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TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 22/9 3:45
FAO all Welders and Platers

Hello Trev Harrington, Best looking Welder on Teesside here, I've worked on all of the yards and most of the Sh@t jobs (tinklers ahem) over the last 20 odd years. I was just wondering what you're all up to and where you are working these days??? I'm in Brisbane now, and loving it. I've been here for nearly 4 1/2 years. (Hey diddlee dee no more welding for me)

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 22/9 7:36
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Now Trev hows it going mate,its your old pal Mark A from Acklam
now living in Stainton.
Last spoke to you in the Issac Wilsons a few years back.
Been working as a Prod Tech the last 7 years for Huntsman,worked with you on SLP when i was a Plater.
Thing is mate me and our lass and the kids are emigrating to Oz
next year,she is a Nurse and has been offered a job in Sydney already, thing is she wants to go to Melbourne as her best friend is there.
If i can't get a job in Process i will go back Boilermaking as they are crying out for them in Oz.
Rather stick to Prod Tech but i'm game for anything,the idea is to rent my mansion out for a year and get a sabbitical for a year.
Our lass has got one off st james cook hospital but i'm not sure whether Huntsman do em.
Anyway don't want nothing to come back to if we don't like it so it seems the best idea, the property ladder is a mean feat these days.
If all goes well hope to buy a nice pad out there,prefer Sydney meself but you know women,i have realtives in Perth,but her mates in Melbourne.
Remember John Upex the Scaff from SLP, he is off to Perth next month to live,its our lasses Uncle,seems a lot of English are heading your way.
Got your e-mail address so i'll drop you a line trev for a few tips, hows your mate Tempo doing
See Millsy's out there too eh,was talking to his younger brother last week.
Anyway tek care Gadge.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 23/9 5:55
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hello Mark, get yourself to Brisbane, it's the best city in OZ and a lot cheaper than Sydney and Melbourne for property and the weather is great all year round 22c in winter, and very laid back. Melbourne is freezing in winter and Sydney is to much like London. I was reading an article the other week and it said record numbers of Brits had moved to Oz last year with the biggest number being from the Boro. I could just eat a Ling Yans from trimdon Avenue

3ginandtonics Posted on 23/9 10:01
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

liddle 7 yrs at huntsman you have only been there 7 minutes ? you started last december ish ,off to oz they will love you especially your very good work ethic , how was thailand heard you where there last month on your own again eh , got no friends.
if it does not work out in oz you can always go back to seal sands , you where loved there ?.

joseph99 Posted on 23/9 10:07
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev, is one of your best mates Pat, who also lives in Oz?

Reading1967 Posted on 23/9 10:11
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Liddle exagerating his past

now theres a first

lagerpig Posted on 23/9 10:14
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trevs best mate is his dinner plate, stacked to the top!

lagerpig Posted on 23/9 10:21
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

alright MA, RH here [plater] now offshore so missed game Off to Oz? last time we talked in lisbon thought you said were splitting with missus! The only tips you,ll get off Trev is about FOOD you should see the size of him! Nearly as big as you when you were offshore [rig pig]

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 23/9 11:16
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Are you Trev Harrington who served his time down Smith's Dock and originally from Normanby?

If so your looks must have improved some what.

Reading1967 Posted on 23/9 11:19
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Has Trevor got a brother called Kevin ?
cos he was a real fat fooker
until he slimmed down to a pig

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 23/9 12:38
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Joseph- yes one of my best mates is Pat. He lives just up the road from me on The outskirts of Brisbane. I had to carry him home again last night after the Boro game.

Hey Rich lagerpig, call yourself a plater hahaha, you couldn't plate up a good dinner. PS I had a cracking Parmo last night In the Pig and Whistle Brisbane. I suppose being offshore kept you out of trouble, you don't need any more silver medals hahaha.
PS I'm back down to my fighting wieght again, and The Brizzy Shielas can't get enough of me

JoeLaidlaw- I'm not old enough or ugly enough to have worked at Smiths Dock. My cousin Les Atkins did though (Baby Haystacks)

Reading- No brother called Kevin. I ate him.

joseph99 Posted on 23/9 12:43
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev: is that Pat.B?

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 23/9 12:47
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Yes Joseph it is Pat B. Could you give me a clue as to your ID
Are you Joe S Plater???

joseph99 Posted on 23/9 12:49
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I know you Trev: I went to your farewell shindig. I'm John's brother.

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JoeLaidlaw Posted on 23/9 12:53
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

You don't mean Les Atkins 'The Lurcher' do you?

He's living down in Devon/North Cornwall area the last I heard of him.

I could tell you many a tale about Les from our days at the Dock together and then later travelling to away games in his Skoda.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 23/9 12:56
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Joseph-are you John H's Brother??? give me a clue? I like all this talking in riddles.

Joe Laidlaw- Yes thats the one and only Les Atkins. PS I look f@ck all like him hahaha, he's a real character is Les

joseph99 Posted on 23/9 13:01
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Yes! In fact I have to dash, he's just had a compound fracture on his arm and needs some emergency surgery! He's upset. I have to take him some overnight stuff.

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 23/9 13:04
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I was going to ask if you had the family resemblance.

I got out of the welding game some 6 years back now after a daft accident that knackered my back.

I went back to college and uni where I studied Counselling and Youth Studies and are now working with the harder to reach community.

The pay is good and the conditions (if you don't mind being verbally abused now again) are a lot better than any of the cushy numbers you could think of.

I got a phone call a few months back asking me to go off shore for an agency and the thought of returning to the tools made my blod run cold.

I some times miss the banter of all the lads but when I think of some of the shat I have had to put up with and the bad BandBs, I soon realise where I am better off.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 23/9 13:04
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Joseph- send him my best wishes and tell him to stop wanking and the arm will be OK

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 23/9 13:10
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Joe Laidlaw- Even his family have no family resmblences hahaha. You've made a good move getting out of welding. Especially if you have ever had the miss fortune to weld up Lagerpigs work, He may be slow but he's rough. You must know Big Simo the Plater from Smiths Dock??? now he is rough

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 23/9 13:16
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I know Simmo very well, still see him at the odd game.

Well you wouldn't be able to miss that head.

Do you know Tiger Wyke, Johnny Peacock, Tommy Noteyoung, Mick Newton, Mick and Johnny McNicholas, Mick Leadstone?

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 23/9 13:22
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

JoeLaidlaw- yes I've worked with Mick Newton and Tommy Noteyoung over the years and a few of the other names ring a bell, then again so does Quazie Modo (Spelling???) Big Simo is a great character, he's worked everywhere once hahaha

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 23/9 13:31
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Anyway it's Sunday night 10.30, here in Brisbane and time for bed (I have to keep my youthfull looks in tact) So please leave your insults here and I'll catch up in the Morning. NiNight

Reading1967 Posted on 23/9 13:39
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

i must know you lot as i know all them names well
Little hatstacks what a laugh clip of him

but could he play table tennis or what

i was weldinf for a while got out and have been in inspection for years still live in normanby though

joseph99 Posted on 23/9 17:01
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev: I'll tell him you've surfaced on here. He's had a double compond fracture in his forearm after falling off his bike - he's been in training for a Vietnam bike tour - he's absolutely gutted.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 24/9 0:46
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Reading- Yes Les was brilliant at Table tennis and was picked to play for England but injured his leg on a railway line somewhere (not sure if drink was involved)

Joseph- I remember him telling me about that tour when I was home at Xmas, I'm gutted for him. Tell him all the drugs in Vietnam will help with the pain

dibzzz Posted on 24/9 11:04
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Well done Trev, I worked ot Seal Sands sticking pipes together 18 year ago.

I'm now a freelance webdesigner.

Had to get out of the welding game, you never see an old one do you?

Enjoy your new life.

All the best, ;o)

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 24/9 12:13
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

And well done to you Dibzzzz, the fresh air is much better than all the Low Hy fumes and Gouging fumes, as well as all the Shoite the jumped up little hitler ish Supervisors try to dish out. Oh how they change when they think that they have a bit of power. Poachers come gamekeepers or what. I haven't come across to many decent Welding supervisors on Teesside in my time there. Any way less of the welding I'm off to the beach, to catch some surf hahaha.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 24/9 12:33
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

So how do you earn your dosh now Trev ?

told our lass i fancied becoming a beach bum,while she worked

all the hours

She was not impressed

Mind you ritchies right you do look a big lad in them pics

You getting Newboulds pies sent over ?

