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A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 8:02
Last night i finally did it

i booed the team It finally, after years of it all, got to me good and proper last night. That performance was shocking, an embarressment to the club and one the team and management should be thoroughly ashamed of. Players like Yakubu have so much power in that, if he wants out but cant get what he wants he still gets to play just sulks and mopes about the pitch like a little kid thats been grounded

For some reason we will be there saturday, but for the first time last night i was thinking whats the point? Coming out gutted and feeling shitty almost every away game a season. Nothings changed from last season except weve lost the man who kept us up. Support them ever more etc, but its still depressing

bandito Posted on 16/8 8:04
re: Last night i finally did it

brilliant post. I feel for you mate. I watched on tele and have barely slept cos I'm searching for answers in my head. Whay cant Boro just pick up a steady flow of points like other teams. We are like women, always have to make a big fookin drama out of everything!

johns_ar Posted on 16/8 8:06
re: Last night i finally did it

Something drastic needs to be done. I know its only 2 games in and we were decent in the first one but last night was one of the worst performances ive seen in a long long time. No balls about it at all. What the fook must Mido be thinking watching that shower.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 8:12
re: Last night i finally did it

Theres too many players not good enough in that team. Last night we struggled to create, we cant have speed in our attacks when they are being instigated by Boateng, who has a massive inability to pass to a red shirt

Its hurting all fans to watch, changes need to be made. We had one shot on target last night. One *shakes head*

johns_ar Posted on 16/8 8:18
re: Last night i finally did it

When I started watching I thought Tuncay and Alidiare might swap positions and rip Kilbane to shreds but they didnt and it looks like Tuncay is wasted on the right. Aliadiare to lightweight for up front.

johns_ar Posted on 16/8 8:19
re: Last night i finally did it


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A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 8:23
re: Last night i finally did it

When you look at our next away games too, where do you see the next point coming? An away win is brilliant, it makes the away experience complete, but at the moment the cons completely outweigh the pros

An average away game costs 100 with spending money tickets travel etc. 4 away games is a season ticket price, yet those 4 games are most of the time so much more depressing. Its an experience that isnt good anymore

thehorsesmouth Posted on 16/8 8:37
re: Last night i finally did it

I hope Yakubu was so bad because he was sulking cos if his first touch is really that crap we will be lucky to get 500k for him. Bite the bullet and offload him now. Spend the money on a replacement for boateng and another forward. Push Alliadiere out wide in a front three with downing and Mido reverting to a 5 when we haven't got tne ball.
The first choice defence will bring stability although to be fair to those that have played the problem hasn't really been with them.
This is the way forward
Young Woody Pog Taylor
Alliadiere Tuncay Rocky/ANother Arca Downing
I would still take that team in front of at least 8 others in the league. We should be fine. Sort it out Gate!

johns_ar Posted on 16/8 8:37
re: Last night i finally did it

I've not been away for a while but the crack was always good. Im pretty sure it wont have been last night witnessing that crap though. Well we've got Fulham next who did us last year away and dont look too bad this time round, lot better than us last night anyways!

And then the Geordies on Sun. If we play like that against them they'll absolutely take us apart. Lets hope someone gives them a kick up the arse and tells them to show some balls.

johns_ar Posted on 16/8 8:39
re: Last night i finally did it

We need to sort the right handside out desperately. Dont think 4-3-3 is the way forward because Downining won't play as a third attacker its just not his game imo.

thehorsesmouth Posted on 16/8 8:44
re: Last night i finally did it

John you may be right but for 30k a week or whatever aren't we entitled to expect a bit of flexibility from international class players

Ultra_Magnus Posted on 16/8 8:45
re: Last night i finally did it

I thought Boateng did ok compared to some last night. Arca was the real culprit in centre midfield I thought. He's meant to be the one capable of setting up attacks and picking out passes. He was absolutely rubbish though.

When all of the injured players are back, we've got to go for experience away from home. That means playing Pogetetz at left-back, as Taylor was poor as well.

Also, when is Young available? Because Davies shouldn't be anywhere near right-back.

