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Mattyk50 Posted on 10/9 22:12
Fahrenheit 9/11

really interesting film.

doesnt tell the whole story, but at least it tells it from a different angle.

Mat_Evans Posted on 10/9 22:15
re: Fahrenheit 9/11

yep, watching it now. wasn't expecting them to show that bloke getting his head chopped off mind.

Stepper_T Posted on 10/9 22:15
re: Fahrenheit 9/11

It is interesting, but with a set 'agenda' and I have read lots the totally debunk much of what is claimed.

Mattyk50 Posted on 10/9 22:17
re: Fahrenheit 9/11

true, its cleverly edited and things are taken out of context to paint a strong anti-bush / anti-war message.

... but not on the scale of the pro-war agenda!

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paul1986 Posted on 10/9 22:27
re: Fahrenheit 9/11

Shock and Awe!!!!

Mat_Evans Posted on 10/9 22:31
re: Fahrenheit 9/11

whats the's incredibly graphic.

MyBoro Posted on 10/9 23:29
re: Fahrenheit 9/11

A very good one sided film.

Senor_Chester Posted on 10/9 23:38
re: Fahrenheit 9/11

It's completely one sided and Moore does have his own agenda, a bit of a shame really as if it was done even handed it could have been better IMO as they is a lot of corruption in the US government I'd imagine.

Still I'm sure half the thick yanks will lap it up as the other half do the same with Bushes bo11ocks.

moxzin87 Posted on 10/9 23:45
re: Fahrenheit 9/11

In an ideal world there'd be dozens of films like Fahrenheit 9/11 coming out every year; maybe each pushing their own agenda and spin but with the audiences being able to judge between all of them. Trouble is, its only Michael Moron who has the wherewithall and the nous to truly make and sell a successful political documentary, so we're stuck with it.

Its vital to have Michael Moores throwing bottles at the stage from the back of the theatre - but its very dangerous if he's the only one doing it.