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Salford_Boro Posted on 23/8 22:41
FAO Ray 192

Wahts all this about you having a brakfast club and a wine bar on a night. Sorry fella I don;t really read your posts, apart from the cricket updates.

ray192 Posted on 23/8 22:43
re: FAO Ray 192


It's all very true .

Salford_Boro Posted on 23/8 22:45
re: FAO Ray 192

In that case mate can you email me another crate of becks and a bacon and egg sarnie in the morning as I have a feeling I will need one in the morning.


rick4974 Posted on 23/8 22:49
re: FAO Ray 192

hey ray, how about a full english bun for me tomorrow morning?
plenty of tomato sauce too, make sure my yolk is runny. ta bud!

ray192 Posted on 23/8 22:50
re: FAO Ray 192

I sure will i'll be here .

ray192 Posted on 23/8 22:50
re: FAO Ray 192


No probs .

Salford_Boro Posted on 23/8 22:50
re: FAO Ray 192

All this talk of of food think I'm going to go and make myself a chicken sarnie. I roasted a chicken earlier tonight. mmmmmmmmmm nice

rick4974 Posted on 23/8 22:54
re: FAO Ray 192

i've just had crackers coated with, philadelphia - hint of pineapple and i must say it was lovely!

Coluka Posted on 23/8 22:56
re: FAO Ray 192

Stop it Stop it!!!!
you're making me hungry and i'll end up eating lumps of cheese and having fookin nightmares

Salford_Boro Posted on 23/8 22:59
re: FAO Ray 192

I was thinking about slicing a the chicken up and puttjg it on top of the margareta (I'm drunk and spelling wrong to night) pizza.

but the thought of cheese dreams ahs just put me off it now