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rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 21:19
Dear user,

fly me to the moon (fmttm) has left the Rivals network to take up a place with the new network, Club Fanzine Ltd.

We have spent a long time on this network but feel that the services needed by a website in 2007 are not, and do not seem to be ready to be
offered by Rivals, or their new owners Sky who have made no contact with regards to the site and seem content to head towards a facebook type
network based on early designs shown.

We do hope that you will join us on the new site and we thank you for your support of the site during our time on the network in which the site has changed to unrecognisable levels from when we first started.

You can keep up to date with us at our new home at or our domain name of

( may not come on line until tomorrow - so please use until that time. Do bookmark it please.

Many thanks

Robert Nichols

mr_r_soles Posted on 13/8 21:22
re: Dear user,

So Sky have taken over rivals?

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corruptbiggins Posted on 13/8 21:23
re: Dear user,

do you want the banner changed rob, or leave it for later or is someone on the job already?

Since January Mr Soles.

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Stepper_T Posted on 13/8 21:23
re: Dear user,

Good luck with it all, Rob.

MsCurly Posted on 13/8 21:23
re: Dear user,

*gives standing ovation to rob_fmttm*

GianlucaFesta Posted on 13/8 21:25
re: Dear user,

Its been emotional.

Tear drops from eye.

OPEO Posted on 13/8 21:25
re: Dear user,

Wait till tommorra for the backslapping.

chboro Posted on 13/8 21:26
re: Dear user,

*Stares at Curly with my tongue out while she claps her hands in the air, thinking "she should have worn a bra"*

GibbosEmpire Posted on 13/8 21:26
re: Dear user,

So is this one shutting down for good?

McCann_87 Posted on 13/8 21:26
re: Dear user,

Why cant i login?

I've registered but i click login and nothing happens

corruptbiggins Posted on 13/8 21:27
re: Dear user,

when you click login, look at the top right of the page.

Stepper_T Posted on 13/8 21:27
re: Dear user,

Look at the top right when you click login, mcan

CHEESE_PIES Posted on 13/8 21:30
re: Dear user,

Wots an avastar ??

how do you make them ?

ignorant me

borolad259 Posted on 13/8 21:31
re: Dear user,

I am not getting owt on that address at all.

longster Posted on 13/8 21:32
re: Dear user,


Stupid fckin websites

I have registered, clicked on login, put in my username and password, click on the login button, lets me view messageboard, but doesnt give me any options for replying or posting or anything!

FFS Computers!

chboro Posted on 13/8 21:33
re: Dear user,

GibbosEmpire Posted on 13/8 21:34
re: Dear user,

Even the Geordies one has gone.

chboro Posted on 13/8 21:34
re: Dear user,

Longster - you have the option of forum or General

You need to be on general

mf_c Posted on 13/8 21:34
re: Dear user,

chboro / rob.

Is this site closing down then ?
Will the new site get through the works firewall ???

John_boro Posted on 13/8 21:37
re: Dear user,

how do you post a message on new board, havnt worked it out yet

beeline Posted on 13/8 21:38
re: Dear user,

Warning: mysql_connect(): User fanzine has already more than 'max_user_connections' active

Not promising - can't get on.

John_boro Posted on 13/8 21:40
re: Dear user,

new board is rubbish, n it still wont let me post replies n threads etc., as easy to use as this one

ExiledInStoke Posted on 13/8 21:40
re: Dear user,

I still can't reply to a post!


chboro Posted on 13/8 21:41
re: Dear user,

As above with reagrds to posting.

Not sure on forewall. isn't closing, will be under new management, but the ORIGINAL AND BEST will be at or


chboro Posted on 13/8 21:42
re: Dear user,

A few glitches need to be ironed out.

Click general view on the top of the message board threads and you get the option to reply

BUT you NEED to be logged in!

beeline Posted on 13/8 21:44
re: Dear user,

Simple question - How do I reply to a post (I need to test it) - can't see a reply button.

chboro Posted on 13/8 21:46
re: Dear user,

Are you loggedin - through the box in the banner at the top of the page (right hand side)

beeline Posted on 13/8 21:55
re: Dear user,

Yes, registered, logged in but no go. Can read posts but unable to respond.

