad

OnlyPepperoni Posted on 10/8 19:25
re: Transfer market

Deep breaths.....

dischof Posted on 10/8 19:26
re: Transfer market

How can Mido be a greedybastard if Sunderland have upped their offer for him?

A_New_Era Posted on 10/8 19:26
re: Transfer market

Sunderland and West Ham, making the transfer market ridiculous and the reason some clubs cant compete


A_New_Era Posted on 10/8 19:27
re: Transfer market

i mean hes a greedy bastad if both have agreed a fee and he chooses them over us for money as it cant be for anything else

dischof Posted on 10/8 19:28
re: Transfer market

Therefore that doesnt necessarily mean that Mido is a greedybastard does it? It certainly increases his bargaining power over personal terms.

Sunderland have increased their offer so surely Spurs arnt going to take a lower offer from us are they?

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OnlyPepperoni Posted on 10/8 19:29
re: Transfer market

Don't worry, he'll come, how could he turn us down?

Brick_Tamland Posted on 10/8 19:30
re: Transfer market

Somebody has deliberately leaked this news to SSN.

Spurs? The agent? There is an agenda, surely.

Kilburn Posted on 10/8 19:30
re: Transfer market

According to SSN at least, Mido has agreed terms with us. It is Spurs who appear to have upped their asking price, after Sunderland came back with a higher offer.

A_New_Era Posted on 10/8 19:30
re: Transfer market

as far as id read on here we had a bid accepted!

Brick_Tamland Posted on 10/8 19:31
re: Transfer market

Seems Spurs have been watching the way Newcastle have been doing business with West Ham.