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johnmcp Posted on 3/9 0:14
Keith Lamb/Slaven

Yesterday`s FMTTM contained one of the most honest interviews that I`ve ever read in any magazine. Keith Lamb talked about his views on Bernie Slaven and, I suppose, one can infer from those that Steve Gibson holds similar views.

There is no doubt that Slaven is regarded as not being an objective pundit when he comments about the club. He is considered to be part of that crowd of negative critics who are damaging the club. Keith Lamb sys that Slaven "doesn`t have any inside track at this football club and he never will have, unless he changes." Lamb doesn`t like Slaven`s "constant griping about the club."

From thses comments, and I must say I understand where Keith Lamb is coming from, there is a rift between Bernie and the club which tells us much about the current radio contract and all of us having to listen to a good commentary though not as good as Alastair Brownlee. I enjoyed listening to Ali immensely and I hope that he is soon back on air doing the thing which he loves and in which he excells.

we_have_overcome Posted on 3/9 0:18
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Keith Lamb's disrespect to the Boro fans is much more damaging to the club than anything Bernie says.

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 0:20
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

As a Boro fan of 29 years I do not feel Keith Lamb has disrespected me one bit.

we_have_overcome Posted on 3/9 0:22
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Then I suggest you get your head out of his ass.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/9 0:23
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

How has Keith Lamb Disrespected anyone?

I missed the interview bt it sounds hard hitting.

I think from the clubs point of view Slaven has been a primary contact for many of the clubs fans and when he's got 'views' like Bernies it is damaging to the club.

As for the old 'Bernie tells it how it is' argument, that level of debate should never make it off Big Brother.

Dyynamo Posted on 3/9 0:23
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Stepper_T Posted

As a Boro fan of 29 years I do not feel Keith Lamb has disrespected me one bit.


Me neither, and I've been watching the lads since 1969.

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 0:28
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I don't feel disrespected by Slaven either, but his ill-informed ramblings have pissed me off on many, many occasions.

Loved the guy as a player, as a pundit is a plank.

we_have_overcome Posted on 3/9 0:28
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

It's too late (at night) to go over old ground but he has upset many a Boro fan because of his attitude towards us. Lot's of whome will not return until he leaves the club.

This is much more damaging than anything Bernie has to say.

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 0:31
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Why on Earth would any Boro fan not go because of what Keith Lamb has said?

br14 Posted on 3/9 0:32
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Haven't read the interview but I have to say from what I've seen posted it is very disappointing that someone in authority at the club would make statements about a media commentator in this way.

Regardless of how the club feels about Slaven he is paid to express his opinions and whatever you think of Slaven as a man, you have to admit that he is clearly not biased toward the club.

Slaven reflects a block of fans opinion at the club that wants a more attacking style of play and has made this clear on many occasions.

I have not heard Slaven made a personal attack on either Lamb, Gibson or Southgate (at least since he was appointed as manager). He has questioned some of their decisions.

He certainly did question McClaren - though once again he was doing little more than expressing fans opinions.

Attempting to control the media in this way is a very bad decision and will undoubtedly backfire. The club have to accept that people will not necessarily agree with their decisions.

I'd have thought the club should be doing all it could to pull fans together - not alienate them.

You cant just shut Slaven up and frankly it is immature and poor decision making to try.

trodbitch Posted on 3/9 0:32
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

The problem with Bernie is that I swear he must read no newspapers, doesn't use the Internet and doesn't watch any tv because he is so ill-informed of anything that goes on in football, it's unreal.

He then only relies on intuition to analyse the club. Because of the amount of times I've heard him bang on about something that was just not a logical argument, I just switched off. As a player, a legend. As a pundit, 12 hours a week of him was just a distracting sideshow. Too much time to 'pad' out and lack of real insight was the root of the problem.

Fake_ID Posted on 3/9 0:33
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 0:31 Email this Message | Edit | Reply
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Why on Earth would any Boro fan not go because of what Keith Lamb has said?

Because its an excuse.

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 0:34
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

My views on slav as pundit are known on here he has been i think devicive and counter productive for some time.

Listening to the bbc tees after match chat yesterday was a case in point Gary gill was up beat while informed and realistic but he was positive in his criticism, for instance a caller rang and said is europe a possibility and Gill laughed and said well staedy on but to be fair there is a chance, Now had that been slav he would have simply laughed it off and said we need 8 players etc moan moan.

I am not suprised that the club have taken this stance although i think they should have acted sooner. Far far too many "fans" were having their views poisoned by his negative and unjustified comments we would win games 3-0 and he would give schwarzer the man of the match he would write off foreign players without any justification. His professional out look cam accross more and more as bitter ramblings, and have altered many fans views of a once great player.

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 0:34
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Och, Rochemback is rubbish, ne'er werth 5 million (erm, 2.5 and he's a good player)


flakey_scrotum Posted on 3/9 0:39
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

the only thing I would add to this that if the hierarchy of MFC really believe the comments of a radio commentator are to blame for falling attendances and pessimism then they really are delusional.

For one....pessimism has always been a generic trait of being a Boro fan....but more seriously, by and large negative football, over paid has-beens and high tickets prices greatly out-weigh any of Slaven's ramblings.

The downside of falling attendances is that Southgate actually deserves better and instead of sniping and apportioning would be far more productive for people like Keith Lamb to look for solutions to falling attendances rather than inane comments he has given lately.

leemundo Posted on 3/9 0:44
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Why doesnt Keith Lamb come out and criticise Paul Merson and several other ex players (Beagrie and Merson) who are just shocking about what they say on the TV. They are far more damming on the club than Bernie Slaven will ever be.

HappyHead Posted on 3/9 0:44
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"Then I suggest you get your head out of his ass."

It's ARSE for Christ's sake, keep yer Americanisms to yourself!