As for the Supervisors down the Yard's your right there was not
many good eggs

Most of em had their heads up their @rses

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 25/9 0:09
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hello Mark, I've just had a late growing spurt. It's all the good living and the fact that you just feel like your on holiday 24/7, and you know how much you grow on holiday. I was welding on a local refinery (on Staff) for the 1st 2 years, and it was a great job and very laid back. but have since retired and become a house husband (lazy b@*t@rd) and the wife brings in the $$$$$$$$$. It's a hard life but someone has to do it, I would recommend it to everyone.
PS there's not many Welders or Platers coming on, but I guess they're still doing 7 12's hahaha

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LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 25/9 22:38

You have the right name their Ritchie

last time i was with you yer were rolfin in to the sick
bag on the plane back to Teesside from Lisbon

I was the poor coont sat next to you

Can you remember the hotel all the lads were drinking in

we had to stop you pi$$ing over the piano when that gadge was
playing it

the plant pots got it instead you mad fooker

See the 3 M's has escaped that charge for the Spurs v Chelsea ding dong at parsons green eh ?

What about the hardest man in boro off to live in Perth eh

wonder what warburton ell have to say eh

You keep workin hard anyway yer big coont

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TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 26/9 6:38

Tut tut tut Lager Pig some things never change!!! A better name would be kids belly.

billybalfour Posted on 26/9 8:56

Hi trev, if you worked in slp you will know dessy leak and his sons and family? roll on

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 26/9 9:31

Give Largerpig his due Trev

We did have a fair few scoops

I remember Dessie Leak

One of the better blokes down SLP

billybalfour Posted on 26/9 9:39

Aye he's a 'MARVELOUS' guy

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 26/9 12:32

I got myself Blacked for 4 years from SLP for rapping after 5 days to go to Lin Din (a great move) I remember Jimmy Stirrat a Scottish welding gaffer saying you won't get back son, so I said f@ck off you idiot. (They always take it personnel when you rap??? but it's OK for them to bladder you) I got back when the Big Ship conversion came in but I was the last of 320 welders on the books, so didn't try and make a career there hahaha. Years later when SLP and most other yards had shut down, there wasn't much work in the area, and I was testing out at Tinklers (worst job in the World) and there was Jimmy hahaha and he even had the neck to say "hey sonny weld the root run in my pipe" as to which I laughed my head off and said "F@ck off you idiot" He failed but still got a start, what a Nob. I had a few stints down there when it was Davy Offshore.

PS who is-are the best characters you've come across in the welding-Plating game???? I'll start with Bagga the welder, what a knock out, should have been on the stage. And Big Simo the Plater always good for taking the pish out of the gaffers, he's worked everywhere once.

billybalfour Posted on 26/9 12:43

The name bagga rings a bell, i think he worked down hereema, my mate was paired up with him, i think he,s the one who used to pull scaff clips out his boot after he'd been moaning about having something in his boot

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 26/9 12:53

Bagga from Thornaby, great laff

Worked down Heerema with him

Little Ian Graham,Spannys best man was always a knockout

Offshore for psn at the moment

Big Simmo was one dumb coont

But he couldn't half wind the Geordies up on site

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TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 27/9 0:16

Billy was one of the young Leaky's a kick boxer, from the Norton area??? I remember him.
Simo is also great at ripping the pish out of the Hartlepudlians.
Another great welder character I used to work with was little Jacky Marsden from Norton. He walked around Lin Din for 3 months with his rod oven under his arm, pretending to go for more welding rods. He didn't do any welding in 3months, luckily the young lad he was working with was keen hahahaha

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markof_dboro Posted on 27/9 0:19
re: FAO all Welders and Platers


Lothian_Red Posted on 27/9 7:32

Hiya Trev - its Andy in Dubai i was chatting to you on here the other day. Great link - great memories.

Bagga indeed - he once tried to convince me that the Wurzels were a supergroup and they performed an outstanding gig at Wembley in 1982 supporting Madonna. He also (as part of my apprentice welder programme) tought me how to kneck a pint of guiness in one in record time. Cant do ot now like takes me a good 20 minutes.

As for those nasty foreman did you ever come accross Tazza at the Port Clarence site - shed 3 I think. Miserable nasty man he was.

Funny enough I had the welding institute visit me at the academy here in Dubai the other week wanting to set up a welding school. Brought back some memories ill tell ya. kind of miss that blue light in a sick sort of way.


LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 27/9 9:13
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Frankie Baven - The Legend

was the steward on SLP who got em the rise - before he got chased

couldn't weld to save his life

He welded some overhead brackets one day and the welding inspector came around

Said to Frankie, that's the worst welding ive ever had the displeasure to come across

Frankie said,come with me i'll show you some i did yesterday

still creases me up that one

Also remember the Black Cloud Gang

Right greedy bunch of w a n k e r s

juicy luicy and willie copeland, the tightest man in Billingham were gaffers on the North sea producer

Willie got caught sunday about tea time lifting the papers out of the lads bait cabin,greedy coont

Scaff seen him, so every time he was marching the fpso the scaffs up above would shout THIEF,THIEF,

About a day later everyone was doing it

even over the radios
Willie was looking sheepish and often went red

Think it was Phil Suggett who started it

Willie was that tight he squeaked when he walked

Black Cloud alright

Ive Sh_it em

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billybalfour Posted on 27/9 9:26
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Aye trev, thats dessys youngest son, he,s working down london at the mo.
his brothers at booths on nights and dessys on for cordell over phillips, ive known them for a few years , i'm a time seved plater (arc-tic milburn) but went doing curtain wall fixing back in 1992 ish could'nt stand fab shops, to be honest on my first ever day plating (16yo) my boss (barry whitelock) took me dowm the prep shop and give me these approx 120mm thk bosses to clean and stamp, approx 450 dia, they wieghd a ton and were still hot, i started at 7.30 and i hated it and thought wtf am i doing here at 7.45,
Ive mentioned the curtain wall cause you may remeber dessy sons working away doing it now and again, i used to get them a fix when they were stuck, im out that gane too now, im draughting civil and structural

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 27/9 12:22
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hello Andy- Good to hear from you. All that guiness must have affected you if you miss the blue light, I know a great doctor who can help you. I worked for Tazza in his last few months before he retired and he was great and a totally different bloke from the Tazza I'd heard about, I think he was just going through the motions. Andy don't tell me that the Wurzals didn't play at Wembley??? Bagga looks like a Wurzell at work hahaha. He always sleeps in the locker rooms on every break, I'm sure he's got Lockers in his bedroom instead of Wardrobes. I've had a few sessions with Bagga, he doesn't eat, if he gets hungry he just has a few pints of guiness. Top bloke.

Liddle Towers- Frankie Baven, the Leg End, what a cracker hahaha, he even used to carry his own Business cards with welder extrodinaire on them hahaha he said that There were only 3 things he couldn't weld- The Crack of dawn, a bridge to far and a broken heart hahaha .I remember him telling us the story about when he worked on the Sultan of Bruni's (spelling) private boat welding the gold handrails, he said the money was crap but he got to keep all of the rod ends hahaha, I'm sure he believed himself. A bigger danger to metal than rust.

The Black Cloud Gang- I always got on well with Juicy, but couldn't work old willie out, a strange egg. I remember working nights at Port Clarence, and the payslips came round at dinner break, 5 of the Black cloud sat together, and 1 of them noticed that he'd earned 50p less than the other 4 for the same amount of hours, god there was hell on, unbelievable.

Billy you made the right choice mate, the crack was good but the jobs were sh@t. What was the name of the richest family at SLP??? The dad drove the big forklift, the mam ran the canteen and all the sons worked there and the daughters worked in the canteen as well. they never missed a minute. I remember going into the canteen early one morning to order a breakfast and one of the fat daughters had her hand down her pants raking at her minge, and then carried on making fresh Scones,(spew) I never ate there again.

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LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 27/9 12:38
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Barry Whitelock from Arctic Milburn

Now he was a top notch Coont

Sacked more people than Fooking Alan Sugar

Mattyk50 Posted on 27/9 12:43
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

this threads like another world!

coffdrop Posted on 27/9 12:44
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Re: "You don't mean Les Atkins 'The Lurcher' do you? He's living down in Devon/North Cornwall area the last I heard of him."

Last I heard he was in Plymouth. He made it to be England's No. 4 in the table tennis stakes before his injury. The injury happened just before a major European cup game for North Ormesby or it may have been just before an international match for England.

I remember starting him off with table tennis when we were on holiday (aged 12) in the Isle of White. I taught him how to hit low shots with spin over the net on a serve, I was hammering his dad in the process. His dad threw his bat into the net in frustration because he couldn't return my serves and refused to play me again, accusing me of cheating. Les got the hang of the game pretty quick on that holiday.

Hey Trev how's it going, I'll try to ring on Sunday (if we don't sleeep in), Just got back from Turkey this week and we're babysitting the twins on Saturday.

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Datsun_Dave Posted on 27/9 12:53
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Ha ha sounds good crack working with you fabrication chaps !
Know who bagga is he drinks in a few pubs in Thornaby, remember one of my mates telling me he got a job up at scotland in a rig yard i think ? turned up for the journey with his bermuda shorts on and a set of golf clubs over his shoulder ! Must be a knock out working with him day in day out not to many charachters like him left people are too serious now !