Still got the 'max_user_connections' message at the bottom.

I'm on a Mac using Safari - will try it on Explorer.

Same with Explorer

messages at bottom read:

Warning: Unknown(): open(/var/tmp/sess_fd000f8bd7d81a66114c6caf3796fa6c, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown(): Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/var/tmp) in Unknown on line 0

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chboro Posted on 13/8 21:56
re: Dear user,

Right, if you can use the contact us bit of the site to let them know they may be able to sort it.

rob_fmttm Posted on 13/8 21:57
re: Dear user,

It has broken I'm afraid they are presently trying to fix it.

Very sorry -

Boro85 Posted on 13/8 21:58
re: Dear user,

Problem reported beeline, keep trying youll get on eventually. Hopefully itll be fixed soon.

chboro Posted on 13/8 21:59
re: Dear user,

Or Rob and the "other" gadge could be lurking and could answer your question for you

beeline Posted on 13/8 21:59
re: Dear user,

No sweat lads, I'll give it a whirl tomorrow.

BoroMutt Posted on 13/8 22:25
re: Dear user,

All things must pass I suppose...

OooOo Posted on 13/8 22:34
re: Dear user,

It has all worked ok for me just now: registered, logged in, posted new and replied all ok

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 13/8 22:43
re: Dear user,

It feels like a chapter in my life has closed. Is counselling available?

fastcakes Posted on 13/8 22:54
re: Dear user,

registered, but when I login, it just asks me to register again.

Ho, and indeed, hum.

Maddren_Madman Posted on 13/8 23:10
re: Dear user,

as Steve Hillage once said, who wants to to be any electric gypsy?

I have no idea what this means but I am totally and utterly shittefaced thanks to lovely booze.

beeline Posted on 14/8 7:28
re: Dear user,

Ah well, at least the Reply buttons appeared this morning - then Safari quits as soon as I hit them - I suppose it's progress.

Boromart Posted on 14/8 10:31
re: Dear user,

I guess we have to give this new board time to settle, I'm sure all the problems will be ironed out eventually.

I'm quite happy to leave the rivals network now that sky (spit!) have purchased it. They are not interested in the common fan, they exist to promote the 'big 4' and make money of the back of it, they are ruining the game I love. So fook them, I'm happy to move to the new board.

grantus Posted on 14/8 10:35
re: Dear user,

Aye, well done Rob.

I'll read the articles and move over the teh message board too, if it is any good.

RedRoser Posted on 14/8 10:39
re: Dear user,

where the hell do you clck on the new forum to reply or even create a post????

Seems to me as though the web page isn't finished?

ShowMeDaMoney Posted on 14/8 10:43
re: Dear user,

whats your'e views on this new board are you all jumping ship ?

seems most of nufc main rivals are staying put.

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John_boro Posted on 14/8 10:44
re: Dear user,

same here redroser!!!!!!!!!! GET IT SORTED ROB

Nedkat Posted on 14/8 15:16
re: Dear user,

It's down at the moment, let's try and be a bit more patient.

CH, I was looking in my profile, setting up an avatar. How do you actually save the bloody thing on that page ? My only options were EDIT and CANCEL.

mf_c Posted on 14/8 15:17
re: Dear user,

Click EDIT to save it Ned. It will either do it or you will get Error 7

boroproud Posted on 14/8 15:19
re: Dear user,

Ned,if you eventually get to upload your avatar you will see your pic,otherwise it just stays as a red cross.If the pic appears just click edit.

samglish Posted on 14/8 15:21
re: Dear user,

cant get on the page when i try it says, error 401

Nedkat Posted on 14/8 15:23
re: Dear user,

Ahhh, I do keep getting error 7. Maybe I need to wiat until it's uploaded ? I'll give it a severe bash later .. Thanks xx

Board is currently down !