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 0:44
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Exactly stepper he would have crucified alladiere after the start he had, och he will nae make it at this level.

and if you think his views often the only way some get the boro games have no effect then it is you who is dellusional.

Bernie i wasn't at the game but we were awful etc...

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 0:47
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

They don't target merson and judas as we know they have a grudge and an axe to grind so no boro fan would take anything they say about the boro seriously Slaven though is a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing which is the reason for this statement.

Ie, Bernie i like you as you are a realist tells it like it is etc...

er no you don't

Gamblor Posted on 3/9 0:48
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

probably because they're not on a series of programmes that were closely linked to the club.

sasboro Posted on 3/9 0:49
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

keith lamb has got personal with slaven for some reason. thats probably why he was happy doing the interview. probably they fell out behind the scenes and keith lamb is just trying to get his own back.keith lamb seems to have a lot of fallings out with ex boro players or ones just moved on. viduka and schwarzer were having a go at him about negotiations.

I dont see slavens opinions having a negative effect on attendances because he did it with brownlee who was way too positive and you would think he would help to increase the crowds. Already you can tell BBC tees are in the clubs back pockets.
Next summer the club wil have to find a different scapegoat for por attendance

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trodbitch Posted on 3/9 0:50
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

He had 10 hours of The Three Legends to get everyone 'on-message' before the 1 and a half hours we had to put him right. Too much time to fill, simple as that. People talk about him balancing Brownlea out, but doesn't that also mean that Bernie having an additional 10 hours to repeat it without Ali is unbalanced?

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 0:51
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

and repeat it he does over and over.

br14 Posted on 3/9 0:52
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I made a point of listening to the replay of the "Legends" to see if any of the negativism about Slaven is accurate.

To be honest I dont think it is. He was disappointed that the club allowed Viduka to leave (probably the reason MFC kicked Centyury out). It is hardly suprising since 75% of Boro fans felt the same way (I never did BTW).

I don't agree with some of what Slaven says and yes he can be negative, but that is hardly a sin. It is a requirement to be a pessimist to be a Boro fan isn't it?

The clubs handling of this situation is frankly pathetic.

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 0:55
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

The worst thing for me with Bernie, is his obvious lack of knowledge of football in general, and more importantly, goings on at MFC.

johnmcp Posted on 3/9 0:57
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I, too, have never felt disrespected by anything that Keith Lamb has said. I believe that Keith has as much feeling about the club as most fans. If he sometimes says things that some do not like, so what! He`s entitled to speak his mind.

If some fans stay away because of Keith Lamb, they are not real fans. I saw my first game at Ayresome Park in 1953. It would take more that a disagreement with any employee of the club for me to stay away. It`s the team I support. The rest is there to help the team to function and to finance it. Good luck to all employees and fans who make that possible.

The defeatists and malcontents who stay away are less in my eyes that skunks and moggies. I hope they take exception to that view. It wasn`t written as a compliment.

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 0:59
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I think even allie was starting to tire of his constant negativity that at times was just not valid. Afterall for those old enough to remember the wolf man in action will know that he was hardly the paragon of virtue on the field constantly off side whinging ball greedy and hardly full of running, the hypocracy he extols at times is simply breath taking.

great goal scorer though but again most of what he did was in a league below what we now enjoy, infact if an old pro pundit had moaned about him he would have been the first to hit back.

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Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 1:01
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Also, re: Tuncay, Aliadiere, Mido, O'Neil, Young.

Thank you Keith.

stevieNUFC Posted on 3/9 1:03
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Keith Lamb is sounding more and more like William Joyce every week."MFC calling... MFC caling... "

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 1:04
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I think in some boro fans eyes it is very polarised ie gibson for all the good things and lamb is at fault for all the bad, when in reality i think the truth is a lot more contrived do people really think lamb acts as a lone gun without backing from gibbo?

br14 Posted on 3/9 1:05
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

For heavens sake - Slaven is a part time media commentator who happens to have scored a few goals for the club as a player.

He is occasionally negative about the club. Would you rather he was like Macdonald? The club can do no wrong?

Slaven is complete inconsequential in terms of influencing people not to buy tickets.

The truth is there are a body of Boro fans who want us all to be as deluded as the Geordies and will stop at nothing until they've controlled all negative comments and thoughts.

Something like the Peoples Repulic of China. (Now why does that ring a bell?).

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 1:08
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Why shouldn't somebody at the club respond to his constant sniping?

br14 Posted on 3/9 1:09
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Whats more to the point is, why should they?

Why do they care what he says?

trodbitch Posted on 3/9 1:09
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I'm not even thinking about whether it sells tickets or not. I'd just rather have a journalist who might use whatever access to the club he gets to do some interesting work. Rather that than the bloke who I think just turns up at 5:55PM after a nap.

"Nah, I havnae read the papers, what's that you say?"

He must have said that every night!!

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 1:10
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Slaven is complete inconsequential in terms of influencing people not to buy tickets.

so does this include the well inever went bern but we were rubbish crew then?

RedWurzel Posted on 3/9 1:11
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I tend to agree with Bernie on most points. I think he loves the club and some of his wishes come across as negative. He behaves like a fan. I get the impression if Boro were playing in the Conference he would be with us

I wish they would all sit down and sort it out and with some compromises get it back.

I thought Century caused alot of the problem by preferring Newcastle and Sunderland on a Saturday.

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 1:11
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

He does come up with some hilarious innuendos when he gets a woman caller. That more than makes up for his lack of knowledge of current football affairs.

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 1:12
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I get the impression if Boro were playing in the Conference he would be with us

are you serious he likes us but he is a celtic fan have you ever heard him talk about them the way he does us.

trodbitch Posted on 3/9 1:14
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"Wass that? Linda? Oh hiya, couldnae hear ya over the sound of the hoover!"

