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joseph99 Posted on 29/8 13:18
Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

I will be in HK next month. Looking at hotels and keeping to my company budget and using maximising use of the loyalty schemes.

Is it OK on the Kowloon side - I know there are some great places on the HK side (Wanchai and Wanchai), but if I am sozzled and it's 3am how do I get back to my hotel from Hong Kong, knowing that the Ferries stop at 11pm and the subway closes (I believe) at 1am.

Advice please. Plus, is anything on special w/e 14-15th Sept?

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 13:34
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Taxi would be your best option, you just have to pay the toll for the tunnel, which is very little. Best way to do it is to get in the taxi first and ask him to take you to Kowloon rather than asking before you get in, this is because they don't like to cross sides but are required to do so if you're already in the taxi (i believe). Taxi won't cost much as they're pretty reasonable here.
Not sure about anything thats going on that weekend as of yet.

joseph99 Posted on 29/8 13:38
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Thanks Andy - prices on the Kowloon side are generally cheaper, true?

BoroMod Posted on 29/8 14:02
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

You can stay at the YMCA near the ferry terminals on Kowloon island, it is very reasonable in my opinion.

The MTR (tube) is fantastic, you buy an Octopus card for a about 50 dollars and top it up, just like the Oyster card in London. The difference is, it's so much cheaper!

Kowloon is fine, although don't stay at Chuckying(sp?) Mansions on Nathan Road, not nice at all. HK island is great though, Stanley is really nice down the south of the island. I'd recommend going there, got a nice market to wander around.

Get yourself up the top of HK island too, the view is incredible. There's a cable cart that runs up there but a taxi is just as cheap if there's a few of you.

BoroMod Posted on 29/8 14:05
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Try the outlying territories too, some great seafood places on those islands.

Avoid Disneyland, not worth going to at the moment.

Drinking is quite expensive if you're used to prices in the North of England, not so much if you drink round central London. 4 a pint is not unusual though.

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 14:32
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

According to the lads here in my office, Tsim Sha Tsui is about as expensive as HK island but the further inland you go the cheaper it will get (away from the tourist areas), places like Mong Kok and Jordan will be a fair bit cheaper but not really able to put a figure on how much cheaper, sorry. For the convenience, if you're going to spend a lot of time on the island, it may be worth paying the extra, you will save on taxi's aswell, i guess just have a look on and see how much you can save by staying out of the way a bit.

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 14:41
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

There is a nice bonus here now, we get every Premiership game live so if you get yourself nice and early to a bar and ask them to put the West Ham - Boro game on, then that's at least 10pm-midnight sorted on the 15th.

PoetLaureate Posted on 29/8 15:07
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

I would love to go to Hong Kong, any room for me in your suit case . How long have you lived there andy2402 I bet it is a great experience.

hkboro Posted on 29/8 15:31
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

joseph mate, dont worry kowloon side is cool - in fact i live kowloon side so need to stick up for it. if you want to go boozing kowloon side then knutsford terrace is usually good - bahama mama's etc...and theres other bars around hart avenue and my mates boozer mes amis on ashley road that are ok. they arent like your old fave (fenwicks) but still worth a look. prices are pretty much the same as wanchai, but there are some good happy hours.
re your other question about being sozzled in wanchai, no problemo my man - im an expert at this ! imagine if you tumble up the steps of fenwicks (s.american companion optional), once you hit the pavement head left and keep going past mes amis on the corner, cross over keep going straight past the bridge and assorted girlie bars trying not to be dragged in. basically nearly all the taxis hanging around there are kowloon taxis, but if its fairly deserted around the bridge are just keep going and the taxi rank at the end of the girlie bars is for kowloon taxis only. jump in, best to double confirm single tunnel then off you go, dead easy !
not sure about 14-15 cos im prob off to thailand for the weekend but the night of the 13th is a gig by NiN, which should be damn fine !
hope that helps and if you need any more pointers just fire away !

