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Spoff_MFC Posted on 17/9 15:34
Superman Returns

Two Hours and Twenty Eight Minutes, you have got to be having a laugh.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 17/9 15:37
re: Superman Returns

It seemed longer.

Too much sloppy shiite in it, just like the last Spidey movie - who the fouk wants to see Mary J singing etc.....b0110cks.

tunstall Posted on 17/9 15:41
re: Superman Returns

it was disappointing - not enough flying about saving the day - too much brooding over some bint who decided to marry some chinless-wonder

kevin spacey stole the show

Man_Eating_Fish Posted on 17/9 15:42
re: Superman Returns

liked the part when the bullet hit his eye...highlight of the film

King_Creole Posted on 17/9 16:17
re: Superman Returns

I enjoyed it but any fan of superman would realise the film doesn’t actually make sense. How is it his ‘earth mother’ is still alive when she died in the earlier films?

I heard it is set in between Superman 2 and 3 but if this is the case then how is Lois Lane married with kids? She wasn’t married with kids in superman 3.

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Captain_Moonlight Posted on 17/9 16:57
re: Superman Returns

its set after superman 2
as if superman 3 never existed silly boy
i thought it was wicked me
can't wait for the next