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Mattyk50 Posted on 9/9 19:26
gorilla on the drums

is the best advert i've seen for a long, long time!

markiemark666 Posted on 9/9 19:49
re: gorilla on the drums

Yeh i agree, top advert, the tunes ok aswell.

Dann020 Posted on 9/9 19:50
re: gorilla on the drums

it is class but the monkey on the drums is it the latic pri ck that has been floating around the board recently????

Rod100 Posted on 9/9 19:51
re: gorilla on the drums

quality advert but i dont get the link to cadbury chocolate?

anyone able explain it?

Dann020 Posted on 9/9 19:52
re: gorilla on the drums

its what happens to animals once they eat the chocolate

Rod100 Posted on 9/9 19:54
re: gorilla on the drums

cheers dann020 - thats cleared things up for me lol.

TeeJayEss Posted on 9/9 19:56
re: gorilla on the drums

The emaphasis of their slogan 'A glass and a half of milk in every bar' has changed on the advert to 'a GLASS and a HALF FULL'. (see the beginning and end of the ad).

This is a reference to the optimist / pessimist outlook on life.

At first you feel sorry for the gorilla, thinking he is sad. Only when he starts drumming do you realise he was actually psyching himself up for pure joy on the drums. His glass is half full.

Fcuk knows why it's a gorilla though!

Rod100 Posted on 9/9 19:58
re: gorilla on the drums

aah - now i see. havent seen the whole ad only the gorilla going ape (sorry) on the drums.

edit - its still a weird way to advertise chocolate though.

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daveyarge Posted on 9/9 21:07
re: gorilla on the drums

Well, you are talking about it so it has worked. Not so weird after all.....

dibzzz Posted on 9/9 21:13
re: gorilla on the drums

Gorrila on drums.

Link: Gorrila on drums

Jillian Posted on 9/9 21:20
re: gorilla on the drums

I had a geordie workmate mention the advert and go on about how she thought it was cruel to use a gorilla in the advert, until I explained it wasn't a real gorilla and was infact just a regular monkey wearing a gorilla suit. It took her a few minutes to realise what I'd said, during which she said (and I quote) "well its just as cruel to use monkeys like that".

Bless her.

mowbrays_number_4 Posted on 9/9 22:18
re: gorilla on the drums

king_hellfire Posted on 9/9 22:56
re: gorilla on the drums

TeeJayEss, nice explanation,but he's playing drums for Phil Collins surely thats a glass half empty kind of situation :-)

addison_road Posted on 9/9 23:03
re: gorilla on the drums

That boy has got attitude!

Kidsbelly Posted on 10/9 7:30
re: gorilla on the drums

It doesn't matter if there's NO link at all between the Gorilla and chocolate! The point ALL remember the Gorilla...and the drums...and that the advert is for chocolate! Those that made the advert will be sitting there, and quite rightly thinking "job done!"

Geordinho Posted on 10/9 7:37
re: gorilla on the drums

The new Hellmans mayo advert is better

hendrie86 Posted on 10/9 9:08
re: gorilla on the drums

its not near as good as gary linekars new walkers advert! haha

i'm kidding, that is one shocking advert!

bandito Posted on 10/9 10:13
re: gorilla on the drums

first time I'd seen the advert this morning and it is absolutley brilliant