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Salford_Boro Posted on 24/8 1:41
Old Boy - Korean film

A film you must see. It's fantastic, subtitled but the story line is one that I can't give away otherwise I'll give the plot away. Watch it and enjoy and your bound to view again

MFC1967 Posted on 24/8 1:53
re: Old Boy - Korean film

wow.... u must be all shandied up to watch that crap

Salford_Boro Posted on 24/8 1:55
re: Old Boy - Korean film

What? have you seen it? fooing hell its brilliant nad yes I am shandied up. But I have it on DVD

MFC1967 Posted on 24/8 2:01
re: Old Boy - Korean film

You bought the dvd???..... ahh let me guess... the 99p bargain bucket in netto.

Salford_Boro Posted on 24/8 2:03
re: Old Boy - Korean film

not at all buddy - its a good film

TheSmogMonster Posted on 24/8 2:24
re: Old Boy - Korean film

Its an excellent film, theres been about 10 threads on it this week, watched it for the second time this week.. brilliant.

Scrote Posted on 24/8 4:29
re: Old Boy - Korean film

its the central part of a loose trilogy

the other two films are "sympathy for mr vengeance" and "lady vengeance"

all three are superb but lady vengeance sneaks it for me

Moody41 Posted on 24/8 8:39
re: Old Boy - Korean film

Fantastic movie.

plymuff_diver Posted on 24/8 9:25
re: Old Boy - Korean film

Great film. I can also recommend 'Ong Bak', 'City of God', and 'Who killed Pixote', if you don't mind sub-titles.