The Mackem One: *creases up*

Malcom: Ha ha ha ha *iron lung noise* ha ha ha ha ha ermmmm.

br14 Posted on 3/9 1:14
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

He's a fan. His kids were brought up as Boro fans.

"so does this include the well inever went bern but we were rubbish crew then?" - They wouldnt buy a ticket anyway.

As for not having read the papers - that just means he's read less bs than most commentators.

Look I dont think the sun shines out of his arse - I just think he adds a bit of colour.

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 1:17
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Ok let's get this straight CENTRURY FM (north east) is a newcastle centric station it is the radio equivelant of look north, it never wanted the boro and only took the boro commentary to get a hook into the south of the region and beacuse newcastle and sunlun were already taken they always wanted newcastle why else did the legends start as it gave them an in into newcastle and sunlun fans even though they had no commentary and this power shift was sealed when they gave macdonald the lead role as that is his show make no mistake that is how alcy sees it.

Now there true colours are showing and they don't include us, let the geordies have it and we can get back to supporting our club

trodbitch Posted on 3/9 1:18
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

The man is a legend, but I'm not talking about him reading rumours in the papers, I'm talking about serious stuff by respected journalists. Did they have anything to say about Tevez? I bet it was along the lines of "It's a strange situation, isn't it? Riiiiiiight, onto our next 10 grand caller - Linda....*sound of hoover*".

Stepper_T Posted on 3/9 1:18
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven


trodbitch Posted on 3/9 1:20
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Camsell/Forza, I'm really glad you are back posting and I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but for the first time you have touched on boro/geordie bias and you said:

"Ok let's get this straight CENTRURY FM (north east) is a newcastle centric station it is the radio equivelant of look north, it never wanted the boro and only took the boro commentary to get a hook into the south of the region and beacuse newcastle and sunlun were already taken they always wanted newcastle why else did the legends start as it gave them an in into newcastle and sunlun fans even though they had no commentary and this power shift was sealed when they gave macdonald the lead role as that is his show make no mistake that is how alcy sees it." one sentence. I agree with you, but I laughed at the idea of you feverishly blasting that out! Good on yer!

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br14 Posted on 3/9 1:21
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"respected journalists" - isn't that a contradiction in terms

Camsell_345 - Century doesnt mind who it sells advertising to - whether they are in Newcastle or Teesside. They're in business to make a profit and they reckon they can ask more for adverts in Newcastle than they can in Teesside.

The have stations all over the country so it's hardly likely their commercial decisions are made by a bunch of rabid Geordies.

Having said that they have separate transmitters in the south of the area and so were happy to continue to broadcast Boro games.

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 1:23
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Thanks mate i have said for years that century never wanted us (the way they tried to take our boro phone and turn into a regional one), my dislike of all things geordie is pretty much as a result of the newcastle centric media the way we are somehow subservient to them and how our results are often delivered with snide barbed comments from newcastle fans posing as journalists.

.........and breathe

trodbitch Posted on 3/9 1:30
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Fair enough, maybe most journos are evil but there are good ones out there. My favourite is Henry Winter of the Telegraph. You can read his columns online (which I do after seeing him many times on Sunday Supplement) and he comes out with some good points. There *are* others too.

I'm not expecting a Slaven lecture on the state of football or him to launch into a breakdown of the Bosman legal ruling, but he really does fail on anything outside of the cone of vision that extends to what his mates can tell him about the boro, or what celtic have done.

The sounds of him laughing as he knocked Ali's headset off when we made Eindhoven stands out as what Bernie is, a fan. But you need a lot more than that to be able to stand up to 12 hours of scrutiny.

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 1:33
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Henry Winter is indeed an excellent writer who is a rare breed in the Uk sporting press he is genuinely knowledgable on the global game and not obsessed with just the prem he knows his stiff and is matser of his craft, seems to like what we are doing as well.

Scrote Posted on 3/9 1:34
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

the polarisation over whether slaven is good or bad is split along the same lines as the realist/negative viewpoints and as such is not really worth arguing about - there are those who will see everything boro do in a negative light (carling cup win papering over the cracks, not pushing on after a euro final etc.) and there are those who realise that boro are punching above their weight and need the support of everyone to keep it going

slaven is a very poor media persona and his obvious gripes with the club got far too much airtime and encouragement from the likes of 'linda' and mALCOlm mcdonald

the club have every right to criticise the people who are criticising them - especially when the criticism comes from such a close quarter and one that is assumed by many 'fans' to have its finger on the boro pulse

br14 Posted on 3/9 1:43
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"the club have every right to criticise the people who are criticising them - especially when the criticism comes from such a close quarter and one that is assumed by many 'fans' to have its finger on the boro pulse"

I'm not suggesting for a minute that the club should not be allowed to critisize whoever they want. I'm saying it isn't constructive for the club.

Slaven is in business to have an opinion. The club is in business to win football games.

As for the Boro club - you just have to look at the posters on the Boro boards to see that the fan base is a broad church.

Why are the opinions of one section of fans any less relevant than another? (Right or wrong)

onthemap Posted on 3/9 2:07
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Bernie just tells the truth, it just doesn't go hand in hand with the club money makers.
Wake up.

Scrote Posted on 3/9 2:41
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

the problem with some opinions br14 is that they ARE wrong - an opinion is based upon a reading of the facts - if the fundamental facts you are basing the opinion on are wrong then the opinion is wrong - regardless of how you want to dress it up

"Bernie just tells the truth" - what truth?

if its the thruth then there can be no counter to it - it is an opinion based on the facts as bernie chooses to see them - the simple fact that his facts are often faulty makes his "truths" as wrong as if he tried to prove the moon was made of cheese

i can hold the opinion that all black people are inferior to all white people - having the opinion doesn't make it true

slaven has an agenda and he will twist anything to suit that agenda - he doesn't have the good of the club at heart as evidenced by his massive negativity in just about every aspect of his reportage - and just because a large number of people on teesside are happy with his sniping the opinion gets no more truthful - everyone used to think the world was flat - did it suddenly become a sphere when people were able to prove it or was it always a sphere?

boro - the team - haven't been great for a while but we have not been as poor as slaven likes to make out for a long while - 10 seasons in the prem, a carling cup and a uefa final are the proof of that if any is needed

br14 Posted on 3/9 2:51
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I think theres a certain amount of overreaction. I'm not saying Slaven is right or wrong, just that he's paid to have an opinion about something that while important to us - is hardly earth shatteringly significant in the grand scheme of things.

