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mr_r_soles Posted on 2/9 12:49
What is it with Everton fans and us?

Cant understand it myself.

Link: here

danboro0902 Posted on 2/9 12:54
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

We have that effect on alot of fans.

To name a few

Camsell_345 Posted on 2/9 12:57
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

If you had just been conned out of 12 mil you would be knarked as well

mr_r_soles Posted on 2/9 13:00
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

Good point

mrtiz Posted on 2/9 13:06
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

i think people are a bit jealous of the skill of middlesbrough as a whole

Twainy Posted on 2/9 15:00
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

Just here to apologise for those 4 people who posted anti- Boro stuff.
Just the same as on here (I have experienced it)you get some who just voice their opinions against someone for no apparent reason.
They are not representative of all of us.

As far as the Yak is concerned, if we get a year or two out of him when he is playing well (like yesterday) and sell him on for similar money, I'll be well pleased.

Kirkby_Scally Posted on 2/9 15:10
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

We haven't been conned out of 11m at all.

He's now playing with better players. He scored on his debut and linked extremely well with AJ.

We're very happy, and apparently you're happy too.

Lets just leave it at that. No more stuff about him being lazy please, we know what you all think thanks. We've had lazy players who don't score goals (Beattie, Bent) so a lazy player who does score goals will be an improvement.

Plus when James Vaughan is fit we'll have an equal or better player to partner AJ up front, so if Yakubu's form declines he'll be out of the side.

Woman_with_a_willie Posted on 2/9 15:28
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

Didn't Beattie score on his debut?

coheadboro Posted on 2/9 15:29
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

"He's now playing with better players"

with the exception of Arteta, I don't see any players that are much better than we have. You just have the work ethic that Moyes has built and Southgate is starting to build.

"if we get a year or two out of him when he is playing well (like yesterday)"

I didn't see much of your game, but the way it sounded was that he had very little contribution to the game and couldn't have missed his goal with Johnson putting it on a plate for him.

I think Yakubu will be great for you this season, but if he gets dropped he will want out.

HolgateEnd Posted on 2/9 16:58
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

Yak is very much like Viduka in that when he wants to play he is unstoppable. Sadly, this doesnt happen too often. And when he doesnt want to play, he's a waste of a player (as we saw vs Wigan).

Since he came to England though, only Henry scored more than Yak so he is obviously a good player. And anyone who says 'take away his penalties and his goal record is crap' is full of shyte. A penalty can win a game (as many of Yak's did), so why should it count any more or any less than a goal from open play.

Your trouble will come if you dont get into Europe every season. As he said in the interview when Everton unveiled him "I only want to play for teams in the champions league or UEFA cup. That is my dream. Boro were not in Europe, that is why i wanted to leave."

boro_newjersey Posted on 2/9 18:41
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

Funny he should say that about Europe as when we were there, SMac didn't trust him when it came to the crunch in the big games on the big stage.

If i recall correctly, he started with Dukes and JFH in the big Steaua and Basle games (with Yak coming on as a sub when we were playing with 8 up front) and also in the final.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 2/9 18:45
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

Yak was pretty inept in virtually all of our big cup UEFA Cup and FA Cup games when he was at the club. He didn't rise to the big occasion did he. He wilted under the pressure.

fez80 Posted on 2/9 20:01
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

i would nt worry about the small minded people from liverpools b team

bic_biro_eye Posted on 2/9 20:41
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

simple as this this : when hes good, hes very good

when hes bad, hes utter garbage

RedWurzel Posted on 2/9 21:51
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

I don't know if Boro fans are going on their site, but if Spurs fans came on here say mainly negative comments about Mido, no one would like it and see it as agressive.

Ok if they come on here and ask opinions they have to take it what ever is thrown at them.

The end of the day its fans of all clubs that get cheated by some players who don't give 100% over the length of their contract, but its like telling a 5 year old there is no santa just as they open their presents

Kirkby_Scally Posted on 2/9 22:18

'with the exception of Arteta, I don't see any players that are much better than we have.'

Howard, Lescott, Yobo, Baines, Arteta, Cahill, Johnson would all walk into your side. No argument whatsoever.

Yakubu was your highest scorer the past two seasons.

We've finished in the top 7 three times out of the past five seasons. In that same time, you finished 11th, 11th, 7th, 14th and 12th.