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 27/9 12:57
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Contracting away from home was great crack

You met some great Loons in your time

Most were from Boro like

I could fill a fooking book with some of the tales

Ive come across some right pi$$heads

billybalfour Posted on 27/9 13:00
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Aye LIDDLE he wer'nt the nicest of gaffers did you work for him?
He used to get stressed and regurgitate his fish n chips into his mouth on the afternoon,
his fav quotes were 'at the end of the day' and 'we needed it yesterday' he used to do my feckin head in

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 27/9 13:10
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Never worked for him,but plenty of lads i know did

I would not have entertained Milburns or Tinklers [sorry Trev]

Funny how most gaffers want everything yesterday

Usually the lazyiest coonts going too when there on the tools

All got short memories

Reading1967 Posted on 27/9 13:40
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Les Atkins dad"" "garth" now he was a legend called his wife the Lioness
i heard Les was working in Falmouth

coffdrop Posted on 27/9 13:55
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

He might well be in Falmouth Reading1967, our side of the family pretty well lost touch after his father died, at that time Les was in Plymouth.

doublevisionashcroft Posted on 27/9 13:59
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I have just been reading this post with Intrest , I served my time at smithdock( welder) and know most of these guys , I know Tiger and his brother Spike, some of the other gaddgies , Colin( Tab hunter) Eddie ( the Rooster) also Spanky , Paki, Platers Ave and little steve ( Thumbalina) but you could never forget Peter Bacon he would fight his shadow just like the cartoon in Viz

I left welding 20 years ago when we were made redundant and thought i would never work again but i have never looked back

SmogontheThames Posted on 27/9 14:09
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Been interesting reading all these posts...cant really say I've heard any of the names but been a former Plater myself I can agree that the laughs and the characters on the shop floor made up for the job. Time served at Head Wrightsons Thornaby early 80's and then did a stint at Boulby that was a shoite hole!!! Got out of the trade by the time I was 23.

Datsun_Dave Posted on 27/9 16:05
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Another Bagga storey was the time i clocked him stood at the bar dressed only in his dressing gown and slippers, been the guy he was i just thought it was another of his crazy stunts. Later found out his Mrs had hid all his cloths to try and stop him going out but i guessed it never worked !

billybalfour Posted on 27/9 16:24
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I can feel a flash coming on

doublevisionashcroft Posted on 27/9 18:32
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Always remember at a union meeting a guy called Ian ( cant remember his surname ) used to knock around with eddie mason ( the rooster) stood up in the middle of the meeting and said

I just applied for a job at so and so and they said come back in the spring i told them i'm a welder not a f#@k ing daffodil

lagerpig Posted on 27/9 20:03
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

alright trev, the forktruck driver was mally hudson died about 6 year ago cancer i think mind you he had a rolly in his mouth all shift long! also came to work in a sporty jag, davy,s/slp was his life even came down on days off His wife was called Dot, nice woman she loved the coin to! Smogonthethames RH here from the linny, you still with the reading girl we met on holiday? baconface conway gone back to san diego as draughsman (ex smith dock)

Nedkat Posted on 27/9 20:22
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Anyone remember a certain Joe Rigg ?

mfctraveller Posted on 28/9 0:19
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hi mate have just sent a message to roo roos how about a fundraising night on 22 Dec for the Disabled Mini Bus appeal,
I will bring a signed Boro shirt and a signed Oz shirt (Swarz Jones and Vid ) to be raffled or auctioned. Let me know

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 28/9 1:31
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Datsun Dave- Bagga turned up for that trip to Scotland in the middle of winter as you said with his bermuda shorts on and golf clubs and sun glasses on, the whole bus pished themselves hahaha

Reading- "Garth" was my uncle and he was a character, Mad as a march hare, where do think Les got it from.Les is working at Falmouth Shipyard now.

MFC Traveller- That sounds like a great idea, we're looking at having a big night out just before Xmas, I'll get back to you on that subject.

Double Vision Ashcroft- That union story reminds me of a meeting I was at. The shop steward announced that he'd been in a meeting with management and that they would be reducing the workforce by 50%, An Irish Welder called Tommy shouted out "I didn't think that there was that many people working here" The whole place errupted hahaha. There were a lot of Bacon's in The welding Plating game does anyone remember any of their names???

CoffDrop- Hope you had a nice time in Turkey, back to babysitting the twins again, hope you're all well and speak to you at the weekend

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 28/9 5:10
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

MFC Traveller- you can email me about the Xmas night out fund raiser

Joe Laidlaw- tell me a few tales about Les, and everyone else tell us your best stories

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SmogontheThames Posted on 28/9 8:16
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hi RH yeah I know you, hows things with you. No not with the Reading girl I met on holiday, but married another one I met down here. Do the usual lot still get in the linny and the clevo, hobbo, modge, Gary B, swez etc I take it John H is still in New York....will be back in the Boro at the end of October...cant wait for a few pints of Ayinger Brau!!!!!!!

Lothian_Red Posted on 28/9 8:27
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev - there was a Stevie Bacon he used to frequent the Appletree think he had an eye injury and went long term sick. Last time i saw him was about 7 years ago in Issaccs he seemed a bit down on his luck. He was in the RON night shift crew when I knew him. The tw@ts took me to the Theakstons brewery as a young lad and got me in such a state that apparently i colapsed on the bus on the way back. A very messy night alround that was.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 28/9 9:37
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Lothian-Red I remember when I was at Port Clarence, Stevie and another welder had split up from their wives, so they moved into the pub over the road near the Transporter (can't remember the name of the pub, I think I've been away to long). It was really funny, as we'd go in for a pint after work and they'd be sat having their tea and a pint with their slippers on in the Bar, waiting to go on Night Shift. I think their was a welder called Nicky bacon as well, he was almost charged with being The Yorkshire Ripper hahaha, what a funny story that was. I'll put it on here when I've got a few hours spare.

coffdrop Posted on 28/9 12:24
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev: Was Nicky Bacon Scottish?

When I did a stint at Redpath Dorman Long around 1972, a college holiday job, there was a Scottish welder there who went off to Bradford for a weekend and didn't get back to work until the Wednesday or Thursday, he claimed he'd been arrested and held by the Bradford police in connection with the Yorkshire Ripper case.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 28/9 12:51
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

CoffDrop- No he's not scottish, at least he didn't sound it when I last worked with him in the late 90's. He was working in Wales when he was roped in anyway. That Jock must have been pulling a fast one

coffdrop Posted on 28/9 12:54
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

That's what we all reckoned at the time. I'll have to ask uncle Colin about it sometime, he'll probably remember it, unless he was pissed at the time. :-)

lagerpig Posted on 28/9 13:03
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

alright SOTT yeah still get in linny hobbo,s usally in the clevo or rugby club Not see modge much only wehen visiting dickie dotch swez lives over yarm there mic pops in Keep missing gary b as he,s in azerbegan me off shore so cycles clash! Call in linny when your home, god i could murder a pint of AB now!

Lothian_Red Posted on 28/9 13:11
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

TTrev was it Charlies bar? - I think he had signs for it stuck on the main port clarence sign at Portrack roundabout. "Three Double Maxim please luv" bloody hell seems like yesterday..

SmogontheThames Posted on 28/9 13:21
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Cheers RH, yeah I'll pop in when I'm back.

Reading1967 Posted on 28/9 13:38
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

It was the Queens Hotel run by Charlie Mather right character tried to burn the place down for an insurance job

Sure Charlie hung himself , shame he was a wide boy but allright

TeessiderSeasider Posted on 28/9 15:49
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Marzie - better welder than his old fella Jackie (Shallom)

Reading1967 Posted on 28/9 15:52
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I was the second best welder on Teesside

TeessiderSeasider Posted on 28/9 15:56
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Jack Marsden was the best

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 29/9 0:12
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Jackie Marsdons lad (Gary) was a good lad, I worked with him on the A1-M1 link road bridge. Mind you I use the word work in the loosest of terms, we just used to rig the welding gear up for night shift (1 hours work) and then talk for 9 hours. I remember working with Jackie at C R Fab's (now RES), There was a pay off and Jackie should have been on it but he never got his pay off letter so he just kept going to work, 3 weeks later the manager saw him and said, "you should have been paid off 3 weeks ago" but Jackie said that he didn't get a letter. The manager went into his office with jackie to look for his letter, and found it, it had fallen down the back of his desk hahaha. CR Fab's was my 1st job after my apprenticeship at ICI Billingham. when we left ICI we were told "you'll have to start working for a living now" How wrong they were. My first shift at CR Fabs Acklam works near Lin Din was unreal. I was the only welder working when an empty beer can hit me on the head, I looked up and all of the other welders told me to stop welding, They told me that all I had to do was find welds without Welder ID numbers on, and write mine on them. I think I did 1 days welding in 3 months. I didn't work one weekend but got payed for every Saturday and Sunday? Usually about 5 tradesmen would work the weekend and clock the other 300 lads on and off, those were the days hahaha

I remember him trying to burn the Charlias down, he did a fiver's worth of damage hahaha

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addison_road Posted on 29/9 0:17
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Why are welders payed so much? could train a monkey!!

