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A_New_Era Posted on 1/9 9:22
10 million down

with the money sales of Morrison and Yak, weve spent about 10 million and its fair to say, our squad and first team have been improved by the signings. Weve filled the problem right side, replaced one of our strikers, kept woodgate and added pace and flair to the team

When you compare that to the almost 40 million Sunderland have spent on utter dross, its been a very good summer of business from us. Im much happier than i would be if i was say a Fulham fan, about 15 signings and non of them that good

oggy_jnr Posted on 1/9 9:27
re: 10 million down

I agree, we have improved our team alot without spending to much, but these days you have to splash the cash, and alot of teams have done that this year.
But how have we replaced 1 of our strikers?? i thought we bought mido, aliadere, tuncay?? im sure we have replaced both of our old strikers surely??? ;)

shellandtube Posted on 1/9 9:28
re: 10 million down

Couldn't agree more. Would like to see another striker in Jan though, but not complaining. C'mon Boro!

Geordinho Posted on 1/9 9:37
re: 10 million down

what do you think of Healy?

A_New_Era Posted on 1/9 9:44
re: 10 million down

Healy looks a decent player. But the rest of their signings arent that good, altho i do rate Davis

skiprat Posted on 1/9 9:46
re: 10 million down

I've said all summer it's not hoe much you spend, but how you spend it.

I think we've been one of the better teams this close season for our tranfer dealings, I'll add Newcastle into that as well.

angelmatty Posted on 1/9 12:04
re: 10 million down

Boro and Newcastle have not been silly with there money this year and im glad.

Sunderland on the other hand have been unreal 40m on players that still look like Championship standard.

Hope im wrong because id like to see us all doing well.

Max_Headroom Posted on 1/9 12:22
re: 10 million down

Sunderland's policy is based on spunking loads on players who look good on 'The Championship'. Its unbeleivable to think they signed Kenwyne Jones for 6m while we got full England international and experienced premiership right back Luke Young for 2.5m, while Nicky Shorey is only valued at 4m by Reading!

And I seriously doubt Richardson or Chopra will add much to Sunderland in the season as a whole.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 1/9 12:33
re: 10 million down

how have we "filled the problem right side"
O'Neil is a central midfielder
ask the pompey fans

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stocko_mfc Posted on 1/9 12:39
re: 10 million down

Why does everyone keep banging on about a right-sided player/winger???
Its obvious GS doesnt want to play with 2 out and out wide men, as im sure he would have brought someone in. We now have about 3 players who can play a right side role comfortably.
Aliadiaire, Tuncay, and now we've got O'Neil who can play there.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 1/9 12:42
re: 10 million down

so two strikers and a central midfielder to play on the right hand side of midfield
square pegs round holes springs to mind

Gamblor Posted on 1/9 12:44
re: 10 million down

Most players can play in more than one position you know.

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