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Mattyk50 Posted on 7/9 23:01
growing a tache

im 24, but i think the time has come to grow a mexican bandito style tache.

what do you reckon??

kazzaxxx Posted on 7/9 23:01
re: growing a tache


elnino1 Posted on 7/9 23:02
re: growing a tache


Mattyk50 Posted on 7/9 23:03
re: growing a tache

all positive so far

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 7/9 23:07
re: growing a tache

I don't think you can go wrong with a 'Mad Twatter' But it's all about personal opinions

Turner_86 Posted on 7/9 23:08
re: growing a tache

mad twatter

I'd quite like a but of rough facial hair allover, like a sort of roy keane style, but I can only grow stubbl;e on me top lip

Mattyk50 Posted on 7/9 23:16
re: growing a tache

so its all thumbs up for far then??

im aiming for a john wark look

camperman Posted on 7/9 23:18
re: growing a tache

i had one about 15 years ago but when i got alopechea half of it fell of during the night, i didnt realise it at the time as id been muff diving our lass and just thought it was pubic hair i was coughing up till i looked in the mirror, i ended up shaving the other side of before i went to work in the morning.

Orlando2Boro Posted on 7/9 23:20
re: growing a tache

Here you go matty print it out and put it on your bathroom mirror for inspiration.

Link: tache

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 7/9 23:24
re: growing a tache

My beard goes off tomorrow morning but not before we go through The Goatie, The King Charles, the Mexican, The Earl, and the Hitler

Looking forward to the pics if not the pain!

Turner_86 Posted on 7/9 23:25
re: growing a tache


pierreuk Posted on 7/9 23:30
re: growing a tache

I reckon you're watching Jonathan Ross.

susy Posted on 7/9 23:31
re: growing a tache

I was thinking of shaving mine off!

Mattyk50 Posted on 7/9 23:33
re: growing a tache

pierreuk... all inspiration comes from somewhere!

i havent had a shave for a few days so might as well keep on going!

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 7/9 23:34
re: growing a tache

Now that's a propper Mad Twatter Suzy

susy Posted on 7/9 23:35
re: growing a tache

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is a mad twatter?

Turner_86 Posted on 7/9 23:45
re: growing a tache

mad as a

Link: twatter

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 7/9 23:45
re: growing a tache

Mad Twatter is a character in Skins with a cracking tash

I apologise about the other reference - being childish

susy Posted on 7/9 23:50
re: growing a tache

Thanks, it looks lovely. No need to apologise but thanks anyway xx

Mattyk50 Posted on 8/9 0:12
re: growing a tache

should i keep going then suzy??

susy Posted on 8/9 0:19
re: growing a tache

To be honest Matty im not really into facial hair on chaps, it tickles and I think it makes you look older but not in a good way

Sorry if i've not said what you wanted to hear

Mattyk50 Posted on 8/9 0:23
re: growing a tache

its ok, im not doing it for girls

susy Posted on 8/9 0:31
re: growing a tache

bit of a bum chum are you?

Mattyk50 Posted on 8/9 11:14
re: growing a tache

merv hughes look is so in