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 29/9 0:28
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

All of The Monkeys became Riggers and Scaffs, but they never worked in Hartlepool

addison_road Posted on 29/9 0:35
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

To be honest I know loads of welders,scaffs and riggers,and their all thick coonts who don't deserve that rate off hooligans most of them!

parmoandstella Posted on 29/9 0:35

TREV DO U KNOW A MR FLOWERDEW...WORKED AT LINTHORPE DINSDALE (LINDIN) AND CLEVELAND OFFSHORE. if so thats my dad. He was/still is a plater/eretor, he got a 1 an hour more than the lads across the river for burning, marking off, 100 up all that carry on !!! meanwhile i have followed in his footsteps

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TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 29/9 0:44

Parmo and Stella- the name doesn't ring a bell?

Addison-Road You should have stuck in at school mate, and maybe you could have made it as a welders mate. Why do people worry about what other peolpe earn.

parmoandstella Posted on 29/9 0:47

TREV, just a few names my dad has mentioned as old mates, alfie sherwood erector/plater (deceast), joe patterson, thomas berry, mick duff, ian andrews...all boro lads.

addison_road Posted on 29/9 0:51

Sorry got It wrong....arn't welders the one's fooked about at school??

parmoandstella Posted on 29/9 0:56

addison_road, behave yourself will u before this ''RIGGER EXTROADINAIRE'' slings you about abit will u !!!

Lothian_Red Posted on 29/9 1:18

Addison - so tempted to rise to the bait but guess you have been through this post and just don't get it so I assume you are trying to be clever and contraversial or maybe you are just too young to know better.

I left the welding game some time ago through circumstance and like most other people I worked with in the 80'S AND 90's I am doing ok but I still hold the highest regard for my profession that got me on the ladder when I left school.

I wasnt a slacker as you suggest I just didnt fancy uni and had a bit of an open mind about which path to take. Hence I took to wearing the Kromer and bandana.

The "intellectualllly challenged" folk you refer to were a massive influence on my career and I wouldnt swap 1 minute of it. 100% for certain a Uni route would not have made me head of the academy work for now here in Dubai. And 100% some of the f@ck wits I have worked with who portray themselves as "management" could not lace the boots of some the welder folk I had the pleasure of working with in the good old days.

Oh dear did I say I wouldnt rise to it. Anyway - if you can be ar@ed Addison et al the moral is dont pre-judge its not big or clever and not all welders were/are thick good for nothings.


addison_road Posted on 29/9 1:21

Young?...thank you.

Lothian_Red Posted on 29/9 1:45

Addison By that I assume your not so young after all. In that case you should know your heritage and know better. Tonight I spent most of the evening defending the english and boro race against a torrent of racist abuse from scotish and welsh rugby type folk (wan@ers). People like you make me wonder if its all really worth it.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 29/9 2:15

Addison- Thank you for your thoughts. Trades men aren't well paid at all, it's only the overtime that gives them a good wage. But I've done alright out of it, as I sit here in Queensland OZ in my Beach front home, with my own swimming pool, looking over The South Pacific, and semi retired at the age of 43. As Lothian said I wouldn't swap a single minute (ok maybe the Tinklers bit hahaha)
PS what's your occupation.

Parmo and Stella- some of those names ring a bell, but I can't picture them, but there were about 3000 men on the site at any one time, I probably would know their faces. Lin Din was the best job around by far, pity it closed.

Where have all of the lads gone??? There used to be ICI Billingham and Wilton, ITM Headwrightsons, ITM Normanby Wharf, Davy Offshore/SLP, Redpath Lin Din, Redpath Port Clarence, and not forgeting the 2 Shipyards. Each yard used to have a few thousand lads working on them. No more Rig yards or Shipyards??? just grave yards, very sad for the young kids growing up in the area, with not many apprenticeships on offer.

TeeSv Posted on 29/9 9:06
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

thought the best welders in the world would have been on here from the Acklam Boilermakers Arms (The Cora)having a chat with you mate. As someone said, the greedy barstewards will all be 6G double bubbling no doubt

Lothian_Red Posted on 29/9 9:14
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Was explaining to my mate yesterday what it took to be a 'Holywood Welder' Who was the original Holywood ?


Datsun_Dave Posted on 29/9 9:20
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

The rig/ship yards might be grave yards but Teesside is in the grasps of a mini boom that can only get bigger. ICI Wilton, North Tees, and Seal sands all seem to have construction, shutdowns or projects on the go if not in the pipeline. A lot of these job struggle to find local labour with a lot of lads getting out of the game or moving on to warmer climate's or simply traveling 2 hours south were the pay and conditions are a lot better than what you would get for doing the same job on Teesside now i dont blame anyone for that. The local agency's dont help and also the Polish coming over hoping to get work, again thats just the way it is at the minute. The local apprentice's dont seem to give a flying which is a shame considering this area used to produce some of the finest tradesman in England.

Where did it all go wrong for the Industry of Teesside ??

doublevisionashcroft Posted on 29/9 9:35
re: FAO all Welders and Platers


one word mate


JoeLaidlaw Posted on 29/9 11:10
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I was talking to a lad who I served my time with and he now supplies and trains apprentices for the local industry. He was saying that they struggle to get kids interested and stay in welding and that the kids are more clued up about killing themselves for a minimm wage.

He asked me if I fancied getting back into the game and sad he could get me offshore tomorrow if I did.

I would hate to think I had to go back to that game.

I remember taking my niece down Smiths Dock to pick up my wages and a welder arced up. She started crying saying she didn't like the fire workers.

Either do I came the reply.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 29/9 11:22
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Addison Road = Window Licker

All welder's, plater's and scaffs are Football Hooligans

Whatever next ?

Your too bright for me Sonna.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 30/9 5:11
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

TeesV_ The Cora, That brings back great memories. My old mate Terry King RIP lived in the Cora Bar, he was a legend. I was back in the Boro at Xmas, and thought I'd pop in the Cora bar one Saturday night and catch up with all the old lads, to my horror, the Bar is no longer there, just one big room, and where once proudly sat Terry and the rest of the Boilermakers gang, were loads of women. I hate it when pubs get rid of the old bars, they lose their character and their characters

joseph99 Posted on 30/9 9:52
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev et al, great thread and pleasant reading - even though I haven't fooking clue about what / who you're talking about.

I am similar age to Trev and I do know many lads who have had to make the transition from being a metal basher to something else. I know quite a few went into IT in the 80's/90's and have done well out it.

Not sure where wnakers like Addison are coming from: he should know a bit more about life, local heritage and tradition.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 30/9 9:58
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Aye Terry King trev what a nice bloke he was

Used to have 12 pints in the Cora on the afternoon,go to the fish shop for his dinner,
Then over to the the cooper for 12 pints on the night time,and fish and chips for his supper.
Did this nearly everday between jobs,was a great character
Cora bar:
Stevie Driscol
Micky Postgate
Dave Stevo
Dabsey Davies
Dave Poulter
Ged Richards
Terry King [r.i.p.]
Drank in there with all these good lads in the 80,s 90,s

Getting back to your story Trev i remembered when Stevie Driscoll
started Heerema in the 90,s and was only there about 2 weeks before putting his notice in to go offshore,
Stevie lisp Greenwell the welding Foreman told him he was Blacked and would never work at Heerema (maggott farm) ever again

Dris went to see the union bloke and the Lisp denied it

Seen the Hartlepool coont about 3 years later in Belfast when Joe Crow got him a start on Harland and Wolff

Pulled him about it and he denied all knowledge of it

Would wouldn't he

I know who i believed though.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 30/9 10:11
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Liddle-Towers- Yeah I was there when the Dris and Posty rapped after a couple of weeks and the fore mentioned gaffer said the usual crap "you won't get back" and The Dris said "I don't want to come back you knob" hahaha,. All of the Cora lads were good lads. I remember watching the same gaffer spying on a couple of welders and sneaking about underneath the module,(pathetic) and he walked right into a bracket and broke his nose, it was so funny that I almost wet my pants laughing, and he thought nobody saw him hahahahaha

Joseph- Hope your Johns arm is recovering. Double compound fracture is a nasty thing.

Lothian Red- When you mentioned Tazza from Port Clarence, I've just remembered when the gaffers were stopping the lads from outside going in for their breakfast early, it was winter and loads of snow. All of a sudden a snow ball hit Tazza full in the face hahahaha it was Big Paul Irv very hard plater, of coarse nobody saw who threw it.