CS_Simo Posted on 16/8 8:48
re: Last night i finally did it

That is the whole reason I have given my ticket up. I reached "what is the point". I would leave nearly every match for the past few years thoroughly depressed and fuming. It upsets me to think I don't have a ticket anymore because the Boro will always be in my blood

I know what you mean Bandito, I had a should we say heated discussion with the other half after the match, ok it was mainly me just spouting off, but I had so much going on in my head I had to get it out. It did not work and I am shattered today due to laying there thinking WHY!

In a laid back fashion I said before the season started I think we will go down this year though I dont think I seriously believed it, but after the last two games and reading the reports of gutless and toothless performances it would appear I was not to far off the mark. Nothing has changed in the club and also on the pitch by the sounds of it.

BORO TILL I DIE, but hurting by what is happening to our club!

johns_ar Posted on 16/8 8:49
re: Last night i finally did it

aye true horse but i just feel we are wasting him sticking him out there. its a problem that has needed sorting for far too long. we sold morrison who would have probably roasted kilbane last night.

kermit_the_smog Posted on 16/8 9:00
re: Last night i finally did it

I went last night, so I feel entitled to be able to have a moan and my few points are;

Yakubu, what is going on?! His first touch was truly awful, his second touch he didnt have a second touch as the ball either went 40 yards away or he fell over. Pathetic.

Arca - needs to get up and down more, we needed support through the middle and it wasnt happening.

Riggott - Garbage. Had an awful game, he was meant to be the leader of that young back 4 and instead looked shambolic.

Schwarzer - Haven't seen the goal again but thought he coulda done better.

Davies - Needs to learn to pass the ball, hoofing it long aimlessly down the channel aint working.

Southgate - We're losing 1-0, why take Yak off for Dong Gook Lee? I know Yak was having an awful game, but he's more likely to get a goal. Just before Yak was taken off he seemed to find his touch and was spreading it outwide to Tuncay.

If Yak was to come off, we shoulda brought Johnson on, had Tuncay and Aliadiere up front and Johnson and Downing down the wings.

Why oh why did Aliadiere come off for Lee Cattermole?!??!?!? Haven't read the match reports or anything so not sure whether this was coz of an injury but if that was tactical it was pathetic.

From the start of the second half vs Blackburn till the final whistle at Wigan we've made a keeper make one save (Friedal in last min).

Looks like Mido is gonna have to be an instant hit and save our season as after 2 games it's looking bad. As over the top as that may sound, we look no different from last season going forward and we've lost Viduka.

Left the stadium furious last night despite going there with high hopes, we needed a good start to the season given the teams we're playing and it looks like we're gonna get off to a sluggish start once again.

captain5 Posted on 16/8 9:09
re: Last night i finally did it

I think the highlight of the night for me after the match started was how cheap the taxi was after the coach dropped us back off at Acklam.

Says it all.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 9:30
re: Last night i finally did it

kermit - the most worrying aspect was the team for the second game in a row that finished was the one that did so shitt last year

kermit_the_smog Posted on 16/8 9:46
re: Last night i finally did it

The fact we ended the game with Wheater and Dong Gook Lee up front when we needed to score says it all.

Why take Tuncay off?
Why take Yak off when we don't have a good enough replacement?

The club should make some sorta gesture after games like that and offer to repay the fans who show their ticket stubs outa players wages for pathetic spineless displays. Least then it shows theyre acknowledging the fans and shows they dont accept pathetic performances.

I know its not feasable but am still in a state of anger!

captain5 Posted on 16/8 9:49
re: Last night i finally did it

Hurrah for 24 hour supermarkets is all I'm saying!

London_Boro Posted on 16/8 9:50
re: Last night i finally did it

We were pathetic last night and deserved to be beaten. However, I didn't lose any sleep over it.

Boateng_7 Posted on 16/8 9:51
re: Last night i finally did it

absolutley pathetic!

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 9:55
re: Last night i finally did it

Last night gave me a feeling of what it will be like the season, and at the end i got the feeling i hope we wont have of relegatino at the end. Its not good enough atm to keep us in the league, and neither is our squad

Patrick_Batemen Posted on 16/8 9:55
re: Last night i finally did it

Esky I don't know how you have managed to stay motivated for away games, we have been awful for a long time.

captain5 Posted on 16/8 9:58
re: Last night i finally did it

Thing with the away games is that the craic is really good. If it was just a car of us going, watching the game and then coming straight back it would be unbearable.

