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mr_r_soles Posted on 19/9 9:45
Amy Winehouse

Looking stunning again

Link: Dicky would

lisboalegend Posted on 19/9 9:45
re: Amy Winehouse

rick4974 Posted on 19/9 9:52
re: Amy Winehouse

is a tramp, is a tramp is a tramp
amy winehouse is a tramp, she's a minger!

dicky200006 Posted on 19/9 9:53
re: Amy Winehouse

I dont c the problem.

rick4974 Posted on 19/9 10:00
re: Amy Winehouse

come on dicky lad, she is fiicking horrible. easily that ugliest female singer in the business.

mr_r_soles Posted on 19/9 10:01
re: Amy Winehouse

Is she female

McCann_87 Posted on 19/9 10:02
re: Amy Winehouse

Looks like a bloke!!

dicky200006 Posted on 19/9 10:02
re: Amy Winehouse

I was only joking.

dibzzz Posted on 19/9 10:02
re: Amy Winehouse

I's snort coke off her baps!

wokingmassive Posted on 19/9 10:06
re: Amy Winehouse

Christ on a bike! Is that her - or her brother? I was so shocked I nearly dropped my fish and chips on the floor. I like her music, and normally she looks O.K - but that photo is shocking - have seen better looking things come out of a tramps nose.

The_Needle_Threader Posted on 19/9 10:07
re: Amy Winehouse

looks like Russell Brand!!