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jam69 Posted on 3/9 14:06
time for the club to scrap

cat a games,this would be a start and as sth get a good saving compered with the standard price wouldnt upset them either,also a look at reducing the 18 price for kids would help.wouldnt cost much to give current kids sth free cup tickets or some cash back? other than that theres not much they can do price wise that wont upset sth

guyr Posted on 3/9 14:17
re: time for the club to scrap

how about first two home games in cup included in Season Tickets,
a discount all season in club shop,
recent article by Gibbo saying Viduka wages would have been half of gate receipts for the season, i worked out as approx 14 per person gate fee, that cnnot be right surely?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 3/9 14:22
re: time for the club to scrap

The season is under way and the season tickets sold.

There's still 16 games to bring in more fans on the day, especially the blokes with kids. We've got to give some thought to it.

Fullerene Posted on 3/9 14:25
re: time for the club to scrap

The skunks system where they are offering you free entry to all cup games for the next 2 seasons if you start paying for next seasons ticket now, by interest free direct debit is a good system. Some may say it smacks of desperation for money but at least it shows some inovative thinking. Would I be correct in saying our monthly direct debit is still at a high apr?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 3/9 14:32
re: time for the club to scrap

Never mind the season tickets for next year. It's about filling the ground up this season that the club needs to do.

Fullerene Posted on 3/9 14:38
re: time for the club to scrap

But the first point was correct - get rid of the A games. These are the ones the casual fan is most likely to attend, break the habit of not going and get the bug back; the prohibative pricing works against the club in this case.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 3/9 14:46
re: time for the club to scrap


Fullerene Posted on 3/9 14:56
re: time for the club to scrap

get the local boozers involved. Give them tickets for competitions, winning karaoke (we need the singers), quiz night etc. In return get them to offer discounted drinks on match days if you produce a season ticket or even a match day ticket.