I'm looking forward to some of the London games after Christmas when we'll probably do the weekend down there, but it's not the football that I'm looking forward to, if I am honest.

j_orourke Posted on 16/8 9:58
re: Last night i finally did it

You were that upset last night that you slept all the way home ya big Stockton puff!

Spoff_MFC Posted on 16/8 10:02
re: Last night i finally did it

Aliadiare picked up a knock, that is why he went off.

I was happy with Lee for Yakubu as the latter was horiffic.

Not sure why Tuncay went of, fitness? Tuncay should have been allowed to rove like Koumas was for them.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 10:03
re: Last night i finally did it

as captain said, the craic is usually good. But even last night on the way home, alot of people find it hard to get up for a laugh on the way home when they are still raging about what they paid to go and see

Hopefully Fulham will bring some joy, but even if the days brilliant losing almost always puts a dampener on it and pisses you off

captain5 Posted on 16/8 10:05
re: Last night i finally did it

Fletch, you were on good form yesterday.

Next time I see you in The Bluebell, I'll get you a pint.

kermit_the_smog Posted on 16/8 10:05
re: Last night i finally did it

You're right Yak was garbage as we all saw, but dong gook lee was never gonna change the game.

Yak just started to pick up before he was brought off.

Once Mido is fit Yak should be put on the bench till he sorts himself out.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 10:08
re: Last night i finally did it

Tuncay yesterday should definately have been given a licence to roam. Put him roaming behind the striker and Aliadiere further to the right, just abit of variation!

Jon2977 Posted on 16/8 10:12
re: Last night i finally did it

Terrible performance, the Yak has to go, if he is not interested (which he is clearly not) then why keep him. We could make 10 million plus on him and buy a couple of new players. I say off load the Yak now and spend, otherwise we are looking at a long hard relegation battle. I know some will say we are only two games in, but we are so short on quality players, this isnt just going to turn around.

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gravy_boat Posted on 16/8 10:13
re: Last night i finally did it

I actually think having the back 4 missing does have a detremental effect on how much football we play. Basically, Davies and Wheater are not Premiership footballers. The amount of times, one or the other hoofs the ball 50 yards up the pitch, expecting the likes of Yakubu and Aliadiere to do something with it, is criminal.

Wheater might put his all in, and be a reasonable defender, but personally, overall, I think he's poor.

Hopefully when we have proper footballers at the back, we might play a bit more football.

wilfym Posted on 16/8 10:14
re: Last night i finally did it

Some of these posts made me laugh......If you want to watch a winning side most weeks follow the flock and buy your man utd ,Chelsea or Celtic tickets like some i know.....Most of you have been going for years and we all get pissed off with it at some point .We,re fcking struggling and we need a win desperately...but dont turn into fully fledged boo boys aint gonna help.......Welcome to life as a Boro fan and by the way the last ten years have been excellent.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 10:25
re: Last night i finally did it

gravy - obviously not having our top 3 centre backs available will hinder us, and things will improve when they return, but unfortunately that doesnt look like happening for a while so we have to make do with what we have, and its just not good enough. Make no mistake, Wigan are a dreadful team and will be down there and we let them dominate us

gravy_boat Posted on 16/8 10:31
re: Last night i finally did it

Yeah, its gonna be a hard slog, but hopefully come September we will have Woody and Young back, and along with Mido, I think they will make a significant difference.

And get Tuncay off that fooking wing.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 10:36
re: Last night i finally did it

i think Mido will make a difference, he can hold the ball up and he will offer a good threat on set pieces, crosses and the like

We need Young and one of the centre backs soon, they will just offer so much more stability at the back and we can work from there

As for Tuncay as i said i think hes being wasted, but then who do you play there if he isnt?

Something needs to change quickly, a few need to be out the team and the general atmosphere around the place needs to change. As i said, first time ive ever booed the team and its not something ill be doing all the time, but the morale is so low atm and its just not picking up at all

johns_ar Posted on 16/8 11:01
re: Last night i finally did it

Bit harsh on Wheater there I think. He was the best of our defenders last night and for a lad who spent the season on loan at Darlo I think he's made the step up pretty damn well. He was solid against Blackburn for most of the game.

Riggot on the other hand...