I find his comments mildly entertaining and enjoyed the commentary on games from Ali and Bernie even though I knew every shot on goal and ball in our box was grossly exagerrated.

My guess is he's pretty happy with the change in style at the moment; but unhappy with Viduka and Yakubu leaving.

That makes him fall in line with the majority I would guess. I disagree on both counts but there you go.

That the club would make some kind of commercial decision because of anything Slaven said is absolutely astonishing.

PAC79 Posted on 3/9 3:06
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

In a way i could always see what Bernie was saying, be honest the football under Mcclarens reign was diabolical at times it was only the great cup runs which kept us going.
But all the negatives can get a bit too much. People who dont go to the matches were probably put off from going because of it.
Its a new era. New players, new style and now new commentators!
I for one believe Bernie holds this club close to his heart and was dissapointed with what he was seeing, well so was I. The difference being id talk to a few fans where he had the ears of thousands.
Now is a different story I have never gone into a season with so much positivity about whats happening, aint herd the wolfman for a while but after saturday i hope he feels the same otherwise he is just a whinging get!

Coluka Posted on 3/9 3:09
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Stepper talks total sense and i agree with everything he says to date

with knobs on

Coluka Posted on 3/9 3:11
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

AHEM - I should add

On this thread that is

ml79 Posted on 3/9 3:58
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

PAC79 bernie was over the moon by the way boro played on saturday he even said it was like watching real madrid, ali of course said we'll finish top 4, myself i'll be happy with top 10 and the good football we're playing at the moment and who knows with a bit of luck maybe top 7

PAC79 Posted on 3/9 4:04
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

glad to hear it, im still smiling after saturday. If we keep up the performances i can see a top 10 and maybe Europe. I couldn't see him moaning at all to be honest.

smoggy82 Posted on 3/9 4:40
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"are you serious he likes us but he is a celtic fan have you ever heard him talk about them the way he does us."

Celtic are in a different league (and the best team in it at that, in the Champions league aswell)--what is there to moan about? He moans about the Boro because its easy to. Everyone is entitled to a moan, so what? He's just another bloke whinging about his hometown club as much as Fred or Bob in the White Rose

joseph99 Posted on 3/9 5:55
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Whether or not you believe Bernie is a fool, honest, wrong or right with his views - he has proved to be a voice for the fans -representing many of the views I've heard down the pub, ironops, concourse at work - and not all listen to Century. Personally, I don't like the fella, he's a sweat and his kids wear Celtic tops.

HOWEVER - it appears that Lamb doesn't like to hear what many of the fans are thinking and saying so is using this as a stick to beat up Bernie. Perhaps if Lamb kept up to date with the general viewpoint of fans then maybe there wouldn't be a sea of red-seats at the riverside.

Lamb can be a fool! Too many of his PR statements are intellectually flawed and do the club more harm than good. In any other role he would've been moved on.

This rara viewpoint of Lamb being a messiah and Bernie being completely ill-informed does not help heal the rift between the club and the stayaways.

burydweller Posted on 3/9 7:39
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

How the hell has Keith Lamb disrespected the fans? he stood up to Zenden, were is he now? would not sell the club down the river to Viduka, and has backed each manager with new faces. He is also part of a superb mangagement team who wil not bow to agents, players whims or posturing from teams like Spurs.

There are too many fcuking moaning clowns in Boro, and half of them are on this board. If Lamb and Gibbo dissapeared tomorrow, within 5 years, we would get the club we really deserve, and it would be in leauge one, fcuking clowns, stop crying about the kit, the club, the players, the stadium, the prices, the directors, the list is endless

boo hoo...

moan moan...

burydweller Posted on 3/9 7:42
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Henry Winter has intergrity and is well informed, top journo and nice fellow

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 3/9 7:57
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Bernie tells the truth.
In Lamb`s eyes thats a crime.
Sooner Lamb is sacked the better.

Also, it`s rarely noted but Bernie praises Boro to the hilt when they win. The club has few better ambassadors.

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radiogaga Posted on 3/9 8:11
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I can't quite understand why this has come about now. Gibson has been on the radio with Bernie several times in recent years. If there is a rift, it is a recent one.

Bernie reflects the views of many fans, but on the whole is positive about the club.

Don't forget that Bernie done his bit to save the club along with those other players of that time.

Lamb has to take some responsibility for peeing off those long term season ticket holders who failed to get a ticket for the UEFA final.

prepman Posted on 3/9 8:25
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

who the fucck is bernie slaven,one of three fannies on century radio.

The_lawmaker Posted on 3/9 8:35
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"the only thing I would add to this that if the hierarchy of MFC really believe the comments of a radio commentator are to blame for falling attendances and pessimism then they really are delusional"

Best post on this thread. Do the club really think people would stop going because of a bloke moaning on a radio?

TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/9 8:42
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"Bernie tells the truth."

The number of times I heard Bernie talk utter crap, is the main reason I stopped listening to the three legends a few years ago.

He doesn't know basic things about the club that most fans know, getting his facts wrong, or allowing MacDonald to go off on uninformed rants about Boro, often agreeing with him.

I don't think Bernie is the reason for stay away fans, but would you think bout buying a season ticket after listening to him? If you didnt know better yourself?

