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rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 19:56
Waiting Room

For those waiting things are in progress now - better late than never. I have glimpsed the future and it looks pretty good.

Salford_Boro Posted on 13/8 19:56
re: Waiting Room

So it's not orange then?

hughiep Posted on 13/8 19:57
re: Waiting Room

How do you get on there rob.....does a registration page come up..?

newholgate Posted on 13/8 19:57
re: Waiting Room

But how far into the future is it?

we_hate_mackems1 Posted on 13/8 19:57
re: Waiting Room

why are we waiting??? like bloody kids on xmas eve lol

The_Commisar Posted on 13/8 19:57
re: Waiting Room

indeed rob
best veggie place on teesside

shortandbald Posted on 13/8 19:57
re: Waiting Room

I gotta go to work in an hour rob, any chance before then

Stepper_T Posted on 13/8 19:58
re: Waiting Room

Are the glitches being sorted Rob?

MsCurly Posted on 13/8 19:58
re: Waiting Room

*flicks through an edition of 'Heat' magazine from 2005 and throws a disapproving glance at the laddo with his mp3 player inconveniently loud*

dooderooni Posted on 13/8 19:58
re: Waiting Room

Hold it back till just after 9 Rob and I'll win the cash!

What do you mean there's no prize????

OPEO Posted on 13/8 19:58
re: Waiting Room

All the pr-icks on here. Mmm. That makes you a pr-ick teaser Rob!

What the fook do you say if you pr-ick your finger?

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rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 20:24
re: Waiting Room

I don't know any of the answers I'm afraid - the programmer fellas have switched off their communications and are getting their heads down doing the job. But I've looked at the one site that was finished and tested and it looks pretty good to me.

we_hate_mackems1 Posted on 13/8 20:27
re: Waiting Room

well can you post any images of it?

rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 20:27
re: Waiting Room

New estimate is 9pm!!!

If I've finished my tea by then. It is due out of the oven at 8.45pm so it is looking touch and go at the moment. Might have to sacrifice the dessert.

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corruptbiggins Posted on 13/8 20:27
re: Waiting Room

well it can't be any worse than this place!

The_Commisar Posted on 13/8 20:28
re: Waiting Room

No offence Rob, but tell me they have offered you an SLA and a support agreement...............
Please, tell me.

Salford_Boro Posted on 13/8 20:30
re: Waiting Room

dessert look at you with your two course meals on a Monday night.

Posh get Rob

newholgate Posted on 13/8 20:30
re: Waiting Room

"New estimate is 9pm!!!"

Its a fix so that dooderooni can win the bet!

ThePrisoner Posted on 13/8 20:32
re: Waiting Room

The new site is going to get hit so hard when it goes up it's bound to crash!

mr_r_soles Posted on 13/8 20:34
re: Waiting Room

"New estimate is 9pm!!!"

Why dont you just admit that you're watching all the soaps Rob, at this present time all you're bothered about is if Jack and Vera get thier Fish and Chips.

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Mr_Incident Posted on 13/8 20:34
re: Waiting Room

This is what it must've been like to be Gareth Southgate the night we signed Robert Huth. Except I doubt I'll get the chance to go for a pint of Guinness with Huth and Lamby in a Hurworth nightspot. Or play table tennis either.

we_hate_mackems1 Posted on 13/8 20:35
re: Waiting Room

didn't know you could do beans on toast in the oven?????
The yoghurt won't go off anyway Rob lol

dooderooni Posted on 13/8 20:36
re: Waiting Room

Afraid I've lost out by about 25 minutes newholgate

Link: They could have waited

rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 20:37
re: Waiting Room

Well obviously the yoghurt was my finishy offy. My first course was a chicken thing out of a cardboard box that our mam brought round. My dad didn't fancy it. Ready Steady Cook Not...

What's an SLA?

john_lillie Posted on 13/8 20:37
re: Waiting Room

Rob, if the site you've seen that's finished is live can you post a link to give us a taste of what to expect?

rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 20:38
re: Waiting Room

It's not live John. It's in Swansea..


john_lillie Posted on 13/8 20:39
re: Waiting Room

Don't try and be funny Rob, it just doesn't work for you.

newholgate Posted on 13/8 20:40
re: Waiting Room


I'm scared of birds

The_Commisar Posted on 13/8 20:40
re: Waiting Room

service level agreement where the service provider agrees to resolve issues within an agreed amount of time, or to have the site running for X% of the time, or else they pay you a fee or you can end the contract.

You've not got one have you Rob

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rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 20:49
re: Waiting Room

Err.. no.

John - no really, Swansea City and it isn't live.

The_Commisar Posted on 13/8 20:51
re: Waiting Room

Rob, suggest you start checking the small print on the fag packet you've signed then................

shortandbald Posted on 13/8 20:52
re: Waiting Room

In't it a little late to be telling him things like that T_C

OPEO Posted on 13/8 20:52
re: Waiting Room

has it got a delete button?

The_Commisar Posted on 13/8 20:53
re: Waiting Room

I think you may be right.


rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 20:54
re: Waiting Room

Contracts who works to contracts these days?

It's all done by gentleman's agreements.

rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 21:00
re: Waiting Room

Sorry slight delay again I found a custard thing in the fridge and have decided to get to grips with it first.

Oh and I've put the kettle on as well now..

thornabyred Posted on 13/8 21:01
re: Waiting Room

good job he hasnt got a packet of treacle toffee as well

we_hate_mackems1 Posted on 13/8 21:02
re: Waiting Room

"a custard thing"????? sounds desirable

rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 21:05
re: Waiting Room

Currently concluding the eating arrangements with an MandS version of a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer. Sloshed down with a cup of tea in a red Middlesbrough FC mug.

Heady days or evenings.

john_b Posted on 13/8 21:06
re: Waiting Room

I remember reading about Alexander Graham Bell and his abortive first attempts at inventing the telephone with the assistance of Thomas Watson. Their first call went something like...

"Hello, Watson - can you hear me mate ?"

"Hmmmf, can you ringback later Belly, I've got a custard slice in the fridge...".

ThePrisoner Posted on 13/8 21:10
re: Waiting Room

Holy fooking sheeit!! It's up!!!

sort of.

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MFC1967 Posted on 13/8 21:11
re: Waiting Room

Fooking great.... i join this site an everyone buggers off to the new site.

rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 21:14
re: Waiting Room

Just penning my letter of resignation..

Be polite and say thanks for the fun times. Regrets ... nah..

dooderooni Posted on 13/8 21:16
re: Waiting Room

'Sort of' or not, it's accessible in my time slot.