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Salford_Boro Posted on 29/8 20:29
fao smogness monster

now then mate hows tricks?

SmognessMonster Posted on 29/8 20:38
re: fao smogness monster

Alright Mate.

Im listening to the Match, cud not be arsed going to darts tonight, 3 weeks on the sick is coming to an end (friday)

How was the Rugby over the weekend?
You listening to the Match?

Salford_Boro Posted on 29/8 20:39
re: fao smogness monster

had to cancel due to lack of funds, right gutted mate. The lads had a really good weekend, by the looks of it they are still suffering now. I booked most of it as well as I was one that wanted to go, just to have a look at wembley more than anythig.

Yeah I;ve got the match on, been taking to my mate in Austria so missed a bit though.

How you doing mate any more problems with the heart?

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SmognessMonster Posted on 29/8 20:40
re: fao smogness monster

Mork calling Austin come in Austin
Naanoo Naanoo

Salford_Boro Posted on 29/8 20:42
re: fao smogness monster

you saw my post so I did an edit then you see it again, damn you to hell

SmognessMonster Posted on 29/8 21:01
re: fao smogness monster

Least i saw your post, pity Boro cant see Northamptons,
we might score.

Salford_Boro Posted on 29/8 21:05
re: fao smogness monster

ha ha good point mate.

You up for the either of the manchester games in October mate. You are more than welcome over here if you can get over.

There's a few lads comming over for the manure game.

SmognessMonster Posted on 29/8 21:11
re: fao smogness monster

i will deffo let you know about them mate.
thanks for the offer

Salford_Boro Posted on 29/8 21:13
re: fao smogness monster

no bother mate, hopefully we should have a good turn out fromthis end.

We are having a bit of a kick around on Tuesday so hopefully we can organise the games and tickets.

With the lads comming from Norfolk it should be a bit messy, if the Wigan game is anything to go by