As someone said up there, he would have rounded on Aliadiere already, and for me isn't it strange that there isn't a boo boy target this year?

"Lamb has to take some responsibility for peeing off those long term season ticket holders who failed to get a ticket for the UEFA final."

The clubs hands were tied to an extent, some of the people who didnt get tickets really should have imo, but if you talk to Man U, or Liverpool fans, they are used to it. The simple fact is, us on our own could have filled that stadium and it shouldn't have been considered, let alone used for the final. I know Gibson/Lamb have talked quite openly about how the UEFA cup final cost the club fans.

Cockney_Barra_Boy Posted on 3/9 8:47
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

People have stopped goign because they were just jumping on the Robbo bandwagin and have now got bored.

Nothing to do with Bernie (though the man is a tvvat), nothing to do with Lamb.

There are maybe a couple of thousand who might return if we show some improvement (which we are) but the rest are happier sat at home bitching about reasons they have stopped going to mask the fact they are just part time fans.

Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 8:47
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I disagree with you The_lawmaker, for those who didn't go to the game there main perception came from Century Radio. Bernie a hero for a lot of people, myself included, would be very negative. A lot of times I could understand where he was coming from, it was sometimes very frustrating. What Bernie never seemed to do was balance things out with regard to what the club has achieved in recent years, cup finals, carling cup, European matches. The stuff of dreams for many of us.

The football was sometimes shocking, but it was sometimes brilliant. I've often thought Bernie was very negative, especially with some of the big name players we recruited. I don't know if there were any sour grapes, but it sometimes sounded to me if there was.

Bernie was a great player, one I enjoyed to watch. He had his good games he had his crap games, as did the whole Boro team. I wonder how he would have felt if some ex-player slagged him off on the radio.

The_Commisar Posted on 3/9 8:52
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Do MFC see Slaven as the cause of dropping crowds ?
Do MFC see Slaven as someone who is disrepectful of the club, it's staff and what it's trying to achieve ?

You have to ask what has happened behind the scenes that has made an organisation that rarely does it's dirty washing in public, make such public statements in the one publication that gets directly to it's core supporters ?
I wonder how many private warnings Slaven had before MFC went public?

Slaven needs MFC more than MFC need Slaven, they have now publicly said he has no knowledge or information about the club or it's players. I wonder how longe before he gets dropped by Century in favour of someone that MFC will talk to?

The 3 Legends.
Stopped being interesting about 2 years ago.
If it was a horse someone would have done the decent thing and shot it by now.

sasboro Posted on 3/9 9:05
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Funny thing is people form an opinion on what slaven says before he even says it. he was very positive of the performance on saturday. he thinks mido is the business,arca and wheater were excellent. to may people choose to ignore his positive comments because they are too busy getting uptight when he says stuff like Lee isnt good enough or we were poor against wigan.

slaven was always saying under smac we were dull, he got stick. but now it seems we all agree with him including gibson and southgate.double standards

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The_Commisar Posted on 3/9 9:26
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Slaven managed to get himself a reputation as a moaner, you could almost write his post match summary long before the game
MoM - Downing, or another acadamey player if Downing wasn't playing, if none available a British player, then as a last resort some foreign player, whose name had to be said through gritted teeth.

Anyway, it's over and done with now.

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Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 9:28
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

sasboro I could equally say you think Slaven is balanced because he supports your glass half empty outlook.

As far as the Boro is concerned I try to be as balanced as possible and take a pragmatic approach. I enjoy football, have pride in my region and support my local team. Luckily for me my local team is in the top division of English football. Which in some ways is a bit of a miracle because twenty odd years ago there was nearly no football team at all. What's even better, the club is in one of the most successful periods in its history. We box above our weight, as our unfashionable club competes with some of the big names in football. We have a chairman who is ambitious and a real fan.

That aside I have sometimes had to watch some crap games, see substitutions that make no sense. Watch over paid players under perform. Sometimes I feel really pissed off with the club, the players and the management team. Who doesn't?

I can understand why the club are a bit pissed off with Bernie, hes like an advert for negativity on the radio, week in week out. That of course is my opinion, which no doubt differs from yours. But there you go.

simon1586 Posted on 3/9 9:29
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I think this is just anoher cheap shot from the club, an embarassing attempt to control the local media. I do not see Slaven as a great commentator, he is somewhat inarticulate and can be quite irriataing but when the team is poor he will say so. If he thinks something is wrong at the club he will say so, they should be able to deal with that.However they can't because they are not sufficiently professional so they just want tame media.Slaven is extremly positive about the team when they play well. I find it as distateful as the comments about Viduka and Yakubu, all at odds with comments from the manager. If they were as bad as Gibson is now telling us why did we try so hard to keep them. If Gibson knew at X-mas we wouldn't sign Viduka due to his demands why was Gareth on tenterhooks believing he would sign.As far as I am concerned these comments from the highest level cheapen the club.More bad PR.

mowgli69 Posted on 3/9 9:45
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I was at an evening with slaven and brownlee last month at marske workies....and slavens continual theme was how much damage lamb is doing to the club. How he knows this I don't know, but this thing between them has gone too far and needs to be sorted.
In reality lamb has been involved in bringing in Boro's best ever players, hey maybe he's ballsed up a few times...maybe not, but we should let them get on with what they do and do what we're supposed to and support the club. If you can't go then you can't, if you can then get behind the team and start raising the roof each week.

ramble over.

Boromart Posted on 3/9 9:46
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

There is obvious bitterness between Century/Slaven and the Boro. Everyone knows that Bernie wanted a job on the coaching staff years ago, and Boro didn't think him suitable...probably because as a player he had no tactical knowledge whatsoever, in fact he didn't even understand the basic rules of the game. The biterness is ingrained.