Bewildering substitutions though. Like Ginger Baldwin all over again. This putting Downing on the right to bring Johnson on pisses me off as well.

gravy_boat Posted on 16/8 11:17
re: Last night i finally did it

Bit harsh? Perhaps. I'm not trying to attack the lad, but IMO, he is not a Premiership footballer.

sunset_over_ici Posted on 16/8 11:20
re: Last night i finally did it

I thought he did pretty well, and should consider himself above Davies and Riggott in the pecking order.

stuartd75 Posted on 16/8 11:56
re: Last night i finally did it

I don't really know why anyone was surprised. We had, effectively, a League one defence and, given that they didn't do too bad. The problem is that we have a midfield and attack that either hasn't gelled yet or isn't good enough and probably both. Yak is clearly not interested and should be offloaded but I really can't see Mido being the answer

teesste Posted on 16/8 12:01
re: Last night i finally did it

I was stood in my kitchen yesterday lunchtime when i suddenly had an urge come over me (!) to drive to wigan and watch the game there. fortunately having made a few calls, none of my friends felt the same way so decided to watch it from the comfort of my sofa... damn good choice!!!

I'm a rose tinted boro fan but last night was just down right awful. With our next 2 fixtures being equally as tricky if not more so than the last two we need to do something and quick.

I just wish Gareth would look angry every now and then also. Surely he can only stand on the touchline and clap so many times!!

key_toenail Posted on 16/8 12:43
re: Last night i finally did it

away games are just piss-ups with yr mates in a different location at the moment

Boro winning is just a bonus (and a rare one at that)

Charlton last season an example

Nikko Posted on 16/8 12:54
re: Last night i finally did it

Absoloutly one of the best posts ever have to say i felt the same total waste of money. And to add insult to injury when we were clapping the pathetic yakubub off he didnt bother himself to clap us n then when he sat down he was clapping all the wigan fans he is goin elsewhere no passion from him last night he didnt give a s**t and the ball bounced off him when it was played to him. The subs from southgate were pathetic and he doesnt have a clue. I have to say i joined the boo club for the first time and rightly so. TITANIC kept on going off during the match and i have to say it is fitting for us this season. :(

outmac Posted on 16/8 12:54
re: Last night i finally did it

Absolutely shocking last night . mind you it
was on the cards was'nt it . ' Spirit of Steau '
my arse . There should have been an apology
to us travelling fans for the dire performance
last night . The Yak should go now before any further
damage is done , Lee will never score in the premier
league and what is wrong with Arca ? Is it his new
hairdo or is he itching for a return to the Wear .
We are in big trouble .

Nikko Posted on 16/8 13:00
re: Last night i finally did it

I agree outmac the Yak looked like he was thinking of european trips or something he didnt trap a ball all game Lee well say no more the song does him justice and it was the only time i have ever seen arca (the only boro player that is creative) not make a forward pass all game.

Leedsclive Posted on 16/8 13:03
re: Last night i finally did it

We were embarrassing. Nothing more to say.

barneil Posted on 16/8 13:09
re: Last night i finally did it

missing young,woody,pggy,huth,rocky,pesonally i would put mido up there saturday even if just to knock headers down for ali or tunc to latch on too,at least we only 2 points behind manure and would settle for that come end of season lol!!!!!long as they not 17th

r0chey Posted on 16/8 14:00
re: Last night i finally did it

Its just depressing, simple as that.

tacker Posted on 16/8 14:18
re: Last night i finally did it

Away games are only for the piss up and craic, 90% of us are usually too drunk to remember or even acknowledge the fact that Boro are the team that we're supposed to be supporting.

Last night was poor, we've let 6 points go against 2 teams who'd I'd expect to beat.

A win at Fulham is all it needs, I'm looking forward to seeing Mido up front, and fingers crossed hes the replacement for Vids.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 14:28
re: Last night i finally did it

"A win at Fulham is all it needs"


dibzzz Posted on 16/8 15:01
re: Last night i finally did it

Nice one,
I don't boo them, never had, but why do I have this feeling of dispair? It's just complete shyte.

rozi Posted on 16/8 15:20
re: Last night i finally did it

Wilfym, yes Boro are struggling at the moment, and it's going to be a tough old season, but the thing people are most upset about last night is the sheer lack of effort put in by the players. Yakubu unfortunately has begun this season where he left off last season and it's pretty obvious he doesn't want to be here. It was embarrassingly bad last night, for the first time ever I switched off as soon as we went a goal behind, even a mere lady could see we were never going to score. To be honest, I was quite relieved to see that we only lost 1 - 0. We need to find some backbone very quickly.

