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Salford_Boro Posted on 26/9 13:02
Work email etiquette

I've just had a complaint about a memeber of my staff and an email they sent out.

He wrote

Dude's and Duddette's overtime cut off date ........

Someone in this office has complained about being a Duddette.

FFS what's the fooking problem with that, if you aint got any work to do and all you have to do is complain about something like that then come and see me and I'll sort you something out to do.

mickbrown Posted on 26/9 13:04
re: Work email etiquette

This bloke who sent the email - it was Colin Hunt wasn't it?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 26/9 13:04
re: Work email etiquette

Public sector?
Local authority?

speckyget Posted on 26/9 13:04
re: Work email etiquette

One of my staff sent out that there'd be hell on.


Azedarac Posted on 26/9 13:06
re: Work email etiquette

He's the victim of a typo:

Dudette - female dude, no problem.
Duddette - female dud, insulting.

mattfj Posted on 26/9 13:07
re: Work email etiquette

The bloke who sent it out sounds like a right cockmuncher!
Who thefuck uses phrases likes dudes and duddettes?!

Capybara Posted on 26/9 13:08
re: Work email etiquette

Too slow. Bases already covered

Salford_Boro Posted on 26/9 13:26
re: Work email etiquette

Someone in his 50's trying to get down with the funky kids.

I've had a word with him telling him not to use language like that but come on now is there any real reason to complain about something as petty as that. Some people have too much time on their hands. Says Salford Boro leaving a message on a football message board.

zoec Posted on 26/9 13:27
re: Work email etiquette

Capy - comprehensively

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boroboy75 Posted on 26/9 13:46
re: Work email etiquette

Doesn't overtime belong to the dudes and dudettes, therefore the apostrophes are OK(if after the s)?

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sponski2000 Posted on 26/9 13:49
re: Work email etiquette

Its a good job the offended person doesn't work where i do. Fook me, they'd get worse than that. They need to get a serious grip.

speckyget Posted on 26/9 13:54
re: Work email etiquette

Possibly B75. It could actually be spot on if there were an unfortunate couple known as Dude and Duddette.

boroboyinbath Posted on 26/9 14:38
re: Work email etiquette

I once had a formal disceplinery against me for "whistling cheerfully"

It got thrown out, soemone else had the same complaint against them as well....

Azedarac Posted on 26/9 14:42
re: Work email etiquette

I'm all in favour of banning whistling at work. And muttering to yourself when you're reading - it's one step up from running your finger across the text.

Salford_Boro Posted on 26/9 14:44
re: Work email etiquette

Boroboyinbath what you supposed to whistle misreably?

speckyget Posted on 26/9 14:45
re: Work email etiquette

That music they used to play coming out of Ayresome?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 26/9 14:57
re: Work email etiquette

'I've had a word with him telling him not to use language like that'

You had a word with the wrong person.

Salford_Boro Posted on 26/9 15:03
re: Work email etiquette

good point Cat, erm think I need some English lessons

boroborob Posted on 26/9 15:57
re: Work email etiquette

Surely it's spelt 'dudette'?