Woman_with_a_willie - It took James Beattie 4 games to score his first goal (FA Cup 4th round against Sunderland), and another 2 games to score his first league goal for us. He then never scored for the rest of the season. January to May 2005: 2 goals.

RedWurzel - no one was coming on here and asking opinions. We've had about 15 different Boro posters on our board in the past 2 weeks telling us all about their Yakubu opinions.

Camsell_345 Posted on 2/9 22:48
re: coheadboro

Lescott, Yobo no chance ahead of who?

cahill i would give you but woody would walk into yours as well

Kirkby_Scally Posted on 2/9 22:51
re: coheadboro

Woodgate wouldn't, he's always injured.

Even when fit I'd rather have Yobo and Lescott.

We conceded the 5th least number of goals last season, just behind the top 4. We only conceded one goal more than Arsenal did.

Camsell_345 Posted on 2/9 22:52
re: coheadboro

Trust me mate woodgate would and as for this injury myth how many games did he play for us last season?

Boro_Owl Posted on 2/9 22:54
re: coheadboro

"Woodgate wouldn't, he's always injured." Oh dear...

Lescott I've never been fussed about to be honest but Yobo is a very good player, I'd have him here.

Baines wouldnt walk into our side, all the others would.

BigBoobedGirl Posted on 2/9 22:58
re: coheadboro

Lescott and Yobo have been superb, their record speaks for themselves.

I'm sure you think highly of Woodgate, but I personally think Yobo and Lescott are superior, as their record last season showed.

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mr_r_soles Posted on 2/9 22:59
re: coheadboro

How many caps has Lescott got?

Boro_Owl Posted on 2/9 23:01
re: coheadboro

Soles thats a bad way to judge it. Wes Brown has been capped ffs.

Stepper_T Posted on 2/9 23:02
re: coheadboro

There are a few players who would get in Boro's team, Arteta, Johnson to name two. But there is no way any defender in the league apart from John Terry would oust Woodgate from the team. Lescott and Yobo are good, Woody is world class.

mr_r_soles Posted on 2/9 23:11
re: coheadboro

At it again

Link: Woody

johndd49 Posted on 2/9 23:12
re: coheadboro

Sorry Kirkby but Yakubu was top scorer only in the first season. Last season it was Viduka with 19 goals to Yakubu's 16.

mr_r_soles Posted on 2/9 23:15
re: coheadboro

Alot of them being penalties.

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 0:19
re: coheadboro

You do realise that this myth of him always being injured last season he played i think it was 34 games for us and he wasn't injured this season either just recovering from an op.

yes woody is always injured i think thus far with he has missed about 5 games maybe he just didn't want to play for the geordies

. Now mickey owen on the other hand

Dyynamo Posted on 3/9 0:19
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

Just for the record.

Games with Yakubu in the team = 2. 2 losses.

Games since Yakubu left or out of the side = 4. 3 wins and 1 draw.

dan87 Posted on 3/9 0:22
re: coheadboro

I'd love Arteta, Johnson, Cahill and possibly Baines, but the rest are no better that what we've got, especially your centre backs, Stepper_T makes a v.good point.

OnAMission5 Posted on 3/9 1:09
re: coheadboro

Obviously Everton are up there with Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool! Yeh right.

They are in the same bracket as us. Maybe after last season they have moved ahead of us slightly.

Up until last season, I used to think of Everton as a bunch of cloggers, kicking their way to 1-0 wins. Fair enough, last season they seemed to change their style of play and look like they are carrying that over to this season. I expect at the end of this season we will be in a similar position to them.

They are decent and they do have a very good history, but they are not lightyears ahead of us like some of their fans think. Even during the past 5 or 6 seasons they have avoided relegation by the odd point as well as having some very good seasons.

Like I say, they are in the same bracket us at the moment, its just they have a better history and a bigger fan base, both of which count for nothing in the present day.

burydweller Posted on 3/9 7:50
re: What is it with Everton fans and us?

It started in the mid 1980s, when we played Neverton 3 times and the cowards came to town with Stanley knives, as we did against Barnsley. However, a lot of Ra-Ra's even got cut up, the hatred soon developed, my finger still looks like it has been in a mangle from the cup game

Kirkby_Scally Posted on 3/9 23:04
mr r soles and co.

Oh look.... Joleon Lescott called up by England.

No 'World Class' Woodgate in the squad? Hmmm... intriguing.

How does this tally with your views?