wilfym Posted on 16/8 15:33
re: Last night i finally did it

I dont get this not trying lark thats mentioned, he put as much effort in as others, just had a sh8ite 2nd half......i never saw 2 decent quality balls into their box at all last night and Tuncay and Aliadiere saw a reasonable amount of it yet seem to be above criticism.This media/agent/player ? fuelled Yakubu transfer has now got fans buying into it and coupled with the fact weve hada crap start as usual we need a focal point for the boo boys .When Yakubu goes it,ll be back to Downing again or some other valuable asset ...Remember a few years ago it was get rid of Viduka the fat lazy tw8t and when he did go the same people wewe up in arms about beggars belief!

Mat_Evans Posted on 16/8 18:27
re: Last night i finally did it

Just wanted to echo the thoughts on here, very frustrating night, a wasted 8 hours or soo. Not to mention the costs (albeit cheap tickets). I thought i'd travel down there with my dad, seeing though it's my birthday and i needed to get out the house because of my broken leg.

We turn up to watch a team with no imagination, no urgency and completely predicatble. At one point during the game i burst out with "Davies you're a fu(kin w**ker" He annoyed me soo much becuase he kept passing the buck, rather than taking responsibilty himself. Anyway that was just one case.

I really can't see where the next point is coming from. Blackburn and Wigan did exactly the same thing to us....soaked up our pressure by defending with two banks of four making it impossible to break down and this meant we committed more forward they then proceeded to hit us on the break making the most of our piss poor defence. something has to change.

by the way big thanks to wigan for letting me use the lift, and for letting us park in the directors car park for free. Very helpful people.

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OPEO Posted on 16/8 19:42
re: Last night i finally did it

I won't bother going to another away game this season. Just like the fookin players. Bar Downing. Felt sorry for him.

pisces Posted on 16/8 19:43
re: Last night i finally did it

I'm prepared to be shot down by a few people now but, Don't you sometimes think that trying to play a lot of youngsters all the time is not working? I know we have injury problems but a case in point is Big Sam when he was at Bolton, he bought a few experienced old campaigners and workhorses and he knit together a decent team. We haven't the rescources to pay out for young world class players and our own youths fall well short in experience and ability at the moment so we need to be adding a bit of 'steel' to the team as well.
Just a thought.

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 16/8 20:34
re: Last night i finally did it

Agree with everything that's beed said on here.
There were about 1500 of us there last night, who will have done everything possible to get to the match and then have to put up with 90 minutes of dross. If it was a one off, then fine, but it's been going on for far too long now and we seem incapable of changing it.
Personally, I spent nearly every penny I have getting to the match last night. I also missed getting my a-level results this morning due to having to stay in Boro. In total, getting to Wigan took me about 10 hours worth of travelling, and 4 of those hours I spent getting tortured by Captain5.
The substitutions the first two matches have baffled me. We have been searching for a goal, and in both games have took off 3 of our most creative players (despite Yak being horrendous last night). Dong Gook has been brought on, and has never done anything since he joined to suggest he is capable of getting the ball, let alone doing anything wit it. Our fastest player was then taken off for a defensive midfielder, and just as at Blackburn, we spent the last 10 minutes passing the ball square because no-one had a clue what to do with it. This usually ended up in Davies hoofing it long, or Arca/Boateng kicking it out for a throw.
We had one shot on target, just as we did in the 2nd half against Blackburn. That isn't how you stay in the Premiership. On paper, we should easily stay up, but then Sunderland shouldn't be doing as well as they are on paper. The difference is attitude, motivation and a will to win the match, we have none of those things.
Needed to get all that off my chest, as i'm just beyond sick of these away performances. I heard a bus full of people last night saying "What's the point? I'm not gonna bother going in the future". We all know we'll keep going, but like a lot on here have said, it's becoming less and less about the football and Southgate needs to sort that out very quickly.

skiprat Posted on 16/8 20:55
re: Last night i finally did it

Doesn't make the trip any easier but Aliadiere had took a knock abnd was replaced by Cattermole.