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Spoff_MFC Posted on 17/9 10:01
Anyone Had Their Tonsils Out?

My Mrs had hers done last week.

Obviously following an operation there is pain and discomfort. but she has developed a cough and is bringing up a lot of flem.

the hospital just packed her on her way, no info on what not to eat or do.

Found some stuff out from the internet and spoked to my GP.

But does the above sound about normal from what you experienced?


Spoff_MFC Posted on 17/9 10:40
re: Anyone Had Their Tonsils Out?


Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 17/9 10:51
re: Anyone Had Their Tonsils Out?

I know it sounds simple but basically things that are easy to swallow.

It's a long time since I had them out, but I was started back on mince and mashed potato, ice cream, soups etc. As soon as the wound heals she'll be back to her best.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 17/9 11:01
re: Anyone Had Their Tonsils Out?

Cheers mate, appreciated.

Em_Ef_Sea_1986 Posted on 17/9 11:15
re: Anyone Had Their Tonsils Out?

i had mine out about 18months ago.
i was ill for a little while afterwords with a cough and flem. its somthing to do with your tonsils being a first line of defence and your body learning to cope without them.

i'll probs get shot down for this but...contrary to comon belife you dont want food that will slide down your throat easily. you'v got to remember that where your tonsils were are open wounds. they need cleaning. my surgeon told me to eat a lot of toast and drink plenty of water. the toast (or similar) scrapes the wound clean (yes its painfull)....defo worked though. i dnt quite know how it works, i thought loose bits of toast would become lodged in the wounds (as will any food, easy to eat or not)...but this wasnt the case.

anyway i hope she gets better soon, the same for my spelling

Spoff_MFC Posted on 17/9 11:41
re: Anyone Had Their Tonsils Out?

Cheers, I was told similar by someone here at work.

The doctors haven't said a thing anyway.

She's not had toast, but has been nibbeling on dry frosties for the same effect.

Nixon_the_Bike_Thief Posted on 17/9 11:55
re: Anyone Had Their Tonsils Out?

tell her that youve been told Man Relish speeds up recovery and is full of vitamins !

Good luck

Spoff_MFC Posted on 17/9 11:59
re: Anyone Had Their Tonsils Out?