Oh, and FAO OnAMission5:

'Even during the past 5 or 6 seasons they have avoided relegation by the odd point'

We had ONE bad season out of the last five (2003-04). Three of the other seasons were spent in the top 7, qualifying for Europe twice through the league. The other season we narrowly missed out on the top 10.

Our league finishes compared with yours shows we're light years ahead of you, and the gulf in spending and ambition is beginning to shine through (Yakubu himself commented on it).

How exactly we're 'in the same bracket as you' when we patently aren't - better team, better players, bigger crowds, in Europe, etc. is beyond me.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/9 23:16
re: mr r soles and co.

"How exactly we're 'in the same bracket as you' when we patently aren't - better team, better players, bigger crowds, in Europe, etc. is beyond me."

Well it was the other way round 2 years ago, swings and roundabouts, you've qualified once more then us in the last 7 years.

"No 'World Class' Woodgate in the squad? Hmmm... intriguing."

My thiking on that is he's just coming back into match fitness and McClaren needs players who are sharp, for the most important matches of his career.

Woodgate incidently has got in many England squads over lescott in the past.

How does that fit in with your world view?

The only players I'd have in the Boro squad are Cahill, Arteta and Johnson (Id have Yak but I'd never go back). Arguments about your defence being better because ours coceeded less goals is a statisical slight of hand as we conceeded so many at the start of last season when we had no fit class centre backs. Woody steadied that ship.

Moyes is currently the real difference between the 2 teams, he's got himself an excellent team spirit together and he's got the troops marching to his beat.

Southgates unproven but working hard to achieve similar for us, and we'll see how he does.

cab2k7 Posted on 3/9 23:47
re: mr r soles and co.

i cant believe theyre STILL going on about us.

i, and every boro fan i know really couldnt give the slightest toss about them, but they really seem to have some genuine contempt towards us, and i cant for the life of me see why.

Fazak_Blue Posted on 3/9 23:58
re: mr r soles and co.

We love you boys, I think it's the topless birds on the boat.

RedWurzel Posted on 4/9 1:08
re: mr r soles and co.

As a Boro fan I would say Everton were a top team in the 1983-88 era, but they have gone backwards since then. There were probaly getting 35000 when were were getting 5000. I don't think they have been to a final of any description since 1995, while Boro have been to 5 since 1997, so the gap has closed to quite a degree. To be honest I would call them a top 8 team and Boro a top 12 team

Fazak_Blue Posted on 4/9 1:16
re: mr r soles and co.

I'd say you where right in some respect although we only won 2 league titles in that era so to win another 7 during our history we must have been ok at some other point. You're right in that we've only been in one final since 1995 and although Boro have been in a few more, including a European one, to compare the clubs is madness. In terms of history, prestige, fan-base and potential, Everton are light years ahead. Yes since around 88-89 we did go backwards, since Moyes has arrived though in 2001 I think it was, you'll remember it more probably as it was a few days after you lot snotted us 3-0 in the FA Cup, we have improved tenfold. The team/squad we have now is 100 times better than we did when he took over. Probably still get tonked by Metalist though.

Don't forget in all the history of football, over 100 years, there is only a handful of clubs with more silverware.

Moody41 Posted on 4/9 1:29
re: mr r soles and co.

I actually like Everton, never had any bother from them and got a few really good mates who are Everton fans.

I actually think what Moyes has achieved at Everton should be what Southgate needs to aim for. He steadied the ship and is slowly building a very good team. I see a lot of similarities in how Moyes went about it to what Southgate is doing for us. Both are building a good group of players who work hard for each other.

I was slightly surprised that Moyes moved for Yak since he clearly isn't the type of player who falls under the hard working category. These no doubting when on form he'll get you goals but he can also go through long dry spells as well. His lack of workrate can also be frustrating at times.

Also regarding Woodgate he played 30 league games last season, he missed the first 4 games since he hadn't signed for us at that point so over the course of the season he missed 4 league games. I like Lescott but at the moment in time these no way he's a better player then Woodgate. He's still young and is clearly getting better over time and is definitely turning out to be a bargain (Davies for 9m anyone, didn't Zat Knight cost more as well?).

Fazak bad news, no more boat with strippers.

Fazak_Blue Posted on 4/9 1:33
re: mr r soles and co.

Bah humbug regarding the boat.

Lescott is class, and that's not just because I'm an Evertonian. Really he is. I think Moyes has been after Yakubu for a while to be honest, we were linked a few times when he was at Pompey.