Now that biterness has been cranked up as Slaven doesn't get to commentate on the game and his position as a media spokesperson has been removed. But lets get things right the club don't owe Century Radio or Bernie Slaven a living. If they are not happy with the coverage they are getting they have every right to look elsewhere.

As others have said Century is now Jawdee-centric. It's by Jawdees for Jawdees. Slavens position at the station is now no more than Alcy McDonalds stooge. Although much of what he says may be his own opinion, I get the impression that he is hamming it up to keep his paymasters happy. Take the business about the Jawdees chants last week, especially the 'pea-dough' ones. He lived in Boro at the time that happened, and he is well aware of the local feeling, did he chastise the Jawdee fans for it - NO. He has sold out.

captain5 Posted on 3/9 9:47
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

mowgli - didn't Slaven also say that Century made a crap offer for the radio rights originally??

If he didn't, my boss is a liar.

The_lawmaker Posted on 3/9 9:48
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Good post simon.

Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 9:51
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Good post Boromart

The_lawmaker Posted on 3/9 9:53
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Great post micky.

Captain_Moonlight Posted on 3/9 9:57
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I don't think he cares about the fans

the black bull, yarm
Keith Lamb walks past, i've just got there so im sober

ME: any signings this summer keith
lamb: how much have you got?
ME: about 460 mate ;)

he gives me a funny look n walks off

bandito Posted on 3/9 10:03
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Bernie is quite a confrontational character and gibson and lamb dont do confrontation so the best thing is for them to simply brush him under the carpet. It's got personal now.

sasboro Posted on 3/9 10:22
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

did anyone listen to him on century yesterday? he was very positive and thinks mido is the business. still i dont expect the anti slaven brigade to notice when slaven praises player. ring him up and ask him what he thinks of schwarzer,mido,wheater,taylor,arca,mido,downing and he says nothing but positive things.

Get your blinkers off and actually listen to all slavens comments not just the bits you want to hear.

Keith lamb going public and getting personal with people is quite common with kieth lamb makes him look unprofessional. Pity he decided to use Rob to do it. I expect on wednesday gibson to deflect any criticism onto slaven. Seems to me gibson.lamb and southgate all sat down together over the summer and thought of a plan as they all seem to be just finger pointing at the same people and think that exciting football will bring 10,000 fans back.
How about if keith lamb likes to dish out criticism in public then how about he listens to the fans and take criticism on board himself. Its such a shame that lamb always has to resort to getting personal in the media. I suppose he is just protecting his position yet again.

Like i said before seems they have targeted slaven as teh scapegoat for a poor season last year. who is going to be this summers blame with slaven out the way? Who are people on here going to moan at instead?

Club are feelign the pressure so they are trying to silence and censor anyone who wants to debate and queastion things when we lose or play poorly.

It just makes me laugh that for 4 years slaven got so much stick on here for saying under smac it was dull and boring football. but now the club and fans on here seem to see that now as southgate is going total football..etc DOnt some of you think slaven is owed an apology?

bandito Posted on 3/9 10:24
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Lets remember aswell that Lamb came out and basically said we dont care about the stay away fans and then a week later came creeping back with his tail between his legs. He is our version of the Iraqi leader - comical Ali.

simon1586 Posted on 3/9 10:29
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Simple scapegoating really but it is disapointing to see how many people buy it.

Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 10:31
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

sasboro, Slaven did have the luxury of being able to air his views every week on the radio, slowly chipping away. Why can't Keith Lamb speak up or do something about it?

Keith Lamb seems to be a whipping boy for a lot of fans, easy target I suppose. Gibson is a Saint so who better to blame when things aren't going well.

Let's see how the Boro do this coming season, if they do well Southgate and Gibbo will get the praise, if they do badly I'm sure Lamb will get the flack.

I didn't like McClarens style of football, I still don't. But I can't get away from the fact he was successful.

Things are looking better at the moment, it's early days but the signs are good. I hope we continue to do well, play exiting football and win a few fans back.

bandito Posted on 3/9 10:31
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I think Lamb and Gibsoin should come out and tell salven to calm down and take off his rose tinted specs after his gushing praise on sunday of the WHOLE team.

sasboro Posted on 3/9 10:32
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

they have managed to silence slaven but wasnt birmignham the lowest ever premier league crowd at the riverside? seems like ditching century has made it worse

sasboro Posted on 3/9 10:36
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"sasboro, Slaven did have the luxury of being able to air his views every week on the radio, slowly chipping away. Why can't Keith Lamb speak up or do something about it?"

whats he slowly chipping away. slaven praises when players and the team play well..why do some people continue to ignore those bit. next time we play well tune into their show on sunday and make notes of slavens comments and you will be surprised.

funny how a lot of people claim to never listen to century/slaven anymore but seem to hold strong opinions. how do you know if you are either at the game or dont listen to the show

boroboy75 Posted on 3/9 10:36
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I bet the non-attendees can't stomach listening to the awful Radio Tees commentary. Gary Gill FFS

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bandito Posted on 3/9 10:38
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

every rank bad pass by a boro player on tees is met with a comment of "unlucky, I can see what he was trying to do there"

In other words - best not upset the applecart

Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 10:41
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Sasboro, I've listened to the new show only once and found it very entertaining and up beat. Didn't listen yesterday though.

I stopped listening to the Legends a few years ago, even then I would only listen to it now and again.

But I did listen to the post match summary and phone in after nearly every home game, for at least the last ten years. I have formed my opinion on Slavens attitude over the past ten years. He's not going to be everybody's cup of tea and I'm sure he'll lose no sleep over it.

Boromart Posted on 3/9 10:44
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

quick question Sas, when were you last on the clubs side in a debate?

If the club let the media say whatever they wanted without fighting back people would whine at the lack of PR and media management that is going on. If the club fight it the same people whine that the club is acting petty.

They just can't win in some peoples eyes.

