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mr_r_soles Posted on 15/8 12:39
News for anyone banned from the Geordie board

You're allowed back on

10hickton Posted on 15/8 14:53
re: News for anyone banned from the Geordie board

Found out last night.............still dont know why i was banned though............cant they take a good pisss take anymore ?

loudmouthblue Posted on 15/8 15:15
re: News for anyone banned from the Geordie board

the barcodes were all over the wigan board when we signed bramble,saying what a joke he is and we are for signing him,fair enough these boards are all about giving a bit of stick to other fans.
so when i went on their board asking why they as a club seem to sign alot of ex criminals after barton signed, they banned me and removed all the posts.
the facts are there for all to see but the soft gets took offence , apart from barton,whos brother is also doing time for murder the have had kluivert-killing someone while drunk driving,boyer and woodgate-racial abuse and assault,(sorry about woodgate)even the manager sam aladyce has been convicted of shop lifting.

anyway fekem stuck up their own arses not worth the effort.

on another note how do you see tonights game and yours and our prospects for the season going most pundits have us in the end of season relegation dog fight infact lawrencson reckons tonights game is a relegation 6 pointer already.