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Mattyk50 Posted on 13/9 13:44
go on KP!!

three reverse sweeps in a row...




captain5 Posted on 13/9 13:44
re: go on KP!!

Ian Chappell doesn't sound very happy with him.

dischof Posted on 13/9 13:46
re: go on KP!!

I thought this was going to be about peanuts!

Captain_Moonlight Posted on 13/9 13:47
re: go on KP!!

go on kp

Link: King Phillip

tarquin_foxglove Posted on 13/9 13:51
re: go on KP!!

They showed during the Ashes that he changes his hands round, so it is in fact a right hander playing left handed and doing an orthodox (left handed) sweep.

If you get my meaning.

So possibly even more sensational.