Why on earth anyone thinks the club owes Slaven an apology is beyond me. Does Slaven owe Rochemback an apology every time he has a good game, what about Bernie apologising to the club and Smac for getting us to a UEFA cup final?

Slaven has of course got the right to have an opinion about the club. The club also has a right to have an opinion on him and radio station he works for. It probably is all getting a little petty, but thats there collective prerogatives.

Regarding the club blaming Slaven for falling attendances. Thats silly, it isn't a single factor that has seen attendances fall, it's multiple reasons of which Slaven/Century are one of them, probably one of the smaller ones.

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sasboro Posted on 3/9 10:48
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

over last few years there have been some shocking home performances and results so rightly so get criticism. and the general concensus (also from mfc) after smac has left is that the football was dull and boring..which is what slaven was saying.we lost quite a home games in recent years. and also we have only finished in teh top half once in about 8 years.

sasboro Posted on 3/9 10:51
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"quick question Sas, when were you last on the clubs side in a debate?"

last season when everyone on here was wanting us to match vidukas wage demands.

also the uefa cup final ticket allocation. club got a lot of blame but it wasnt their fault.

shall i list the players i never criticise too?

i can go on.

i know people tend to block out any praise i give out on here cos they only read the bits they want to here for me. its the same for slaven on the radio

"Regarding the club blaming Slaven for falling attendances. Thats silly, it isn't a single factor that has seen attendances fall, it's multiple reasons of which Slaven/Century are one of them, probably one of the smaller ones."

In your opinion what are the other reasons for falling crowds?

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Boromart Posted on 3/9 10:55
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I guess it's not what he says, but the way he says it sas.

He paints things very black or white. We either play excellant and he appreciates it, as a backhanded compliment (usually having a dig at someone like Rchy - why doesn't he do that every week etc.), or we were poor. There is never any middle ground.

Regarding top 8 finishes, this is the prem and we have far less investment and financial backing than most teams. I think we have done well to acheive what we have.

captain5 Posted on 3/9 10:56
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I haven't listened to a lot of his commentary so can't really comment on them, but from the Legends when I've listened he's a bit like you, sas, in that when he's talking about Boro he's quite happy to take on board the negative side of an argument.

He's also happy not to question someone making inaccurate comments to get their point across. Two weeks into last season somebody rang up and said that Yak hadn't scored for six months, to be met by a "Yeah, that's right" from Bernie.

Somebody commented that we'd made good signings this summer compared to Sunderland (which I think most would agree with) who had spent 35 million. What was your comment on that matter??

sasboro Posted on 3/9 10:57
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

again i will say you should have listened to yesterdays radio show.

funny how no one admits to listening to it when slaven is praising

captain5 Posted on 3/9 10:58
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Even you must have enjoyed Saturday's game. What could he say??

bandito Posted on 3/9 10:59
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

its like when wenger says "I didnt see it" so he doesnt have to criticise his players!

Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 11:01
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

I for one can't admit to listening to yesterdays show unless you want me to lie. As I said I did listen to one show the other week and found it very up beat.

Bernie has always had a bit of an attitude in my opinion, possibly a bit of a chip on his shoulder. I have heard him say positive things about players and the Boro, but he has general air of negativity.

sasboro Posted on 3/9 11:04
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

so now slaven is out of the way, who is the new target. terry cochrane? merson? townsend?gary gill?

Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 11:06
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven


sasboro Posted on 3/9 11:07
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

no chance. i've had it in the neck for about 4-5 years now. still not got rid of me

captain5 Posted on 3/9 11:07
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

How's Bernie out of the way??

He's still on the radio over 10 hours every week.

Boromart Posted on 3/9 11:11
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Sas why does there have to be a 'target'. The clubs senior management are trying to promote an air of positivity about the club in the hope that it elevates us. I'm quite happy for them to do that even if it means treading on the toes of some poor quality radio personalities who have made money by doing the exact opposite then so be it, collaterole damage.

you obviously have a huge chip on your shoulder regarding the clubs current senior managemtn. Thats your prerogative, I know they could do better than they have, they have made mistakes,but I am willing to trust them because we are miles ahead of where we used to be and 'better the devil you know' is such a truism.

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Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 11:18
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Some interesting views on this thread, and i will echo those praising the new show on sunday i listened and it was excellent but that was on the southern transmitter (ie playing to the gallery) the legends (although as above i stopped listening a few months before gatesy was axed) is a the regional one and after reading what happened after those chants and how bernie although not agreeing with alcy certainly failed to castigate him over it showed that he will dance to who ever pays the tune, and on Newcastle Fm that is not MFC.

boroboy75 Posted on 3/9 11:22
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

It's a bit of a shame that Lamb has stooped so low to personally berate Slaven in a fanzine.
What have they done for the Boro? bernie scored loads of goals whereas as Lamb was the clown responsible for our deduction of three points.

sasboro Posted on 3/9 11:23
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"you obviously have a huge chip on your shoulder regarding the clubs current senior managemtn"

not at all, why should i? I just think the club isnt doing the best it can to get the best out of things on and off the pitch. CLub are still stuck int eh attitude as a reagional club with a fan base only upto 10 miles away. I'm an ambitious person and believe in continuously pushing on and improving and spotting areas that can be improved. Probl;em is mfc dont want to push on and are happy being a local club. Premier league is a global brand we have a squad full of foreign international and they arnt taking advantage of it. the club want every penny they can get but commercially i dont think they are not upto it at the moment.

Lets all listen to century tonight and see hwat slaven says. bet he is very positive

Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 11:30
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

In your opinion what should Middlesbrough Football Club be doing differently sasboro?

The way I've see it as a club/brand we have moved forward. We can't do anything about the club being in Middlesbrough, Lamb can't do anything about the local social and economic factors. What they can work to, is getting Middlesbrough football club on the radar by qualifying for European competitions, getting to finals and winning cups. By no means are they perfect but I bet some of the so called big clubs whish they've had some of our recent success.

