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A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 8:18
fao captain5

last night id forgot to put the extra 50 in my bank for the man utd game so all i bet on was chelsea to win yey

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 9:12
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captain5 Posted on 16/8 9:15
re: fao captain5


A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 9:17
re: fao captain5

not sure i can even put it in for saturday either, so i think ill just put it on man utd. Can you find the odds for me i cant get on betting sites at work?

captain5 Posted on 16/8 9:17
re: fao captain5

Your usual site??

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 9:18
re: fao captain5

ladbrokes aye

captain5 Posted on 16/8 9:19
re: fao captain5

Manu are 8/11 and Chelsea are 9/5.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 9:22
re: fao captain5

Hmm. Difficult games to call. Have you got one of them odds calculator things that tells you how much you stand to win?

Btw, did you see who scored for Arsenal last night

captain5 Posted on 16/8 9:23
re: fao captain5

*cough*fook off*cough

8/11 - 36.36
9/5 - 90.00

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 9:27
re: fao captain5

Woohoo, if mancs win im ahead for the season

2 on 2 for Mr Hleb, and it was apparently a "deft finish"

captain5 Posted on 16/8 9:44
re: fao captain5

How's Andy Reid getting on these days??

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 10:01
re: fao captain5

Currently injured and waiting to get back to single handedly taking charlton up

captain5 Posted on 16/8 10:02
re: fao captain5

Charlton fans I know are counting down the minutes until he's back........

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 10:05
re: fao captain5

tick tock

see little boy winker got sent off last night, the dickhead

captain5 Posted on 16/8 10:06
re: fao captain5

I was upset for him. I think I might start a petition to get it rescinded.

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 10:09
re: fao captain5

i would have thought Ferguson would have, but his words were "Cristiano shouldnt have allowed himself to be intimidated by lesser players"

captain5 Posted on 16/8 10:10
re: fao captain5

I've seen that.

Best player in the world at the mom.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A_New_Era Posted on 16/8 10:14
re: fao captain5

i bet those 'lesser' players were chuckling as he trundled off for an early bath