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joseph99 Posted on 30/9 10:42
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

He's over the worst now - he's coming over to ours for the match and a dinner! Can't you line him up with a Sheila from your neck the woods.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 30/9 10:54
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Big Irv eh trev, good mate of mine,he was always at loggerheads
with Tazza,so that does not surprise me.

Got his fingers in many pies now him and their kid.

Always the Gentleman was Big Irv

Had a bad accident down Cleveland Offshore when that big cheek plate got jammed then the crane pulled it out quick and hit paul under the jaw smashing it,nasty injury that, would have killed most blokes

Not Paul though hard as fooking nails

See him in the town now and then and is doing well for himself

Another bloke out of the trade

Reading1967 Posted on 30/9 10:55
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Ah /Tazza ala Alan Taylor one evil rat faced coont
remember he was a gaffer at Teesside bridge when i was welding
then he was at Port Clarence when i was in Inspection
They were all terrified of the yard manager Brian Jopling
sone decent gaffers there though like Keith Oakley

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 30/9 10:59
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Sure Oakleys son worked there too as a welder Oaksey ?

He was a good lad too

TeeSv Posted on 30/9 12:07
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

All them lads L_T mentions are all good mates of mine. Terry is very sadly missed. I've knocked around with them that much that people always thought I was a boilermaker.
As you say the Cora's not what it used to be though, took the Cameron's out and you've now got to go to posh places like L_T's local to get a pint of it nowadays.
Good old school squad in there in the good old days

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 30/9 12:22
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Too true Peter

Mind you the Staintons gone down the pan since the new regime
took over

Most people have binned it since lads started getting barred out

Heard its up for sale again

TeeSv Posted on 30/9 12:33
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

close but not P M

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 30/9 12:46
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Must be my old mate Rob then ?

who got me off with the Shrewsbury charge

Lothian_Red Posted on 30/9 13:33
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Liddle - it was Gary and Craig Oakley - both good lads think Gary is still a 100% home and away lad when it comes to Boro


heine Posted on 30/9 14:43
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hi Trev
Do you know Mark Hannaway?
used to work at Kaverener and Babcocks

he's emigrated to Perth initially for a year but has got his residents visa now so looks like its for good

i'm going to visit him in November

scoea Posted on 30/9 14:47
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

"Where have all of the lads gone??? There used to be ICI Billingham and Wilton, ITM Headwrightsons, ITM Normanby Wharf, Davy Offshore/SLP, Redpath Lin Din, Redpath Port Clarence, and not forgeting the 2 Shipyards. Each yard used to have a few thousand lads working on them. No more Rig yards or Shipyards??? just grave yards, very sad for the young kids growing up in the area, with not many apprenticeships on offer."

Changes are afoot to bring people home, to put apprenticeship schemes in place and to get the yards working again.

smiffys1 Posted on 30/9 15:11
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Do me a favour heine when you visit mark tell him he still owes me a pint for dropping him at home after his last shift at H Pool power Stn. He said he would get me a pint next time he saw me around , then buggered off to Oz the next day. Heard he is doing well for himself tell him Big Gaz hopes it carries on like that for him.

boris_x Posted on 30/9 15:26
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Scoea , Do you know something, this rumour has been round for years.
What happened to the Haverton Hill shipyard re-opening story that was on the news about 18 months ago ?

It never seems to happen.

Believe it when i see it.

scoea Posted on 30/9 15:31
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

The SeaDragon project was first announced in November 2006, which was hardly 18 months ago. It is happening at Haverton Hill. I should know I am there every day.

doublevisionashcroft Posted on 30/9 19:15
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I remember my fist year at haverton hill ( and the last one ) i had Ian Henderson Thynne welding instructor what a twat and bully then there wa Stan Markley the plating instructor ( gambling bastad ) he would rip your 18 pound a week wages right out of your hand for a pair off AA greeeeeeat days

doublevisionashcroft Posted on 30/9 19:23
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

TTt side trev do you know a micheal cosker ? he was at Tinklers for a while if you do he was a t%$t he knicked my girl when we was 16 , never forgive him for that

billybalfour Posted on 30/9 20:25
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hi trev, i was talking to des leaks son today about you, he remembered you, he was yarning about bagga etc,
He was talikng about another gadge from heerema who has emigrated to perth, he knick named him horses head,
the story goes, him and his mate were walking through shop at heerema and this gadge called him over and said 'can you draw a horses head?' so leaksy and his mate and this lad started drawing horses heads on the beam, well this laddo said aye there rather mint them but are they as good as this one, and he drew his sleeve up and had a massive horses head tatoo on his arm, leaky and his mate were pissin themselves at him, so if you have ever drew a horses head in french chalk???,,,

lagerpig Posted on 30/9 20:43
Platers and welders

yeah yer right about the seadragon project the hulls nearly finished in russia by all accounts They have also spent alot of money on the yard itself Long term job just hope the moneys alright!! heard a nasty rumour of a geordie offshore that they are already getting promises of starts by ex macnulties foreman! Is one hagger/agger he,s starting, all ready heard bad stories about him! Anyone come across FAT MAC [ex smith dock] from darkend? He is one bad plater!

Link: poo

TeessiderSeasider Posted on 30/9 20:44
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Another couple of characters were Stocktons own Peter Frank and Terry Walters - any memories of those two crackerjacks?

scoea Posted on 30/9 21:05
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I can assure you that no such promises have been made. I can also tell you that no money has yet been spent on the yard. It doesn't need to be yet,

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 30/9 21:19
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Terry Walters from stockton was a bad apple

he was a dead ringer for Russ Abbott

Got put on his arse by Joe Crow from Hartlepool when the T.H.C.
Lads were working in Holland

Right fooking Gobshyte

Hey Lagerpig if your on about Jimmy Hagger he was the union bloke at MM Oil, THC, Before it became Heerema

Right dodgy fooker from County Durham way

With Sharpey,Lobby,Spuggy you had half of the Hartlepool Mafia on yer case

Remember the battle in Church st when Tank and Spuggy went for it

Claret everywhere

Tank soon got made a foreman

Oh and your right about fat mac, Lagerpig

Believe he was Oakes mate

Couldn't plate their Lass

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addison_road Posted on 1/10 0:09

As If I'd take any notice of what Liddle had to say.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 1/10 3:44
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

SCOEA_ I hope the Sea Dragon doesn't turn out like those 2 massive aircraft Carriers that were supposed to start 4 1/2 years ago just as I was moving to Brisbane. Boris you're right mate Believe it when you're actually clocking on mate.
PS Scoea I hope you don't try and bring me back home hahaha

Hey Larger Pig- can't you say Big Mac instead of Fat Mac? nice bloke is Mac.

I remember Kieth Oakly getting the yard Managers job at Readmans (another sh@t job) when Port Clarence closed down, he was OK, but I caught him a few times peeping through holes in the work shop wall to see who was working, and walked passed and shouted "BOO" God he jumped out of his skin hahaha. I got the call one day to start at Heerema and told him I was leaving and started packing my tools away, when he said if you stay the rest of the shift and knock that job off, I'll consider taking you back on hahaha. He still thought he was at Port Clarence. His 2 lads Graig and Gary are both good lads.

Lothian Red- Just been thinking about Hollywood welders, Les Flanagan from Norton worked at SLP was one of the old original hollywood welders, I remember him wearing The white welding Jacket and Moleskin Trousers and Bandana his gear was spotless every day, he looked like a cricketer he was that clean (he must have had a clean set of gear for every day of the week.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 1/10 7:27
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Any of you Smiths dock lads remember a welder Foreman called Wogga. He also worked at Davy Offshore. He was brought up in Port Clarence then married and moved to Hartlepool. I did a 3 month stint at Smiths Dock in the mid 90's on night shift and Wogga was my gaffer, he was a cracking bloke and a good gaffer. I remember going into the office one night to get the key for the stores off Wogga, and noticed all of the other gaffers had photo's of their families on their desks but Wogga had a framed photo of a big hairy minge on his hahaha, What a great character he was.

scoea Posted on 1/10 12:35
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

The thing is that SeaDragon has already started. First steel cut next month!!!!

flyermetothemoon Posted on 1/10 13:27
re: FAO all Welders and Platers


Is it getting built in the dock near Nutec?

smallmindedcranks Posted on 1/10 15:56
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Les Flanagan is still a hollywood welder only he is spotless on the railways these days.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 1/10 18:33
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Les Flanagan was a spot on bloke and right hard fooker if the truth be known

First time i ever met him,i barged him over on the gangplank on the rough platform when i was 20 Dinner Bell

He threatened to fill me in, in the locker room and was about too before someone stopped him

We made up and i found him to be a cracking geezer who looked after me on the Rough

Was closely involved with the black cloud gang but was the best of the lot with Eric Magnum pi taylor too

Had a few drinks in Stockton over the years with him and he's still a top bloke

Was big mates with the Big O too and some of the older wrecking crew

Found him much to be the gentleman like big Paul Irv

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 1/10 19:11
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

You have to speak how you find nd Keith Oakley was great with me at Cleveland Offshore.