Dann020 Posted on 14/8 15:26
re: Dear user,

has it gone down again because i cant now access it i could about 30 mins ago but all i keep getting is authorised access only

Mattyk50 Posted on 14/8 15:28
re: Dear user,

yeah theyre changing servers

benpoolie Posted on 14/8 16:20
re: Dear user,


er, does one need a whole new ID thing or log-in detail or will it have saved the one that one uses now,so to speak?

one thanks you

Azedarac Posted on 14/8 16:27
re: Dear user,

Does it work like Rivals in that one username will get you on to other clubs on the network?

zaphod Posted on 15/8 4:16
re: Dear user,

Why can't I get into the new site? Is it just a cunning wind-up?

Spoff_MFC Posted on 15/8 9:27
re: Dear user,

Azderac, you appear to need individual accounts for each messageboard you wish to post on.


The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable

rob_fmttm Posted on 15/8 9:33
re: Dear user,

Server was switched - so the name also use or

From later today one registration only should be needed for any messageboard.

baldycrowe Posted on 15/8 9:34
re: Dear user,

Samr here Spoff,not even the clubfanzine homepage will load.VVankers,give you something with one hand,and take it away with the other.

mf_c Posted on 15/8 9:58
re: Dear user,

Rob - do you need to re-register.

I'll check it tonight. It won't get through the works firewall.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 15/8 12:02
re: Dear user,

Not sure petty name calling is required.

Rob, any reason the site isn't opening? neither or .com

and did you get my email last night?

T4Tomo Posted on 15/8 12:07
re: Dear user,

Er it is open see link below - there is a load of numbers before the clubfanzine bit.

or type if that doesn't work.

when you login in - this foxed me for about a day - you click the login link on the left and the login stuff appears top right of your screen but nothing else on the screen changes and as you aren't looking at the top right you think it isn't working.

Link: New site

Funtime_Franckie Posted on 15/8 12:09
re: Dear user,

Tried link and getting "this page can not be displayed"

Spoff_MFC Posted on 15/8 12:17
re: Dear user,


You are not authorized to view this page
You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.


If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the home page.

You can click Search to look for information on the Internet.

HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden
Internet Explorer

T4Tomo Posted on 15/8 12:50
re: Dear user,

Sorry spoff thats the limit of my technical help. Might be firewall at your end but I doubt it as my work firewall is usually an absolute tyrant.

Guess its continuing teething problems. You aren't missing much to be honest as thread don't hoof to the top when posted on and views are a bit limited so its mainly 1 post threads saying wey hey I've finaly got onto he new board.

Stepper_T Posted on 15/8 12:52
re: Dear user,

You better be quick, Rob. Steve will be banning you soon.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 15/8 12:55
re: Dear user,

Cheers tomo,

AtomicLoonybin Posted on 15/8 13:02
re: Dear user,

I'm in IT, but not web stuff, so apologies if this is not entirely correct, but....

I think the problem is that the 'proper' address for the site starts with an IP address - that row of numbers and dots that is at the start. Whatever address you type in or try to reach like automatically forwards to the address starting 212.241....

Work firewalls will routinely block any addresses that start with IP numbers. So I'm basically buggered unless they fix it, and I suspect a lot of us who post from work will be the same.

Shame, because it was a nice diversion to pass the day, 15 minutes at lunchtime, couple of checks during the day. I can't do that now, and I'm not sure I'll be spending that much time at home checking out the new site.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 15/8 13:03
re: Dear user,

Cheers AL, we'll just have to continue to post one here then

MKredleaderOne Posted on 15/8 13:55
re: Dear user,

Domain name registration and web hosting from has been registered on behalf of a client by The owner of this domain can login here. 123-reg is part of the Pipex group, ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

gravy_boat Posted on 15/8 16:27
re: Dear user,

I can't get on it at all either. Very frustrating.

Powlay Posted on 15/8 16:44
re: Dear user,

i can get on and register, just then not login!

Azedarac Posted on 15/8 17:05
re: Dear user,


Depending on your ISP it can take up to 48 hours for their DNS servers (the bit of kit that turns a www address into an IP address) to recognise a new/changed domain name. Putting an IP address in is just a work-around and shouldn't be there permanently.

Stepper_T Posted on 15/8 17:34
re: Dear user,

It appears to be down again. Perhaps performing the maintenance Rob spoke about. Hopefully when it comes back online, we can Hoof.