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wool_skull Posted on 1/9 3:05
I really believe........

that mid-table mediocrity is our problem with attendances !

If we continue to spend our premiership seasons 10th, 11th , 13th etc then a lot of people think that there is no good reason to go and get behind the lads.

However, if we were battling for Europe OR fighting relegation (in the bottom 4 all season) I think our attendances AND the atmosphere would be much, much better.

There isn't an easy answer, I know, but that's what Sir Steve is up against when he looks at half empty stadiums week after week.

TheYak87 Posted on 1/9 3:08
re: I really believe........

If there are people staying away because we are in mid-table obscurity and not a relagation battle then I am glad. Let's hope they continue to stay away because we really don't need them. fook 'em.

wool_skull Posted on 1/9 3:12
re: I really believe........

Yak, yer can hate them as much as you like but we , and especially Gibbo, need them.

FFS our attendances are embarassing on national TV.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 1/9 3:43
re: I really believe........

The reason for our slump in attendances is a combination of the following:
- Traditionally fickle nature of Boro fans
- Innate pessimism of too many Boro fans
- The football boom of the mid-1990s is long gone
- Matches being shown (often illegally) in pubs and on TV
- Ticket prices far too high which has resulted in a whole generation of working class Boro fans not going to matches
- Woeful atmosphere not helped one jot by the clown that is Mark Page
- Stadium seems to be situated on the edge of the earth

The main reason though is that the prices are just far too high for what is a traditionally working class sport in a predominantly low-income working class area.

wool_skull Posted on 1/9 4:47
re: I really believe........

Strong words there Bucky......mostly complete bollox but still, strong words.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 1/9 6:01
re: I really believe........

Point out which comments are "complete bollox" and explain why then smartarse.

holgateoldskool Posted on 1/9 7:56
re: I really believe........

Bukowski - pretty much sum it up with your analysis.

angelmatty Posted on 1/9 8:05
re: I really believe........

agree with Bucky myself

Pablo_in_Toon Posted on 1/9 8:09
re: I really believe........

Think most of those points relate to football in general though lads rather than Boro in particular (other than the ground location and that plonker Page)

Why hasnt anybody said 'catchment area' yet?

mowbrays_number_4 Posted on 1/9 8:17
re: I really believe........

Many boro fans want Real Madrid style signings and football but only want to pay a fiver to watch it.

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Boro_Owl Posted on 1/9 8:41
re: I really believe........

"Many boro fans want Real Madrid style signings and football but only want to pay a fiver to watch it."

They manage it in Germany. Bring back standing seats.