The wife was taking into hospital a few times whilst pregnant and I had to have a lot of time off. Keith made sure I was booked in and on my full wedge.

lagerpig Posted on 1/10 22:16
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

worked with les flan for a few years at slp and yes he is a sound fella Him and his mate Kev Keegan were always good for a drink around Boro on a friday, early finish He,d usually end up arm wrestling the scaffs, they loved him they thought he,d have made a good scaff! Think KK is at a pipe shop acycliff area think with wally brack greedy darlo welder but another good lad sURPRISED NO ONE HAS MENTIONED ONE OF THE MADDEST (best crack) welders, PAUL GRAINGER! Last time saw him he,d just got compo off the old bill after they were found guilty of giving him a good hiding! one

heine Posted on 1/10 23:08
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

alright smiffy will bring you a Fosters back

you might remember me did a few months at HPS for Babcocks on a shutdown few years back I remember you from St Micks

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 2/10 0:44
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Lager Pig- Paul Grainger's compo Money will all end up in Mr Ladbrokes and Mr publicans back pockets, just like all the Compo money he got years ago hahaha. It's about 15 years since I last worked with Paul.
I remember hearing a Story about KK. There was a car load of them Driving home from Scotland, when the Cops pulled them over, the Driver was the only one sober. When the Coppers asked the Driver his name he said Kevin Keegan, The Coppers thought he was taking the Piss as all the lads were laughing, then he said to the front passenger, I suppose you're Bobby Charlton, He replied No, Bobby Moore hahaha, The Coppers were going to arrest them all for taking the Pish but luckily they had ID on them to prove their names where in fact Kevin Keegan and Bobby Moore. Les and KK are top blokes. I remember that Les was always arm wrestling everyone.

PS Lager Pig you must be on the rig still as I know you're to tight to buy a Computer

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pottomed Posted on 2/10 8:41
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hi Trev,Ken Lumley here.
Blast from the past, sounds like u have put a bit of beef on son.
Any other ex boynton lads kep in touch with you.
I run a medical company in Teesside but have some interviews with some agencies in the UK with a view to moving to OS

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 2/10 9:05
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hello Ken,Great to hear from you. I still keep in touch with Mick L and tempo. And Mark Dick actually lives only 20 miles from me, small world or what.Where are you thinking of moving to??? Brisbane is the best City and area in Oz

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 2/10 17:46
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Another good lad Paul Grainger - Hollow Legs

If you want to speak to Paul he can be found in either the bookies next to the Beechwood and Esterside,
or the bookies next to the Priory social club.

He has had some claims through his hands over the years,
was talking to him a month back and told him not to be so generous with his money this time

There's low lifes in the Beechwood that owe him hundreds

That's the way he is though,ive seen him give lads his last pound
Was a good welder too before the drink got a grip.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 3/10 0:21
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

LiddleTowers- Your right there about Paul, infact you could say the same about a lot of the contractors with the Drink and Gambling. I'm not sure whether it's the working away thing that makes them turn to drink or maybe it's the "Work hard, Play hard" syndrome???
It's amazing when you work away, the amount of drink we consume and still get to work the next day for a 12 hour shift, then back to the Pub and start again. How did we do it??? a lot of it is a Blur.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 3/10 9:56
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

The Demon Drink eh Trev,i had a year in Stornoway 91-92 working for Lewis Offshore

Had to come home in the end before i drank meself to death,the Teesside lads nicknamed it The Land OF The Rubber Men back in the 80,s when Blandford Offshore were up there

My mate Ian Graham told me it came about after every saturday night you would see local drunks fighting with each other in the takeaways,people were always throwing punches but no tw@t could ever connect,coz they were that hammered.

Nowt changed in the 90's neither, the top gaffer on the rig yard on nights used to send my mate who i was paired up with in to town every night for a bottle of low flyer and 8 cans of tennants

The toilets were a death trap empty cans all over the floor

Seen one welder climbing a ladder swigging a bottle of Buckie on the way up, how any coont ever put a decent root in is beyond me.

Saying that if a local put a bad weld in it always ended up that some traveller from glasgae had done it,charming eh,them numbers are easily changed eh

The Kids swings in the playground were chained every sat night till monday morning, and the contracters had their ball pinched from em by the local bizzies for playing footie on a sunday [i kid you not] unbelieveable

Never seen so many drunk people in one place in my life,no wonder the outer hebrides has the highest rate of heart disease and alkies in britain

Like you said trev its like a blur, i was ordering chinese early doors to pick up at midnight, went in one night at 6 and the girl said you want these 3 from the last 3 nights you never showed for.

I was permantly hammered over there,only got any restbite when i came home for long weekends,our lass was like aint you going for a drink like,
Nah think i'll give it a miss

Good think about contracting you meet some right strange people

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 3/10 12:31
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Good thing about contracting you meet some right strange people???

Ye, I met you hahaha.
PS that wedge photo is a cracker.

It's funny how we'd come home for a week or long weekend and not want to go out (give our Livers a rest)I used to say that "I'd rather stop in for a nice quiet night with you darling" that line worked every time hahaha.

Those Stornoway Boys are mighty strange Hombre's. I worked with a bunch of them in Holland (another Blur, 13 months, of bodily abuse)

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 4/10 6:41
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Has any of you got any photo's of yourselves or any of the lads on the job oooeeer, at work from years gone by???? if so post them on here and lets have a laugh. I'll try and find some out.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 4/10 9:08
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Photo's at work,gettaway couldn't get out of the place quick enough to go on the Lash

TeessiderSeasider Posted on 4/10 16:47
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Terry Walters once tried to nick a sheep from the Shetlands !

smallmindedcranks Posted on 4/10 18:28
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Les is still the same gent he always was, gets in norton workies, used to work and drink with my dad many moons ago on loads of different jobs.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 5/10 0:26
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

whats your dads name??

wighams_nostrilhair Posted on 5/10 9:58
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev (BoroEagle from Perth here by the way), I`m not a welder or plater but Bagga was my best man. Grew up with him and knocked about with him during our shall we say "formative" years in and around Thornaby/Stockton. One of the earlier posters reckoned he should have been on the stage.He`s actually not far off the mark.We used to knock around with a certain Bob (Rob to us) Mortimer.He got a lot of his ideas from Bagga. Rob still reckons that the two funniest people he has ever met are Bagga and another mate of ours by the name of Waffa.

I was last home year gone Xmas and had a few good `uns with Bagga and a couple of other welders you may know , Shaun Quigley (Squid) and Mickey Jordan.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 5/10 13:04
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Whigams nostril Hair- ye it was me who said he should have been on the stage. That must have been a laugh having Bagga as your best man. what was his speech like??? as if I need ask. Bagga always mentions that Bob Mortimer stole his crack hahaha and yes I know the other 2 welders.

Tell us what his best mans speech was if you can remember it

Gillandi Posted on 5/10 13:23
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I could have joined these noble ranks if i hadn't got homesick in 1980 and come back to Boro from Birmingham where I was due to start a welding apprenticeship at British Leyland. My mate stayed down there, not as much of a footy fan as me, reckoned 80% of the work-force were afro-carribean and there wasn't a car coming out of the place that wasn't assembled on ganja. So if you wondered why those old metro's and maestro's used to fall to bits.

billybalfour Posted on 5/10 13:27
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I think this is a different kind of welding

billybalfour Posted on 5/10 13:31
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Another welder from norton who likes the sauce is 'bodger' ian sutherland, les,s mate, see him regulary wobbling through village

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 5/10 13:37
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Billy- I've worked with Ian a few times over the years, he's got a face only a mother could love

billybalfour Posted on 5/10 13:44
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

do you know steve peart from darlo? big boro fan and plater, keeps his hair nice does steve, smashing fringe/quiff, last worked with steve at clevelnad bridge, last seen him in norton with ian having a drink, sorry did i call ian 'bodger', i think i meant binger

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 5/10 13:46
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I know pearty me and largerpig worked with him at mechtool

Good lad and boro fan

Also big squiresey from bishop auckland

billybalfour Posted on 5/10 13:52
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I worked at mech-tool for about 4 months, i told farqy to fandandk himself and called him a fat cnt , 'he said gwet of my pwemises'
i have never touched tool since that place, that place made my mind up that plating was not for me

smallmindedcranks Posted on 5/10 19:52
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Norman P. - sadly no longer with us

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 5/10 20:30
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Anyone remember The RATTLER from guisborough ?