Gillandi Posted on 3/9 12:10
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"personally berate Slaven."

How soft and sensitive must you be Vinny?

I expect Bernie will thank Boro for their "sensible and measured" handelling of the situation - like NUFC have just done.

Keith Lamb was the cheif exec back in the day, when we had to get rid of Bernie for his divisive and negative influence in our dressing room. He could drag all that up if he wanted to personally berate him. Or mention his rank failure to get even the pre-liminary coaching badges.

While Boro celebrate their 10th consecutive season in the Prem, Bernies now effectively working as a pundit for NU and SA FC.

His refusal to condemn their racist fans last week showed exactly where his loyalties lie now.

I wonder when Lambies Boro silver jubilee is.

I for one will be getting the bunting out because I think the boys done brilliant.

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20_Briggsy Posted on 3/9 12:14
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Exactly what I've been saying about Slaven for some time, I'mglad someone official has finally come out and said it.

Gillandi Posted on 3/9 12:16
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Even if we hadn't played like world beaters on saturday....and lost 2-0, Bernie would be positive tonight. He'll be on a charm offensive now, trying to ingratiate his way back into our affections.

I think I might listen again tonight, for the first time in 3 years, just to hear him crawl.

bandito Posted on 3/9 12:32
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"Or mention his rank failure to get even the pre-liminary coaching badges"

he never failed. He couldnt be arsed to complete them

Revol_Tees Posted on 3/9 12:37
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Nice guy or not, I'm afraid Slaven was just another inept pundit off the never-ending production line of ex-pros who have no concept of subtlety or critical balance. See also: Redknapp, Lawrenson, Ian Wright, etc etc. His trademark tendency to constantly accentuate the negative was his undoing.

But if the club chose not to renew Century's contract purely because of Slaven, that amounts to corporate censorship, which I'm uncomfortable with. On the other hand, I can also see their point of view. As far as Middlesbrough Football Club is concerned, Slaven was a one-man bad publicity machine.

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bear66 Posted on 3/9 12:40
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"Keith Lamb is sounding more and more like William Joyce every week."MFC calling... MFC caling... "

Interesting observation.

Slaven is obviously a Boro fan - most of his comments have elements of truth - his punditry does lack depth of insight at times, as did Brownlees. Brownlee came up with some mind numbing 'positives' after some rubbish games that cost our family 100 to watch.

These boards are equally polarised with those with rose tinted glasses and doom and gloom merchants - if Bernie and Ali have to go, get rid of the majority of fans as well . . . if that is the plan it's working well so far!

The football is looking better this season (apart from the Wigan debacle) - the football will ultimately do the talking and hopefully the club fully begin to realise that PR, good or bad, isn't the making of a successful club.

Micky_Boro Posted on 3/9 12:48
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Ali is at the opposite end of the spectrum to Bernie, his optimism and ability to find positives out of a disaster does no damage to the club. Most people just laugh it off and think that's good old Ali Brownlee. Where as Bernie's sometimes equally unrealistic views are listened to.

If advertisements didn't work then do you think the amount of money would be spent on them. Bernie had the platform to peddle negativity before, during and after games.

As you quite rightly say bear66 "the football will ultimately do the talking". But like it or not PR does matter.

Camsell_345 Posted on 3/9 12:55
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven


Question rather start a new post on a simillar topic

Did slaven ever tell fans to stay away?

I have heard others say he did and seen posts on sites saying he did but i can't recall ever hearing him say it as this would be a serious issue and may well have been the final straw for the club.

bandito Posted on 3/9 12:57
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

nope, he has never ever said that. He has said on occassions I cant blame the fans for leaving early and also said it would be a long hard summer but that is it. Anything wrong in that?

boroboy75 Posted on 3/9 12:58
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

He never told them to stay away. He understood why they did though.

Well done Keith Lamb, he helped get us relegated, and allowed players to randomly insert clauses into their contracts, and said he wasn't bothered about season ticket holders.

deano99 Posted on 3/9 13:07
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

i was at a house party and keith lamb was in attendance i think it was rioch or lennie l. era. Being young and abit drunk i spoke to him. My idol at the time was slaven. Even then he could not say a good word about him. I could tell he really disliked the man way back then so i am not suprised with whats happened with century.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 3/9 13:18
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

"Well done Keith Lamb, he helped get us relegated, and allowed players to randomly insert clauses into their contracts, and said he wasn't bothered about season ticket holders"

You really believe all that, or are you just playing up to your usual messageboard persona ?

bandito Posted on 3/9 13:21
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

didnt you realise Lizards that Keith Lamb was in goal that season for twenty games and also played centre half. he also failed to hit the target in his ten appearances upfront so he is to blame.

boroboy75 Posted on 3/9 13:24
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

He'd probably have done a better job than the likes of Whyte and Vickers if he had played.

boroboy75 Posted on 3/9 13:24
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

He'd probably have done a better job than the likes of Whyte and Vickers if he had played.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 3/9 13:25
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

Yeah, If only he'd have signed a centre half earlier then we'd have been OK.

He needent worry about inserting clauses into the contracts, after all players were that desperate to play for us they wont have worried about a contract tying them to the club for life.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 3/9 13:25
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

So it wasnt all Lambs fault that we got relegated then ?

boroboy75 Posted on 3/9 13:31
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

When all is said and done, Lamby gave Bryan Robson the nod not to bother turning up at Blackburn.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 3/9 13:37
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

It seems pretty obvious that it boils down to a personal grudge between Bernie and Keith. Bit silly and petty really when as Lamb said in his interview, we all want to see Boro do well.

Boromart Posted on 3/9 14:06
re: Keith Lamb/Slaven

" Lamby gave Bryan Robson the nod not to bother turning up at Blackburn".....err surely that decision could only have been made by Gibson