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Salford_Boro Posted on 8/9 14:53
Read this regarding a hereford fan

do you think he's a bit p1ssed off?
A Hereford Supporters Ridiculous Plight

Today I, Martin Watson, received a phone call from Graham Turner, manager and chairman of Hereford United Football Club.

The phone call related to a post on the forum made by the user Loveibull on Saturday evening, regarding the announced gate for Saturday's match. Mr Turner holds myself responsible for the content of the post and, effective immediately, I have been banned from Edgar Street for life.

The post was not made by me, nor pointed out to me, prior to the phone call but I am expected by the football club to be wholly responsible for it despite the fact that, to the best of my knowledge, I have never met the person that actually made the post. Therefore I have no choice but to close this forum.

This forum will close at midnight on Wednesday night in order for supporters to arrange an alternative forum for themselves, should someone wish to take the responsibility. The post in question has been removed as per the accepted UK legal precedent known commonly as 'notice and takedown'.

I would like, at this stage, to confirm once again that neither Chris Powis (ExLandlord) nor Graham Goodwin (Organic Bull) or any of their family members have any involvement in the ownership or control of this forum. It is a seperate entity to the Bulls News site that we all contribute to. Chris, a 50 year veteran of Edgar Street, and Graham have done fundraising work over the last 12 months for the club and I would hate them to be dragged into a situation that they have had no involvement in whatsoever, as has been suggested by Mr Turner.

Prior to today's events I had been a season ticket holder at Edgar Street since 1984, a member of the Vice Presidents' Club since my father's death in 1993 and, for ten years, an unpaid committee member of the Hereford United Vice Presidents' Club - eight of them as Secretary. I had provided numerous IT services to the club, in my professional capacity, free of charge including equipment during the club's tougher times and also assisted in the supply of inflatables to the Open Day in order to raise money for the club where previously the inflatables had usually lost money. None of these thousands of hours of voluntary work appear to count for anything anymore.

I've taken a few bits out the contact details etc of how to get in touch with the club as I think it's more hereford untied concerns nothing to do with Boro

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benidorm2boro Posted on 8/9 14:59
re: Read this regarding a hereford fan

salford boro,is this you who has been banned?

Salford_Boro Posted on 8/9 15:02
re: Read this regarding a hereford fan

nah mate, I was wnadering around the forbidden zone (sshhh keep it quiet I was on the other board having a look at QPR) and I found it. Not sure what was written and how it ended up on the QPR board like.

glippy Posted on 8/9 15:02
re: Read this regarding a hereford fan

The ban has now been lifted after he apologized. Some of the more irresponsible, attention seeking posters on here should maybe take note.

Salford_Boro Posted on 8/9 15:04
re: Read this regarding a hereford fan

I take it this has been going on for a while then?

Grrreds Posted on 8/9 15:06
re: Read this regarding a hereford fan

If I was Martin Watson I would tell Mr Turner to stick Hereford United and Edgar Street where the sun doesn't shine.

RedWurzel Posted on 8/9 15:10
re: Read this regarding a hereford fan

Its been big headlines in the local paper here.

I think a poster accused the manager who is part owner of the club of taking money meant for the club. The poster had no facts, but that not new on fans forums is it? It was hard on the site owner who can't check every post. On the other hand is someone accused you of theft which ws untrue you would want action taken.

Salford_Boro Posted on 8/9 15:12
re: Read this regarding a hereford fan

Very true WR. it';s the first i've heard of it. When Rob ran this site he posted several threads on similar subjects so I suppose it's a warning for everyone.