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 15:33
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Lived here just under one year, enjoy it, it's a good place to live and a good base for seeing the rest of asia which is great.

hkboro Posted on 29/8 15:36
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

btw if you are talking about hotel not booze prices then i think they are pretty much the same too unless you want to somewhere in the outback. recently i had some friends in town who stayed in the wharney - wanchai dead centre - and they said they got good rates.

joseph99 Posted on 29/8 15:39
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Hk: I am sorted - you speak my language! Your descriptions are so vivid - those "girls" outside the titty bars are grotesque - what goes on in those places - they smell of a rip-off so hace avoided.

joseph99 Posted on 29/8 15:41
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

I've got Marriottitis - I need the points. Just booked Renaissaince Kowloon. (Marriot chain)

The Metropole is highly rated on Wanchai.

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 15:44
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

I had friends who stayed in the Wharney, good location and they said it was nice, Novotel in Wan Chai is good aswell but think that might be a bit more expensive, glad you're sorted mate. I must admit, i hardly know anything about Kowloon side so HKBoro is your man.

hkboro Posted on 29/8 15:44
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

haha yeah the street mamasans are usualy pretty bruddy ugry ! but theyre quite strong and persuasive if youre of a slightly weaker disposition !! you'd think they would put some nice ones outside to tempt you in to their jurassic park scenarios !!!
love it !

hkboro Posted on 29/8 15:47
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

is there not a marriot in admiralty - same area as conrad, shangri la etc....? wont be exactly "budget" hotel but very nice and also convenient.

ElvisRamone Posted on 29/8 15:50
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

I got fixed up with a Mamasan once...she wasn't bad either.

And don't buy a Wanchai Burberry!

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joseph99 Posted on 29/8 15:51
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

There's a JW Marriot (Central) but is over 200/night - well beyond my budget - the only other two are Renaissance (HK Harbour view and Kowloon).

Might give the mamasans another wide berth. Fenwicks here I come!

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 15:54
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Yeah there is a Marriot in Admiralty, above the Pacific Place shopping centre, think it's pretty expensive (as Joseph just pointed out!!)

hkboro Posted on 29/8 15:56
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

im pretty well practised at the mamasan resistance method, as youre approachin the area you need to get yrself together a bit, deep breath, switch on ready for action, slightly increase your pace and drive on thro to the other side promising to marry them at some later date. then jump in taxi, sit back, relax and take a celebratory gulp on yr 7-11 purchased can of special brew ... yeah !

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 15:59
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

The Mamasans are bloody awful, make sure you walk as close to the curb as you can and don't look at them haha, they'll grab your hand and try to drag you into the dirty little places. I've never been in one of them so don't know what they're like mind, stick to Fenwicks or even better, Neptunes.

joseph99 Posted on 29/8 16:05
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Any specific food places - not the 5* schyte, but good local food on HK and Kowloon. I love the Noodle Soup from these local places!

hkboro Posted on 29/8 16:28
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

andy man, recommending neptunes !! laguna has been a sunday favorite for years with new makatis making a come back of late !

joseph, foodwise theres loads of good stuff everywhere, if youre into noodle soup then you can prob even get that pretty much streetside - i'll ask the missus what she thinks and will let you know.

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 16:38
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Well, i don't frequent these places for business pleasure these days with having a girlfriend and all but Neptunes is better than Fenwicks if you're into that sort of thing!

hkboro Posted on 29/8 16:43
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

well if you have a gf then these places are great (esp fenwicks) for a major change of scenery - you can look at the menu but you dont have to order !!!

B_Hills Posted on 29/8 16:43
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Neptunes is the bolloks . and The New Makhati isnt bad either for the LBFMs .... was there a few weeks ago ..seems like loads of new places opening !!!

ANDY2402 Posted on 29/8 16:52
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

Aye, they're decent places for a few bevvies late at night. Went to Neptunes with my mate a few weeks ago cos he wanted to treat himself for his birthday, the greedy bugger helped himself to three Filipinos!

joseph99 Posted on 29/8 17:03
re: Question about Hong Kong (HKBoro?)

There's too many beautiful girls in Laguna

There should be warning though - those filpinos know how to befriend and fleece you for drinks. Once bitten, twice shy.