Ian Smith - shop his own Grandmother if he could get something out of it

Was a plater down Cleveland Offshore and a Gaffer on the Rough field and at Heerema

was one of the most obnoxious fookers ive ever had the displeasure to deal with

Spoke to his father in law a few years back and he told me he was a bad egg and regular gave their lass a backhander, in a word
he was a fooking BULLY
No wonder she fooked off and left the fat coont

He never got that nickname for nowt neither

pottomed Posted on 5/10 21:25
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hi Trev, ive been to Melbourne and Adelaide a couple of times
but ive been offered a paramedic job on the gold coast
can you pass on your e mail for a bit of crack
By the way what happened to Clacky and Phil Murray

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 6/10 0:02
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Potto Med- PS try and get a job in Brisbane. The Gold Coast has the highest crime rate outside of Sydney.

Billy- yes it was Binger, but looking at some of his welding, Bodger was a good nickname as well . Do you know Nicho from Norton? I served my time with him, now he is as mad as a March Hare. We had some laughs together. I think he's a manager on a cable laying boat now.

Liddle- The Rattler, what a horrible piece of poo. What about the Laird, Heerema. His Identical twin brother was always getting a good hiding because everyone thought he was the Laird, they even both had a limp on the same leg.

--- Post edited by TTTeesside_Trev on 6/10 0:35 ---

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 6/10 4:55
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Here's a few photo's of some old and some young welders and platers at one of my 6 leaving Party's, that I had before moving to OZ. These were taken in May 2003. I was drunk for a month, I remember taking voluntry redundancey from Heerema when there was a pay off 3 weeks before I emigrated, and the gaffer said you don't want to do that as you won't get back hahaha (and he was serious). I said I'm not coming back FFS. I didn't work any over time for the last 3 months at Heerema. loads of The maggots were saying "you should be grabbing as much OT as you can, as it might come in usefull" Get F@cked, I was on me Jolly's for the rest of my life

Link: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 6/10 5:09
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Sorry, Try this link.

PS I've stuck a dodgy one in of Larger Pig

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Link: The Good The Bad and The Ugly Platers

wighams_nostrilhair Posted on 6/10 10:08
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev , re Bagga`s best man speech , too long ago mate . Needless to say no one fell asleep though !!

billybalfour Posted on 6/10 16:51
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I recognise the guy second in from left and i think one or two other faces look familiar?
Aye trev i know bri nicholson, i worked with him at milburns in around 1990 he worked with gary lockwood, im sure you kinow locky too,
last time i seen bri was in the cricket club norton, he was on a cable laying ship, said it was very decent job, bri introduced me to jack danials on my 20th birthday in the mallable club, it ruined a good plater
Smallminded crank, normon P i think your refering to norman pullman? very good guy, ive known him all my life, and i also worked with him at Ivor Jones eng, and also out in holland in the mid 90's, had a great laugh with norman - Legend.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 7/10 3:17
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Billy I've worked with Locky or Gash as I knew him a few times, but haven't seen him for years. if you look at the photo and click on link above saying view more images by this user, there's 14 more pics. The lad 2nd left is Billy Lynas, he used to be a great welder and nearly as funny as Bagga. He got out of the game and now works with naughty kids who aren't allowed back to school(future scaffs).

billybalfour Posted on 7/10 9:54
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Aye lynas thats the one, i had that name in my head but i worked with another lynass at the bridge so i thought i was getting mixed up, anyway i looked at the other 4toes and recognised the little blond lad on pic 4 and the welder who talks through his nose on the right in pic 8 i think the guy in pic 8 worked at the bridge

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 7/10 10:19
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Is that Terry Chadwick grabbing the guys face and Terry Wilson second from the right?

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 7/10 12:17
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Billy- There was another welder called Peter Lynas, a lot older and mad as a hatter, I think he worked at The bridge. The little Blonde lad is Norman Hooper a welder from Norton area I think, (one of the old Black Cloud Gang). Nice lad though. The lad on The right in Pic 8 is a plater, whose name has slipped my mind (I've been away to long) My memory is shot.

Joe Laidlaw- Yes thats Chad= Terry Chdawick and Terry Wilson

smallmindedcranks Posted on 7/10 13:49
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Thats the fella billy, sadly missed.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 7/10 14:48
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Billy- I've just remembered the Platers name in Pic 8- Dougie Harbron, he's got a brother called Paul, also a plater

borobadge Posted on 8/10 18:32
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

great thread.....

i know plenty of the guys pictured and mentioned in this thread...

enjoy the easy life Trev....

billybalfour Posted on 8/10 19:29
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I thought the guy in pic 8 was a welder, i must have been mistaken,
Normon hooper thats the guyh eworked at milburns with the barwick brothers,
peter lynass from the bridge was called the muncher, coz he munched all the OT and the easy horizontal 6fw when they timed your work

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 9/10 0:33
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Billy- The metal Muncher hahaha he was even called that at ITM in 1985. The Barwick Twins Yuk what a horrible pair of Crawling, greedy ***** they are. I worked with them at Readmans. they wouldn't lend you anything or help anyone with anything. Ballbags. The bald guy on the left of Pic 8 is a welder

Boro Badge- Cheers mate I'll try my best

--- Post edited by TTTeesside_Trev on 9/10 0:34 ---

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 9/10 2:27
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Now then Borobadge great to hear from you Gadge

Thought we had lost you for good

Hey trev i recognise my mates Billy the fish Scully and Ste mcgurk in them pics, also kevin mcgurk the ex welder another good lad and good pal of mine

Mind you aint most welders now Bald Bastads ?

Must be the Kromer effect i suppose

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 9/10 10:25
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Hey liddle less of the Bald please. I remember working at ITM Normanby Wharf when Kev McGurk lost his eye about 1987/88 ish. I worked with him again years later at Tees Inshore, and what a laugh we used to have, he is a real character, but another one who has left the trade. last i heard he was head porter in the hospital. Tees Inshore now that was a funny place to work. The 2 brothers Jimmy and Gordon (now deceased) Dunn owned it, none of them would dare have a day off in case the other one would rip him off, then their was Basil, the other brother, who is like a tramp. He would wait for Jimmy and Gordon to leave site then he'd come on and pinch as much gear as possible hahaha. Years ago Jimmy and gordon were in big trouble for ripping the Tax man off, their Solicitor said this is serious and someone will end up in jail. So Jimmy said to Gordon, you're not clever enough to start up a new company so you should go to jail, and the daft coont said OK hahaha he got jailed for a year and while he was in there, he won a contract to renew all of the stairways and walkways in the jail. Another old story of Jimmy and gordon was when their dad had the old Blacksmiths in Doggy, while he was out a bloke brought his horse in to get a new shoe put on. They thought that if they could do the job quick while their dad was out they would be able to pocket the money. So instead of putting a new shoe on they attatched the welding earth to the horse hoof and tried to re weld it. Apparantly the horse bolted through the middle of Doggy market place on market day hahaha. Having said all that, they always took me on when there wasn't much work in the area so I can't knock them just laugh at them.

cullen_lives Posted on 9/10 11:31
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Spot on thread this Trev, hope everything is ok down under you lucky tw@t !

I served my time for Kvaerner down at Port Clarance 96-00 ish, Les Arkley was my Training Instructor... dry as fook, top bloke though.

Worked in the Fab Shop, with all the dinosaurs, anyone remember P Grainge, Trev Dawson, Kevin Cole 'Anal Mole' etc...? Keith Oakley was my gaffer happy days. Got laid off when the Triton left Smiths Dock, and ended up in fooking Tinklers (fookin slave shop).

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 9/10 13:47
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Cullen-Lives- Your not a real tradesman until you've done time at Tinklers hahaha. I hope you're not still there??? Spot on with Les Arkly, top man. Do you remember Stevie Donaldson (Donno) who sadly died about 6 or 7 years ago? only in his thirties. He was my apprentice at ITM, and a great lad. That was the last time I worked there on the Triton. Kenny Doyle was my gaffer, he was sound as a pound and really looked after his lads, as long as you didn't take the pish.

--- Post edited by TTTeesside_Trev on 9/10 13:51 ---

cullen_lives Posted on 9/10 13:58
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Alright Trev

Don't recall a Stevie Doddo, unfortunately... he didnt work in the Auto Cad room upstairs in the fab shop did he?

Anyway: Les was a fookin beauty, loved his caravan... every bait time, he'd be sat in his office, telly on... picture of his8th berth on his desk!

Here's one for you... remember Nif Naf from the canteen? Miss them days.

Thankfully Im not at Tinklers anymore, went from 11.30 an hour at 20 year old, to 5.50 with them robbing tw@ts... I walked after about 6 months before I launched that old twat George.

Im looking for a start offshore soon, just waiting for an old workmate (D Murray?)... to get back to us... so whilst Im waiting, just booked a nice week in Turkey, go Friday.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 9/10 14:10
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

No Donno was a welder. tall and skinny, with a bit of a nose. Nif Naf hahaha. 6 months at Tinklers Fook you deserve a medal. hope you enjoy your Jollies. Is that coont George still alive, only the good die young, so I suppose he'll live forever, along with the 2 horrible brothers who own the place. is George still covered in gold? and is thick Mick still the gaffer??? I remember one welder at tinklers smashed one of the owners face in with one of those big old phones in his office, they didn't tell him that his wife had rang to say that their was an emergency. his 5 year old daughter had almost died whilst having her tonsils out. He came in the next day and beat the crap out of him, I wish he'd killed him.

