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wool_skull Posted on 30/8 11:23
Big game saturday........

No more excuses.(We're looking good, the potential is there, played well but just let it slip, etc etc)

Saturday is a 'must win' game for more than one reason.

1 These are the teams that we have to beat to progress

2 We need to start to fill the ground again.....only a winning team will do that.

3 Parnaby and Quedrue

4 There are a load more reasons but these will do to start with.

kermit_the_smog Posted on 30/8 11:24
re: Big game saturday........

Lawrenson will have this down as a relegation 6 pointer, i imagine.

captain5 Posted on 30/8 11:24
re: Big game saturday........

That's not strictly number 4 is it??

4. Steve has got a big fat face I'd love to slap and he's a Geordie.

bandito Posted on 30/8 11:24
re: Big game saturday........

they probably think this about us but I've always thought what is the point in Birmingham City. They have nothing going for them at all. Dull dull and dull.

ccole Posted on 30/8 11:24
re: Big game saturday........

which game this season wont be "big" and which game are "must win"?

I thought they all are

Turner_86 Posted on 30/8 11:25
re: Big game saturday........

It is a very important game. One of those that won't feel like one, it won't be built up and the atmosphere will be ordinary, but it's vital we win the match.

Got to get a first home win under our belts, put an unbeaten run together and get into the top half of the table, and stay there.

The longer we hover around the middle of the bottom half, even at this early stage, the wider the gap will grow between us and the top half, and we're playing catch up.

We should be beating Birmingham on our own pitch, we have to.

wool_skull Posted on 30/8 11:28
re: Big game saturday........

ccole.......You are so wrong.

Away at Man Utd is , for one , not a 'must win' game.

Do I really need to go on or are we going to have a childish argument ?

sasboro Posted on 30/8 11:29
re: Big game saturday........

our home record carried on from back end of last season has been pretty poor. no clean sheets in the league since mid december. only 2 wins in last 8, and 4 defeats.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 30/8 11:29
re: Big game saturday........

I think we can rule out a top 4 finish if we don't win this one.

wool_skull Posted on 30/8 11:34
re: Big game saturday........

Spoff, Did you really need those last 6 words ?

ccole Posted on 30/8 11:39
re: Big game saturday........

The last time we got relegated and drew 3-3 at OT, that was a "must win game"

Had we held on to our 3-1 lead and won that game, we would have stayed up.

When Boksic scored and we won, because of our position, that was also a must win game.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 30/8 12:49
re: Big game saturday........


Got to be ambitious!!!

towz Posted on 30/8 12:53
re: Big game saturday........

Totally agree, definitely need a win. So a bore draw it is then