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elmag Posted on 25/8 1:34
what happened to fmttm ??

why did you change the name ??

GibbosEmpire Posted on 25/8 1:36
re: what happened to fmttm ??

We flew back to Earth after years on the Moon.

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Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 25/8 3:02
re: what happened to fmttm ??

The name hasn't changed (well it obviously has) there as been a bit of musical chairs going on.

Follow the link to the new temp home of fmttm.


zaphod Posted on 25/8 10:11
re: what happened to fmttm ??

fmttm and a lot of other clubs' fans fell out with rivals and went elsewhere. A lot of posters didn't want to follow and took over the rivals Boro board.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 25/8 22:40
re: what happened to fmttm ??

rob took a bung