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A_New_Era Posted on 13/9 13:32
Jason Bourne

is better than Jack Bauer

bigtl_billingham Posted on 13/9 13:35
re: Jason Bourne

Tricky question that Esky

I posted similar question a few months back on here .,.,,,
Who is harder, Bauer, Bourne or Mclaine

Have you seen the latest Bourne movie yet ?

richyNUFC Posted on 13/9 13:36
re: Jason Bourne

i think it was a statement rather than a question.

kermit_the_smog Posted on 13/9 13:36
re: Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is solid

Some_Strange_Gadgie Posted on 13/9 13:37
re: Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne makes James Bond look like a big nancy boy.

A_New_Era Posted on 13/9 13:49
re: Jason Bourne

Yes ive seen the new Bourne film, its superb, and Jason Bourne is a legend. I stand by my decision, Jason Bourne would kick anybody elses arse, and would look cool doing it

BlackWolf Posted on 13/9 13:51
re: Jason Bourne

^^ agreed but, then John McClane would say Yippie Ki Yay and Bourne would be dead.