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cullen_lives Posted on 9/10 14:22
re: FAO all Welders and Platers


Mick... nose like a cluster of brambles that horrible lazy usless fo ooker... George is the white Mr T.. Stocktons answer to Del Boy! The 2 brothers were foo oking horrible tight b *st*rds aswell... funny thing was a lad my age Stuey (forget his surname) was rattling one of their daughters whilst I was there... and some of the stories about that little mucky tro llope were superb!

Going back to Kvaerner, and Port Clarance. Remember Budgie @ Port Clarance the Saftery Supervisor... talk about power trip, and what was the little fella called in 1 Bay that used to rent videos to the lads (Berny??)... some top smut for the weekends, also remember Marty Brown the Darlo Clown in the fab shop... running to the bookies every lunch time to place punts for the dinosaurs.

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 9/10 18:27
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I'm sure George died last month

It was in the death column's

Unless i read it pi$$ed

Or fooking dreamt it

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 9/10 19:00
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I'm not a lover of Kenny Doyle and had the miss pleasure of working with him at Selafield and for him at Cleveland Offshore.

I'ld come out of the Fab Shop into one of the big sheds at Cleveland Offshore and Kenny was the charge hand. Peter McNicolas's son young Peter (who was an apprentice) was struggling with some vertical fillets and the inspector kept on pulling me to repair them.

I showed Young Peter how to do them on several occasions and each time Kenny came a long and warned me about being off the job, stating that when I tried to get back it would be the likes of Young Peter who would get my place.

Sure enough when I tried to get back I was told by Paul Bailey that Kenny Doyle had put the spoke in for me.

Short memories some of these blokes. It had been Peter Mc who got us all the kick in at Selafied.

Can you remember Viv Wilson out of the Fab Shop. I think he was number 1 welder down there and they couldn't get to him to pay him off.

He always stood near the gate waving people off when they had been a pay off.

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 9/10 19:04
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

NiffNaff was a plater not a welder.

If its the same guy he had a Hair lip and got banned from the blow football league for taking in swinging corners.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 10/10 0:13
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Joe- I had heard a few stories about Kenny Doyle, but I think he had mellowed a bit when I was working for him? Then a again there was a young tig welder on our job who said that he couldn't and wouldn't do any gouging, Kenny had him gouging all the worst jobs for a month, poor lad. Mind you I think he was a good gouger by the end of the month.

Liddle Shame if George has died, I don't like to see anyone die, but I would like to see the 2 brothers who own the place die and I'd pish on their grave

--- Post edited by TTTeesside_Trev on 10/10 0:15 ---

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 10/10 9:22
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Trev - was in the death columns about 2 months back,sure it was him

I knew a few welders who could do nowt but Gouge

Mind you when i started MM oil in 86 down Victoria Dock

a mad coont called Mally Pearson took me under his wing me being a young lad and all that

His brother was Billy Pearson and was an even bigger Iron Putter than Mally

Think Colin Shepard [spit] gave him a gouging job one day anf Mally said to me, the coont wont be giving me no more Gouging jobs

Mally had deliberatly gouged through the Deck plate and right through a main beam on the Module

Shepard's face was a picture

Good lads down there included Davy Battle, Sean [razor] Hammond

and fooking Cheek Charlie, Giles Webster who was always threatening to rip Shepards head off
It was only the steward Jimmy Haggar who kept him his job

mind you Mally went off the rails when his ex wife stabbed his girlfriend in the street in Hartlepool,kind of sent him over the edge

Never seen him for ages till the Bluewater job Glas Dowr conversion

was over Greenland road at xmas time and this Plater Ste McCormack, another fooking crackerjacker offered Mally a can a beer in the bait cabin

Mally grabbed him sideways and said if you dont fook off i'll ram it up yer fooking @rse

Ste ended up in the Hutton secure unit not long after

accused everyone on the job of ganging up on him

Boilermakers eh, don't you just love em

Datsun_Dave Posted on 10/10 10:45
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

New Oil Refinery to be built on ICI Wilton ! the place will be rammed with Geordies !

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 10/10 11:31
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Anyone remember Ged the Red ? Ged Burton - Legendary Plater
used to be a steward at the Riverside,his orange coat went everywhere with him

Bigger lier than Tom Pepper,been on everyjob ever built

seen him in the central a few years back and he gave it,ive just come back from Daz island this morning

said thats funny Ged i seen you getting of the no 45 bus 2 days ago

Was on the Multiplex Wembley job - probably thats why it took to long

his main fortay was to get the union mans job on all the sites he worked coz his fooking skin wouldn't graft

Heard he got the safety mans job on wembley and went everywhere with his white hat

His legendary story is when he was a Boro Boot Boy and singly handed kept all the Millwall dockers at Bay in 69 at the old Den

What a total Fookwit,but good for laffing at on the job

--- Post edited by LIDDLE_TOWERS on 10/10 11:33 ---

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 10/10 12:32
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Liddle- Giles Webster (Charver) now he is one big lunatic. I worked with him at CR Fabs, my first job after my Apprenticeship, what a nutter. we were building leg sections for a rig, and the sections were on huge jigs. At the start of the shift the foreman would say tony you're on 2 jig, Trev you're on 5 jig and Charver would always say "Am I on Thingymajig again" hahaha and the foreman would just say yes, they were scared stiff of him. He ended up blacked from everywhere. the only job he could get was working for his dads small business. His dad sent him to do a welding job one day and he didn't turn up, he had gone to the boozer and got lashed, even his dad sacked him. Up in Scotland years ago he was doing his usual, nothing when the top yank approached him and asked why he wasn't working? Charver replied his usual f@rk off. The yank said "Do you know who I am?" to which Charver shouted to everyone "Hey there's a bloke over here, doesn't know who he is" hahaha, another job bites the dust. He had a younger brother Marty he was a welder as well. I haven't seen them for years.

I worked with a welder who did the same thing with the gouging gear, Big Graham Hodgeson from Stockton, he gouged a main beam completely in half at Lin Din hahaha. He used to own his own bookies but went bankrupt??? that doesn't happen very often, something not right in his head thats for sure.

Liddle put one of your school photos on the Old School photos thread

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LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 10/10 12:36
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Marty was a queer fooker too

mad as a box of frogs,drinks in the Bruntons.

Will put some up when i retrieve em from our Mam's

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 10/10 18:24
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Although I didn't want to be, I soon became an expert at gouging after being shot in the deep end in the rig yards.

I was at Caterpillar a few years back and some guy had messed two cabs up and they wanted to save as nuch as possible. Anyway I volunteered to gouge the welds out for them.

This slavery chargehand came over and said just cut round the welds so you don't damage the deck plates and said that he would grind them down while I was gouging the second.

Gave him his with about 3 hours of grinding to do and spilt all the welds and smoothed down on the second, which took about 30 mins to grind up.

When he asked me why I hadn't done his the same way I told him I was just following his orders and that I thought he must like grinding.

I don't think he had ever seen a propre trades man.

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 11/10 3:17
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Datsun Dave- thats great news for the area and hopefully the new refinery will get some of the travelling lads back home. And let's hope they will be paying good money. But I think the likes of Tinklers and other grubby litle Fab shops will get most of the structural work.
What ever happened to those 2 big AirCraft Carriers, that were supposed to be started 4 years ago???

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 15/10 23:58
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Larger Pig must be back offshore by now and have the freeee use of a computer??? Buy one you greedy ****

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 16/10 0:10
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

Them carriers were getting built by BAE systems Trev

Jap Krose the cloggy who had THC Fabrications back in the 80's before it became Heerema,bought cleveland offshores yard as he owned swans in wallsend

We were promised some of the work with wallsend but BAE systems sent the work to the Govan yard on the clyde and i believe thyles a foreing french yard also got some work out of it

Jap Krose was not amused and they reckon he lost over 16 mill on the deal

Wilton engineering now have the Cleveland Offshore yard

Larger pig can't be that tight he bought me a pint in Faro Airport after the Sporting game

--- Post edited by LIDDLE_TOWERS on 16/10 0:11 ---

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 16/10 1:32
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

He must have been drunk for a change???
Where's your school photo's Liddle???

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LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 16/10 1:48
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

I got expelled in 5th year for being a Punk

Your'e one impatient fooker Trev

When i'm round the old girls next i'll dig some out

You leave old Lagerpig alone too

He's bigger than you

I'm at Huntsman on nights now Tossing it off

Just off to get my sleeping bag sorted

TTTeesside_Trev Posted on 16/10 6:01
re: FAO all Welders and Platers

So thats how you ended up as a Plater, Go on punk, make my day.
LagerPig may be bigger than me but I'm 12,000 miles away hahaha